Female Male Female Threesome Story

According to the author the next story just happened with him, last Saturday, which was Easter’s Saturday.

He stated, he changed the names and twisted the story line a little bit. However it is his work and it is copyrighted by him. He is not a professional writer, he is just an every day’s hard working man like you or me…

All rights reserved. If you have any related questions, you can contact me by email,  twoj2006-jj at yahoo.com. Thank you for your consideration.

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My wife Terry and I are “confirmed” swingers. Through our 8 years of marriage sex became boring. We wanted to spice marital sex up, wanted to expand our horizons and started to swing. Since that time we have great sex with each other again, just like we used t have in our teen years.

Every now and then we go to the local swingers club or search the Internet to find willing couples or bi sexual ladies to play with us. Today, Easter’s Saturday we invited one of my wife x – schoolmate to the club. Over there not much happened, it was kind of slow and a boring night, there was only few couples. I guess people busy with family at Easter time… We had nothing better to do, so we played, flirted with each other. However everything changed when we got to our place.

We hardly got in the house and we were already in the  playing mood. I eased Terry’s (Terry is my wife) dress off over her head, revealing a low-cut bra and panties. Running my hands down her slender body, I appreciated her gentle curves and her feminine but muscular body.  She is a workout maniac.

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Then I took her underwear off, kissed her round, hard-nipple breasts. I touched her shaved beaver too. I tried to make it look like an accident, but she know me, I could not fool her. Well after this intro I was getting ready for an entertaining fuck. I was going to screw my wife in the hope her friend Katy will join in. Something like this has happened before.

Hey you, don’t rush, Terry said. My friend needs some attention, too.

I realized that I have to bang my wife and her bestgirlfriend too…

At that time I realized that, this Easter Saturday going to be my lucky night, because the ladies have a plan. I will have to bang my wife and her very sexy x schoolmate too. So I repeated the process with Katy, undressing her and stroking her warm very sexy body. Then I got rid off my clothes in a flash. My cock sprang out, it was already ready for some erotic activity. I was really horny and for a short moment I wondered if I could satisfy them both. The two ladies did not hesitate at all, they sandwiched me and navigated me into the bedroom.

I rolled on a rubber, while the two naked women lay back on the mattress. Both of them started to use their fingers to tickle their clits erect.

Fuck me! Terry urged.  Fuck us! Corrected her Katy.

I did not need any more fore play, we were kissing and touching each other half the night and in the taxi on the way to our place, so I just wanted to do what they ask me too.

I was going to start with my wife, but she had a different idea. Guests first – she told me. Well she did not have to ask me twice, I slid my hard cock into her x classmate’s beautiful, wet pussy. It was slick and tight, like every guy’s dream. A few years back we had sex, but she has changed a lot in a positive way since that time.

She lifted her hip up to give me easier access to her vulva, I started to give it to her really deep and hard. In the mean time my wife played with my testicles from behind. I know it wouldn’t take me long to cum. I slowed down and tried to organize my concentration, kind of paced myself, because  Terry was horny too. So after a slow  minute or so, I changed condoms and switched to her. I know her pussy very well and it fits me like the right size condom.

I was more than happy to try to make orgasm  both of them.

fmf threesome

I kept switching back and forth, and kept changing condoms. Changing condoms takes time and I was able to cool down a bit in the changing process.

Our threesome got hotter and hotter. I was screwing one and playing with the other’s boobs or the other sucked my balls. After a while the one who didn’t have my cock was asking for it. I was more than happy to take care of both of them.

Terry’s body went rigid, her breasts shook, and her pretty blonde head thrashed around. I’m Cumming! She said and pushed her pussy up to my pubic bone. I trusted one more time and she had a mind blowing orgasm.

I  changed to Katy immediately, however at this time I did not change condoms, I went down on her and started to tongue fuck her. It did not take a minute and she reached the orgasm too with a very feminine moan.
Oh, my! You are a sex god, she said.

I knew that I don’t have to hold back anything any longer, but they asked me to try to control myslef. They wanted to play and did play a  little game with me – on me. They blindfolded and laid me down on my back and ride on me, like a cow girl.

I wasn’t allowed to touch any of their body parts and I had to guess which one was banging me. Let me tell you it was a lot of fun, especially when they changed condoms. We used more than a few…. It wasn’t easy, but I know my wife’s pussy, so I was on the top of their game.

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My boyfriend want a fmf threesome

I caught boyfriend have sex with two girls

Two Women One Man Threesome

Two women and a man threesome, FFM – threesome can be more fun than it sounds. Erotic play with a man and a woman at the same time is natural to a lot of woman, because they are bi sexual or bi curious. The majority of swingers women prefer men over women for sex, but they have no problem to take one of each. Just because every now and then they have bi sexual activity, they are not lesbians.

Unicorn Women in Threesomes

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A couple plays with an extra woman that is a FFM threesome. In fact if it is ffm, (female – female – male), the man wont have penetrative sex with both women. The two ladies plays together, he might watch or he might play with his own partner. The extra lady plays only with the woman from the couple. This lady is a Unicorn. Continue Reading

A lot of married woman choice for leisure  sex is, their husband and a unicorn woman. Between boring marital sex life and the erotic fantasy are the love triangles. Some people get into casual, NSA sex, because of their erotic fantasy, some others, try to spice up their own bedroom activity with a third person.

You have to be careful, threesomes and love-triangles can lead into jealousy driven dramas. A threesome should be entertainment,  leisure sex play, or a fantasy full of sex party.

Intercourse with Two Girls at Once

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Almost every man dream about sex with two girls at once. There are many women, who are wondering how would it be, go down on an other woman, therefore from all threesome sex scenarios, the woman- man-woman FMF three-way is not only the most popular, but also the most likely to make it happen. In this threesome the man have chance to perform penetrative sex on both women and if the women want, they free to play with each other.

Woman – Woman – Man threesomes offer a most unusual opportunity for female friendship, even if one of the woman not bisexual, she might bi just bi curios. In this threesome, the man can have penetrative sex with his own partner only. Continue Reading

Man Woman Man Threesome

mfm threesomesMan Woman Man Threesome Ads

While cultural taboos require men to be on their guard around each other, this make a two-men – one-woman (MFM if the men are not bi sexual, or MMF if they are bi) party especially tricky.

Women are permitted and develop easier close same sex, bi sexual friendships then men. Open minded women can add a female to have woman to women sex to spice their marital sex life up, and their husband will enjoy unique social, and erotic advantages. A woman who can experience other women as lovers or allies rather than as rivals in her relations with men can find an inexhaustible source of pleasure and support among like minded swingers couples and single women.

In our sexually open world, threesome are still relationships, but they are bringing a lot of question into a married couples bedroom. Questions related to jealousy, manipulation, dishonesty, selfishness, and unwanted discoveries to like or dislike previously un-know intimate sexual activities. Continue Reading

Threesomes & Marriages

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Not all the risks of open the family bed to a third person are imaginary. Threesomes strengthen many swingers marriage, because the spouses agreed on some rules and kept that rules. Plus experienced swingers know when to end up a sexual relationship. They do it before casual sex turn into something more.

No matter who broaches the initial threesome idea, the motivation to pursue a threesome must grow equally from all parties, whether they are friends or a married couple and a trusted outsider as a third person. It’s not enough for the three to share a hot fantasy with one another, they should make their fantasy reality. A threesome will only live expectations if all three parties bring the benefits of happy, satisfying sex lives of their own to the experience. Continue Reading

Spontaneous Threesome

spontaneous threesomeEverything  Can Happen At An After Hour Party Even a Threesome

Spontaneous threesomes do occasionally erupt among singles in the heat of the moment, but more commonly an established couple forms the base of the triad. Threesome like this begins as a shared notion between the couple, that eventually evolves into the active pursuit of a third participant.

That evolution should contain discussion of what might or might not happen. Some couples entertain themselves with the threesome fantasy for many years before giving it a go. There’s no reason to force the issue if one or the other do not like the idea. Until you feel absolute confidence in your generosity toward each other, hold off.

You and your primary partner are a team, and the team must function smoothly before adding an extra person to it. Then there’s still the problem of finding a compatible third. It’s better to wait for the right person and situation to come along than to rush into something that you will regret later on.

If you’re not ready yet but your most likely third partner is moving Antarctica next month, don’t race to fit her or him into your marital sex life. Instead, bid her a goodbye kiss on the chick and hold on your threesome dream with. You can find an other person to build or develop some kind of erotic chemistry by browsing our members profile. Continue Reading


Why would anyone try a threesome?

Female Male Female Threesome as a Halloween Role Play

Two young men with older woman. True mfm threesome story

Hot Wife & Easter Sex Party Scenario

Hot wife sex party at Easter, sound like a swingers sex party. If you want to make a Swingers Sex Party satisfying fort everyone, you need to know who are into this kind of sex party, special at Easter time.

Voyeurism loversVoyeurism Lover Women

The most important factor is the people with ability and willingness to participate in a swinger sex party. Swinging is not for everyone, so if you are thinking about hosting a sex party you have to know people who will participate in your party. The next thing to decide is what sort of a party you want to have.

Some parties are for couples only, some are mixed, some like orgies, and some have playrooms for fun, some use the whole house and some are organized in a hotel room. As you can see, there are a lot of things that you have to deal with. Continue Reading…

The First Step Is The Invitation

Most people really want to go to a sex party, but more or less conscious mental barriers stop them from going for what they want. Help them. Make it clear they can leave at any time. Or you can invite experienced swingers only, but every swinger is looking for new sex partners all the time. If you would like to have a really good party you should invite people with swinging experience and people who are curious first timers (new bie). Continue Reading…

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From this point you have to concentrate a little more on the first timers. They have to know that, you are inviting them to an erotic swingers sex party. Probably they will have a lot of things in their mind. You have to explain to them there is nothing to be scared of NO means NO. Ask them what do they got to lose? If they are really serious they will accept your invitation because they don’t want to wonder about what could have happened if they had the courage to go. Continue Reading…

Usually first timers will not leave the sex party. They have never participated in one and they cannot know what it is like. They are there for a reason, most likely they have an erotic fantasy and they will probably give it a try. For this reason you should let invite first timers to the event even if they beforehand declare that they are not going to do too much. I know that, it takes a bit of courage to invite first timers to a swingers sex party. Do it anyway. You could send out written invitations (email) if you prefer not to speak with them. Ask them to confirm the attendance. Continue Reading…

swingers sexWomen Looking for NSA Sex Partners

Swingers sex parties should be held late in the night. At late night people have calmer energy, and are more in the mood for pleasure. To make the party successful even at late night, there should be about the same number of male and female participants. It is a very bad idea to invite more males then females. However it might happen some couples would like to bring their “boy toy”. You have to be careful with extra men. Its okay, but let them know they coming together and leaving together and the boy toy has to stick with them. However extra males might create intrigues (especially if they never participated in a party like yours) and intrigues are very destructive to the party. Continue Reading…

You don’t want a couple to leave; because one of the extra males wasn’t behaving in a proper way. On the other hand some women’s fantasy is to make love with two men at once. You do not necessarily need an extra guy for this, even if you have two couples at present…. Continue Reading…

Our three-way sex festival went on for about two weeks

My wife and I very open minded and we have a good sex life. We like experimenting with new love making techniques with new sex partners, and we try many kinky things. About a month ago, after a company party we went to a bar and met a local college girl.

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casual sexcoolandhornycpl

Maybe she wasn’t a college girl… but she said so anyway… After a few drinks we all went to a hotel room, and it was the most wonderful FFM threesome experience we ever had.

Our three-way sex festival  went on for about two weeks, until somehow (I still don’t know how) my boss found out. I suspect she set up this… but I can’t prove it. My wife did not tell her… I did not tell her, the girl doesn’t even know where I work at… We never talked about work.

At once the girl disappeared and next day the boss called me into her office and she told me how disgusting she thought it all was. She said she might fire me, and she could make work miserable for me.

She hasn’t done anything yet, but I am quite concerned about my job. If she decides to go along with her threat, what legal course can I take to stop her. Continue Reading…


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I am “fortunately” not a lawyer… But we are living in US and I think your boss can legally fire you for any reason if she wants, unless you’re in a special job that is protected by law, such as a tenured teaching position. Or if you are Union member, then he have to deal with the union too.

He can also make your life at work fairly miserable and stay within the law.

I think only one thing you can do. Hire a privet investigator and find out you how your boss found out about your experience. Maybe you are right and she have to do something with your 3 way sex scenario. Maybe she know that girl and the privet should be abler to figure that out.

Maybe she want to replace you with one of his friend or relatives, and he needed to create a reason to fire you, or might be she found your profile here…

Or maybe she want to play with you guys and she will blackmail you first… never know what is her real reason. Continue Reading…


NSA Sex1Canuck

If someone finds out who I am… no one would fire me… (I run my own show 🙂 ),  but would not be beneficial for the business… so that is why I did not post my face photo here. Continue Reading…

adult dating

nsa sexbustybettyboop

I’ve had lots of sexual comments towards me by the manager where I work… He’s even followed me out to the car once and asked me to go to a party with him..

The story line at above made me think… Maybe he found this website, and that is why he was and he is so sexually charged around me… Continue Reading…


swingers sexcpl-who-changed

Darling, if you put you boobs display at work, like you put them on the photos on your profile… well on that case, all men should be sexually charged and toward you… Continue Reading…


sex datinghungrygirl

I am single and love sex, people know this at work about me… However I like  my job and I keep work and pleasure to be separate.

No ones allowed to do anything to me at work, not even to be disrespectful, and everyone is okay with this. Continue Reading…


horny cplWeRopen4X

She’s the “boss”. What is YOUR position in the company? Play with a boss, If that is her reason could make things very dangerous for both you and the company.

“Fucking” someone from the workplace is probably an even worse idea than getting into a relationship with someone you work with.

Reject the boss not a good idea either, but better then fucking her… Since you don’t know how she would react to the situation.

I’d suggest that you keep your dick in your pants while at work or prepare to be jobless… Hire to privet investigator is a really good idea… Continue Reading…

Sex with Two Guys

This year’s heat waves are taking their toll on many of us, but Swingers Couple’s members are braving the elements this summer to find sexy friends in the real world and make some sizzling hot connections. Continue reading…

casual sex

By the way the registration and the basic membership to join Swingers Couples’ website is free.

Anyways, lets speaking of meeting in the real world…

Wouldn’t you just love to get to know (and roll around with) hotties like these at next? Continue reading…

Check them out today to learn more about them – and thousands of others who want to connect in the flesh!

Lets get back to threesome… if there is something more in your mind than one on one sex, something like threesome… Sex with two guys or two gals, well, you are not alone. Continue reading…




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There are a lot of members like you, they are looking for something more erotic, more kinky than one on one sex. Probably more then few are from your or from around your city. Check them out at next…

You can read and learn a lot of things about threesomes, just by check out our members’ earlier threesome related tips, advices and questions. These threesome advises came from their own experience and experience does count in everything, even in three way sex . Continue reading…

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