What do you prefer, good sex life or good relationship?

I say nothing is better than great sex in a good relationship. However the definition of good relationship is can be different from person to person. Like great nsa sex relationship, or spousal, maybe marital relationship. We and our  preferences aren’t the same.

leisure sexAre you into leisure sex? I am, join me…

For example I am not into committed relationship and marriage is not on my wish list, it might happen one day and when it happens, I will deal with it, but until I enjoy life, include casual dating.

The Internet destroyed our traditional, or teenagers would say old fashioned   dating habits. In our today’s  on-line dating world  we use social media, texting, online dating, apps, and who knows  what else.

erotic dating1of-thatwoman

Even though we can use a lot of tool for find partners new marriages are fewer than ever been before and less baby born year after year. People like me, not marriage “minded” anymore.

On the other site, casual dating, no string attached sex dating booms. Millions of men, women and couples looking for partner to have no string attached, leisure sex. Including myslef, but I am honest about it.

This brings up the question; What is more important, good sex life or good romantic relationship? As I  said above, I take good sex life…

Only those who are idealistic and have high standards when it comes to relationships are the ones who believe that there really is a perfect guy for every woman, and they wait  for that guy for years. Perfect relationships rarely happen in the real world.

I do have a lady friend – coworker. She said her marriage is perfect, and she use battery power to reach orgasm even when she makes love with her husband.

So that is a perfect relationship… Tide up to a man and use battery power to obtain orgasm.

If that happens with me, a man and I, and the guy fail twice to satisfy me, there wont be a third time, I will find someone else.

I believe sex is important part of any relationship, marital or casual makes no difference, if sex is not good, relationship wont work.

nsa sex party adsCasual Sex Dating Ads

A perfect scenario for this problem is when you are going out with someone who is totally into you. He or she treats you well, gets along fine with your relatives and friends, and both of you have a lot of things in common. Your relationship is perfect, except for one thing: he or she is terrible in bed or is not trying hard to serve your erotic needs.

What are you going to do? Use battery power to obtain orgasm, I would not, casual sex much better. Something unknown, or someone unknown, makes sex more exiting…

The women are usually the ones who often complain about this problem and they chose that battery powered device, help them out, and this women are who ends up visiting and browsing erotic adult dating website. Browsing adult dating ads is the first sign…  she need something more, just a new battery on that hand held device.

Even though sex with your trophy hubby is not as fulfilling as your relationship, ditching your partner is not always the best solution. You can get into casual sex with him, or have affairs, to get sexual satisfaction, or try to  fix your intimate love life with him.

sex partyEverything goes sex party ads

This problem usually married couple’s problem,   sex issues are worth fixing to make the marriage work. Less-thrilling sex is not a good enough reason to give up a good marriage with your spouse, but a so-so sex life is also an alarming issue that should never be taken for granted.

Remember that a fulfilling, satisfying  love life – sex life is vital to the strength and foundation of any relationship, committed or no committed relationship.  Every one of us have sexual need, if is not get fulfilled at home, or with our permanent partner, than it sooner or later it will cause difficulties in any relationship.

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Sex Life Makeover

There are several ways to tune-up your sex life. You can try to spice things up with role play with your permanent partner. there are a lot of erotic role plays that turn people hungry for more sex. Read more about erotic role playing…

Or, if you are single, ditch your partner and find someone else, or if both of you are open minded enough, go to a sex club or swingers club. That will make sex life more exiting.

Swingers clubs are all over the place these days. Our partner on-line swingers  magazine have detailed  swingers club – swingers parties’ list, organized by causeries, states, cities. I am sure you can find one close to your city. Continue Reading…

Another way to really heat up your sensation and pleasure is by using a natural organic sex drive boosters. There are few good one on the market for men and women too.

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For her, know as Women’s Viagra stimulation cream the Vigorelle. An all-natural product without any side-effects, Vigorelle can heighten ladies pleasure and intensify sensation.

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Men might not know which hole to stick their penis in

I give all of my mind and body into casual sex play and get nothing in return… Anyone else? I’ve been  having a heck of a time finding a man to give me what I want in nsa sex, and it’s really starting to wear me down. Continue Reading

NSA Sex Dating

swingers sexhornyTgirl

Every time I hook up with a guy, it seems that all they want is oral sex. While I don’t have any issue with giving oral at all, I do take issue with the fact that, as it tends to go, after they get off, they couldn’t care less about getting my needs to have intercourse.

If it were just one or two guys, I could just write it off as them being a-holes, but it’s nearly every guy I’ve been with for the past 3 years.

I’m just kind of beginning to wonder if this is becoming the modern norm, or if it’s just something about me. It’s just really bringing me down and leaving me more sexually frustrated than before.

Anyone else out there having the same issues? Continue Reading


adult datingntnwillis98

Do you want it straight or watered down?

On your profile you have the dumb as a box of rocks warning from the University of Sydney… Everyone knows that it is nothing more than a kick me side pasted over the butt. Worse than that, yours is pluralized saying “our” but you have an individual T’s profile.

I don’t know how long you’ve been a member but I can tell you why you are not having any luck finding what you need here.

I just have to assume that your presentation is inconsistent all the time and so men might not know which hole to stick their cock in. Continue Reading


sex datingMySweetBloom

Do I have this issue? No.  Therefore I am not really qualified to give you  advice.

What would I do? Well, if I were you… I would hold off on giving oral  sex next time… Continue Reading


no string sexnostringfun

I would say you have to be a little more assertive.

You should make your wishes known before you hop into bed with the next man. It never ceases to amaze how many people don’t talk about what they want  beforehand. Communication is key to any relationship, and nobody can take advantage of you unless you allow it!

Do not bring your next partner to orgasm right away. Let him know you want to take turns pleasuring each other for awhile before you do. Continue Reading


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nsa sex4Tamiris

Ah the never-ending story of the Givers and the Takers.  The self-made Givers are complaining that the Takers don’t give enough in return.

The problem is that you don’t want to be treated as a sexual object by these guys. But to them, you are just a sex-toy and your fate is to satisfy them. They use you and you let  let them do so…

I don’t know you in person, only your profile. But I believe that you are facing a double challenge of being accepted as the person who you are… and finding gorgeous Givers who will consider your needs.

One challenge is the T, the other one is your Goth style. A Goth T-girl is a true challenge, isn’t it?

Sure, you will find people on your wave-length. But you are kind of social Outsider in a double sense and as such the number of matches who don’t just see you as a service
provider is somewhat limited.

Might be better when you’re reducing your expectations on this website and be picky
with your matches. Continue Reading


NSA sexdoithard

You’re having a T in your user-name. Your sexual frustration is coming from something else, not just because how these guys act. It is that your personally normal sexuality is not normal to them but it is very special and very personal.

But your oral service is appreciated. You are an Outsider in society and you must learn to cope with this. You cannot force the entire world to love you and to give.

My advice…  Learn to appreciate every honest smile and be pickier with the guys that you are meeting. Less can be more… Continue Reading

Local NSA Sex Dating

sex datingloveoldermen

Believe me I know how you feel… I always talk a lot before getting into a relationship, special if that relationship will be a no string attached NSA sex relationship….

We have really gotten to know what we want from each other, we met and have lunch, dinner, or breakfast depending and then maybe go to my place, never his, and then we have some erotic fun…

My problem has been after a few weeks I get bored and try to stall things out a little and then kind of I am busy and can not see you, only cause a lot of guys think they are getting to close and I put up the fences…

After all I am a single woman and I love it this way… Continue Reading


erotic datingouttherelinda

Your sexual satisfaction is up to you. Open your mouth and talk to the guys first and make sure it is understood that if you give you expect to receive in return.

Alternately make the guy do you first and then give him a blow job. Continue Reading

anal three waySwingers Sex AdsAmateur Swingers

adult datingHotMochaIce

First off, when chatting, text-ing, emailing, let them know that you want penetrative sex. I suspect that when you’re talking to guys before meeting, you’re letting them know how great your oral skills are, but you’re not letting them know what your true desires are.

Second, when hooking up, give a bj, but don’t give it “to completion.” Do it just until he’s erect, then let him know you want to fuck.

If you communicated fully before meeting, he’ll know that intercourse is expected and if he doesn’t want intercourse, send him on his way with an erect, cumfilled, penis!

You deserve to be fully satisfied, just as your partner does, so stop whining about it and demand it! Continue Reading


NSA sexNaughtyLilBrat69

What I don’t understand is why are you not stopping before he blows his gasket and starting your turn.

Perhaps you need to tone down your oral skills a little too so they don’t explode so fast! Continue Reading


nsa sexpetitandnaughty

It happened to me once when a man expected to be serviced upon arrival. He was told to get out as quickly as he could or else…

Be open and direct about your desires and expectations. Don’t let Takers control you. And, yes, work on your profile. Continue Reading

no string attached sex

Our recent male female male threesome

Our recent mfm threesome was the best threesome we ever had. The extra guy was very nice, very clean very polite, “moderately well hung” and was good at sex. Seem like all of us had a lot of fun… We made a deal… we will repeat the scenario. Continue reading…

squirter womenSquirter Women Looking for Playmate

horny coupleCoupleforsingleMen

Than comes to surprise, his phone disconnected, our emails being returned by the email serves as undelivered email, because not such an email address exist. We do not know his home address and he does not know ours, but we would not go to his home anyways.

Have your past threesomes been Good-Great or awful? Meaning have they returned to do it multiple times? Spent the weekend together, or never to be seen or heard from him again, like us? Continue reading…


nsa sexSaranghae2

I find when it comes to male/female couples who tend to look for another female, its usually the male that initiates the communication online.

The one couple in whom I have met and had a good time with… and have an ongoing casual relationship with is a couple, whom I have more of a rapport with the female.

I suppose I prefer it that way. If its a couple, I prefer being able to communicate mainly with the female half instead… And yes we repeated many times… By the way I am not unicorn. I love men… Continue reading…


swingers sexsipthewine

To answer the question: Yes. All of the above…. Some of them returned to play with multiple times, and some others disappeared and never heard of them again… Also some others get  “dumped” by me… Continue reading…

kinky sexKinky NSA Sex Dating Ads

casual sexlywhipsu

We have had the great, the good and the awful ! The great as well as the good lead to many more encounters with lots of excitement, exploration, satisfaction the list goes on but you get the picture.

Many times what was supposed to be just a few hours has turned into a weekend of fun.

Thankfully the awful have been limited to only twice. Both men turned out to be rather self centered and not what they had represented themselves to be.

We do our best to get to know people before meeting usually over time and conversation it is possible to confirm compatibility but there is always the great pretenders that get by.

Just have to learn, go on, enjoy the good, cherish the great! Continue reading…


NSA Sexspiderwoman15

Had great times and met lots of long time friends in the swinging seen.

We mostly these days  have 3 sums only. Most of them are are good sometimes  great and every know and than it can be awful.

If we spend enough time to get to know the partner, than the end result is great sex… Never know how it ends up if we rush things…

Most of the time the “one night stands” turn to be awful… Continue reading…



New Years Eve Sex Party with Double Penetration – explained by her.
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You can find more threesome related information, if you visit our website  threesome page.  For example detailed threesome sex position with threesome sex position photos.

For more threesome info, visit our partner’s Swingerscouple.net’s erotic on-line  forum – magazine – erotic dating advice line.


casual sex1Canuck

At one upon a  time I participated in a really “bitter” mfm tree way…  I got involved with a couple who wanted to try a MFM. Well  we meet at a hotel’s restaurant. Everything was fine there and we decided to go up to their room…

And from there,  nothing was cool at all. It was not a good feel to it. She was icy from the start, when her hubby started to undress her. From that point she was not friendly at all. I felt for the husband as that he couldn’t get her to even take her close off.

It felt like it was all his idea and she did not want to do at all, however I do not understand why she acted like she is into it in the restaurant… Continue reading…

He is my fuck buddy & sex is not satisfying with him anymore. He can not trun me on, can not get me wet…

So I have a fuck buddy I’ve been on and off with for a year now  we have great sex, fuck like jack rabbits and everything, but lately the sex has been slacking.

Casual Sex Dating Ads

casual sexbabylisa11

Like I am use to cumming all the time and multiple times with him and now its like I don’t even cum once let alone get wet.

How do I explain that the sex isn’t good without hurting his feelings and ending a good friendship? Continue Reading…


swingers sexswep54,

He must have some type of clue also or he isn’t in tune with you and your body.

A little communication about the concern and what the relationship is about could help. Try not to put blame on anyone or anything and if tempers start to flare, take a break and let each other gather their composer and try the discussion at a later date. Continue Reading…


sex datingIamwman

Any kind of relationship should based on open communication. If he is your fuckbuddy, then just tell him, he is not a good ride anymore…  so he needs to spice things up.

If he is your friend with erotic benefits, then tell him, if he can not make you cum, then is no point for making out… Tell him, you are wanna be his friends for ever, but with out sex…  It will hurt him, but this is casual sex life, not marriage, so he will get over it at no time… Continue Reading…


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Masturbating swingers women and swingers sex

40 year old woman fucked a young man for about a year. Older women younger men in NSA sex

NSA sex with two men at the same time


sex personalsToTouchYourSkin

Honesty is the best way to go. By discussing this, you may discover there is something that you’d both like to change to make your play better or perhaps the sexual side of the relationship has run it’s course. Continue Reading…


NSA sexjust_say_hi

I think first I’d look in the mirror and at least consider whether it might have more to do with you than him…

New is always exciting, but unless you’re going to go through a whole lot of “New Guys” in your life, at some point you’ll have to figure out how to keep it exciting with the one you’re with.

How you’re going to explain to him that the sex just isn’t all that great anymore, and retain the friendship? Thats going to be hard to do.

Might be easier to retain the friendship if you can find another reason (excuse) for ending the sex.

But then again, if the relationship you have with him is all about the sex, once thats gone, will there be a reason to remain friends? Continue Reading…


adult datingjoozee1

Its time to find a new fella, if he doesn’t do it for you there are millions more that can.

Or ad the new fella into your play and you are going to have threesome. I am sure two of them will rock your world… Continue Reading…

swingers sex dating

casual sexDebbieliciouse

A good friendship is one where both sides can speak their minds about everything  without having to worry is this going to cause the friendship to end.

However a  fuckbuddy might not be necessary a good friendp, not even a sex friend… but a friend  with benefits is different. Continue Reading…


swingers sexJohnboy236

Maybe you should ask yourself.

Are you seeing this guy too often?  Has the thrill of the sex become ordinary?

If you think it is then maybe you could discus this with him under the guise of introducing more variety. More quality and less quantity or an extra man can be a variety too… Continue Reading…


adult datingblondeoverblue4

Tell him you need to spice it up. A good lover will want to know what you like and how to please you. If plan A isn’t working anymore, then both of your should be exploring a Plan B.

In a FB relationship, both parties need to have their needs met. If it is an actual friendship then he should be open to communication and actually care enough to make sure you are getting all you desire from the get togethers.

My suggestion is don’t bring it up during sex, but sometime before you are together again. Mention something that you would like, that turns you on, and he will more than likely be happy to help you get there.

I think women think they will hurt a man’s feelings by discussing sex issues, but in actuality, they would probably want to know. Continue Reading…

A lot of married women into NSA sex… and they are good at it. Married women are good fucks due to the fact that they are married.

I am just wondering… Why are married women good fuck? I just seem to have my best sex when I am fucking someone married…

NSA sexvuntime

Is it  just me? My personal luck maybe… Or is anyone have the same experience…? Continue Reading…

NSA sex dating ads

NSA sexTouch_N_Go

Lots of interesting responses, from taboo, to experience, to control.

What about revenge? If a woman is having sex outside of her marriage, there is a good chance she is pissed off, dissatisfied with her husband.

With that said she might be quite turned on by the prospect of sticking to her other half.

Unfortunately the world isn’t all butterflies and unicorns… Continue Reading…


NSA sexnymphbrits

The above post sound like, all married women here cheat on their husband. Just for the record, not all married women on here cheat, not
all married women on here have crap sex with their partners, and not married women on here are bored with their partners either.

A lot of them give their partner everything and more that they would not give a fuck friend!!!!

For what its count when we get into NSA sex… I think its that we have more self confidence and less inhibitions. And by the way, just because we do have NSA it does not mean, we do it behind our husband. Continue Reading…


NSA sex adsMySweetBloom

Generalizing that one type of women will always be great fucks is rather ridiculous when you think about it.

Married,  young, white, black, Asian … it’s about the individual woman. When she is comfortable with her body and is in touch with her own sexuality, that generally leads to a better lover, better sex partner.

Sometimes better sex comes with age and experience. Some women are lucky to have reached that stage earlier in life.

In your case it’s probably a psychological twist in your own mind. You get a kick out of the “taboo sex”. Continue Reading…


sex datingIamwman

I checked your profile and your profile photos and I think I know why… Also I think you know it too, but you used to opportunity to advertise your preferences, which is sex with married women.

Anyways a lot of women have erotic fantasy… The number one is… threesome, number two is sex with a well hung black man. I guess you made their fantasy reality and they really enjoyed your “service”. If a women enjoy sex… that is very enjoyable for her male sex partner too. Or in other words, they had great time with you and they made it really enjoyable for you too, because they paid attention to your sexual needs too. Continue Reading…



Why Would Anyone Take a Third Person Into Their Marital Relationship

A lot of women fantasize threesomes. Sex with two men.

Threesome sex tips


sex dating mrslips1

Speaking from experience I say it’s because we are willing to please, comfortable with ourselves and there is nothing other than pure pleasure in mind.

I believe as well part of it is the taboo of the non forbidden for both parties. Continue Reading…


sex datingblackcocklvr1

I agree, the biggest part of it is no expectations. I think some of it is age and experience.

When I was younger I was not anywhere near as comfortable with my body and my sexuality as I am now. There has been years of my husband encouraging me to try new things and me perfecting just what he likes best.

I find that what he likes other men like as well.

When we meet up with our friends to play there is no expectations other than everyone having a good time and then we go on our way.

There is also a conversation that happens before everyone meets about likes and dislikes and what we are looking for so that makes it easier on everyone too. Continue Reading…


casual sextroublextoo

Married women are good fucks due to the fact that they are married. Its an ego thing with most guys!

Your fucking someone else’s wife. Its a huge turn on knowing that your pleasing another man’s woman.

Also you know it’s just a fuck and you don’t have to keep her! Just a woman’s perspective, I could be wrong though…. Continue Reading…

NSA sex dating adsNSA Sex Dating Ads

no string sexalice1213

Well it depends on many things, mainly on their husband.

Now, as I said it depends… Did you take a good look at the husbands? From head to toes? Like age different, cock size… Just an innocent question. Continue Reading…


sex datingvikingluso

For those who think, married women can have sex with just their hubby only… Remember married woman are not someones property….

I am sorry,  but I’m a married woman and I’m not  a property of my husband, I’m a human being with my desires and my space in the world.

Of course may be we are a little different as a couple because we respect each other, and
we are very strong on having our space as a couple but also to respect the own space of each one.

As an open minded couple, we are into  casual sex…  As a couple we always play together, exception during holidays. We usually take half holidays together and the other holidays alone. That’s good to charge batteries, brake the stress, and keep the motivation on high and we can made out with anyone… no question asked and will be ask. Continue Reading…


swingers sex datingponyme2

When I was married, yes, I thought about sex with other men
all the time. Because my husband was crap in bed.

I’m not married now, but I am in a really great relationship. And no, I don’t think of other men sexually (not often anyway). I do think of my man and what he can do many many times a day though… because sex is great.

But officially I am married, even though, we are separated a long time ago… so I guess it consider as sex with married women… and I know it is great sex. Continue Reading…

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