Everything Goes Halloween Party

I am middle aged divorced man and need advise. I ran into a woman on Swingers Affair’s website, she have profile I have profile there, I contacted her. I wont say who she is, don’t want to advertise her. After few messages and webcam chat, we decided to have a coffee date. It was okay.

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End of that date we set up a dinner date at  the weekend. Than a day before she called me and she said something came up and she can’t make it, but she invited me to go with her to her friend’s everything goes Halloween Party a week after our would  be date.

I kind of like her and would enjoy to get intimate with her. But if I try and she isn’t into sex on the second date, I might blow my chances, or if I don’t try,  still might blow my chances.

One more thing, I love kissing, a good kissing session really turns me on. Love making and sex, without kissing not that exiting. Much more erotic  with kissing, list for me.  Should I try to kiss her, than lets  see what will happen… Continue Reading…


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If you want to be successful in the bedroom, you better know what erotic power the kiss have. A kiss can be a symbol of affection between relatives and friends. Or kissing can be love play and sex play. In this kind of kiss the lips and the tongue change to be a sexual organ.

In normal everyday life this kind of kissing is the first erotic act between partners. Old Chinese sex gurus, believe in the good kiss can have sexual power, because the lips and the tongue have lot of nerve endings. Those nerve endings react very quickly to erotic stimulation. According to the above sex gurus opinion the upper lip of the women are linked to their clitoris and the lower lip of the men are linked to their penis. However today’s doctors disagree with this.

Some women who are into casual dating, love to be kissed on the mouth. They believe in, the man’s love making ability is directly proportionate of his kissing style. A man who takes his time and effort in kissing will take time in bed too. With good erotic kissing you can taste pleasure and you can explore a new way of being sensual. Kissing can be an important part of anyone’s erotic life, and I think its a good start.

What can happen? She will be into it or she wont. You are not looking for woman to married, so if you blow it, than find someone else. Continue Reading…

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Women, include myslef, dating for two reasons via Internet.

A lot of woman uses dating Websites, because they don’t have time for traditional dating and they looking for romance, friendship, long relationship and or married. If your date fits into this category you wont get lucky on that “everything goes Halloween party“.

Woman in this category usually dress a bit conservative on her first date. She will spend a considerable time and effort to find out as much as possible about you and your family. You should not even try to get intimate this kind of women for a while… But if she dressed very sexy and she openly flirting with you, maybe systematically touching you on your shoulder or arm, then probably she is looking for sex friendship, and fun.

You said you met her on  Swingers Affair’s website. Helloooo… What is your question? Why women goes to Swingers Affair‘s website… It should not be hard to figure out, not even for a middle aged man.  Continue Reading…


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I am sure the marriage is not at the top spot in her wish list, otherwise she would not call you to a everything goes halloween party. If I were you, I would ask her to define everything goes Halloween party. After that definition you will have more ideas what kind of trick and treats can you expect…

Something tells me you might get lucky with her on that party… Continue Reading…


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Some women have “No sex on the first date” rule, even on Swingers Affair,  but this  wont be you first date.

Sound like she takes you to a kinky Halloween party, so go for it. So how far you should go? If you are not a married minded, then you can try to go that far that you dare. Three thinks can happen. The worst, she’ll walk out on you. In this case she is not that kind of person that you are looking for. The second possibility, she will go home, but before she does so, she ask you to give her a call at next day. Then you will get her on next time. Continue Reading…

The third option, you gonna have a hell off everything goes Halloween party.

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Halloween Sex Party with MILF

Sex Party in September


Halloween Party with Vaginal Double Penetration

There is no anal vaginal double penetration without anal sex. The  problem comes if she is not into anal sex and a lot of  woman do not care for anal sex. If you or your partner are one of those women, than you have to forget anal – vaginal double penetration, or if you are  a man, than you need to find a partner who is into anal vaginal double penetration.

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Personally, I find it to be very pleasant… There is nothing better than play at a erotic party, and  I am sandwiched between two guys and one has his cock buried in my pussy while the other guy (after getting well- lubricated) slides into my back door. What a feeling of fullness…

I hope it will happen at our up coming Halloween party. If you part of a couple or are a woman and thinking about double penetration, you need to get few things, before you make something stupid…

double penetrationKinky Couple

At first if  you tried anal sex and it does not hurt, you may want to give this a try sometime.  However if anal sex hurts,  there is another variation of the “sandwich” that can bring a special pleasure to all of you, if you try.

It is a male  female male threesome, a mfm with vaginal double penetration. I know it sound like torture, but its not, if you and your partners do it right.

Consider having your “partner #1 man” lay on his back with his legs dangling off the bed. Put a couple of pillows under his ass to raise him high. Get him rock hard, and then lower yourself onto him, face to face. Raise yourself up and down a few times so you both enjoy his full penetration. Then, spin yourself around so you are facing away from him. Invite your “partner #2 man” to come over and neck with you, while you slowly raise and lower yourself off and onto “# 1’s” pole. Meanwhile, use your hand to get “#2″ as hard as possible.

When he is hard, pull him close to you, fact to face. You are facing a way from partner #1. Partner #2 is front of you, between your and your partner #1 legs. He have full few and  full access to your vagina. You pulled him close to to you  and should press his cock against ” #1’s” as it slides in and out of your pussy.

Their cock will touch each other’s cock, they don’t need to be bi sexual, if a cock an others cock, well that does not make anyone gay, but if they can’t handle this than they just have to forget it.

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You lay back to toward to partner #1. You back goes closer to his face, you support your weight with your arm, as you lower your back, your pussy position change, make easier to enter for partner #2. Then, when he is thrusting in, pull the tip of “#2’s” cock up against “#1’s” and under the hood of your pussy. Let the two cocks rub together like that a few times.  Remember to lean back a bit, letting “#1” reach around to play with your breasts so “#2” can straddle his legs (and be between your legs), so he can get real close and insert himself into you along with “#1”.

This may result in a three-high sandwich, or, after “#2” is inside with “#1,” you may roll to the side for a side-by-side- by-side sandwich with the cocks of both men inside your pussy.

You will find yourself feeling VERY full, with a whole new kind of wonderful erotic sensation coursing through your body. The guys will find it to be a highly satisfying experience too. I’ll bet one or both of the guys will shoot their load very quickly.

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When I have had two guys do this to me a few times, I have found that they eventually gain control over their cocks, and can pump me for quite a time… Often with alternating strokes… Bringing me to numerous orgasms and a fantastic high… Before they come.

This is a perfect Halloween role play scenario, prostitute and  two pimps. If you try, does not matter  you are woman or man, but if you try, I guaranty this Halloween Party will be your best Halloween and the most erotic Halloween Party ever.

Of course, like everything else in the life, practice will make it perfect.


Anal vaginal double penetration is my long time erotic fantasy.

My man love to be at the receiving end in anal play

Sex Party in September

A sex party sounds silly and taboo for a lot of people at anytime, not just in September. I don’t think you are one of those people, or you would not read this.

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Everything Goes Sex Parties

I am sure you are curious about sex parties and if you know a few things about them and if you know how to host a good one, and you decide to host one, you should make your home work, before you jump into hard core sex partying…

Anyways, you never know what will happens until you not try, but I can say it from experience, a good sex party can give you and your partner a sexual high at any month, not just in September…

What makes a sex party a good sex party?

The best sex parties have themes or role playing. Themes like pajama party, or roman orgy, or no underwear party, or wear limited clothes ( 2- 3 pieces) . Role playing sex parties, like erotic photography, or erotic move making, or techer and students, etc.

Does not matter if your party is a themed party or not, either way, you and your invited guests have to enjoy it. Its applies for any party, a party is a good party as long as the participating persons have a good time. If it is a sex party and you and your lover or partner enjoy it, and don’t cross your own intimate boundaries, than is no problem. In fact there is no harm in trying something new and sexually exciting.

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Adult parties and sex.

On the traditional world, sex is privet matter between two people.  However our world is not a traditional world and sex can be a privet matter between two or more people, even though your neighbors think that is wrong.

I am don’t worry about what others think, its my life  and my sex life. If you’re in a secure relationship with your partner, and both of you really love each other, don’t let anyone to set the boundaries for you on what’s right or what’s wrong.

So how to start?

At first you have to have, invite willing people. If you do not know anyone, browse the Internet. There are millions of men women and couples, virtually from or close to any city, who are like you – curious about sex party. Find them contact them and invite them.

The second option is faster and easier, get together with your friends and ask them to bring someone to party with. Ask them to find willing partner, then you just need to worry about your partner.

The best party is   happens if the number of people right… which is 6 – 8 people. If your living room, or a hotel room  is full with naked people, that is something that not a lot of people enjoys, except if they exhibitionist. A good sex party don’t need more than 3 or 4 couples.

sex party

A sex party starts like any other party and does not have to end up with intercourse. There are many different kind of sex. If someone decide to have penetrative sex, than you should provide a “play room” except if they like to be  watched.

People at sex parties many times go somewhere privet to go all the way, and this is “totally” except able.

A good sex party  happens when the participating people are don’t scare a little voyeurism, they open minded. They should be clean should look sexy and healthy. If you partner have a terrible headache, well that is just kill the party mood.  Continue reading…


Sex Parties and gangbangs

I am just thinking about sex parties and  my pussy getting wet

MFM Threesome with a Couple at Halloween

How is the couple experience? I mean NSA sex with a couple, as an extra man… I have been propositioned by a couple who are keen that I join them for a threesome… I just got an invitation to party with a couple at Halloween night.

older womenMILF For Halloween Trick

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They made it clean that would be a hot party… as hot as I dare… I have never done it before and I am straight, not even bi-curious.. But I am in the game to try out such a sexcapade…

Have you been there? Done that? Any advice for me? Continue Reading…


swinger coupleplaycouple

I (male half) have been in many threesomes, both with my wife and other couples, and loved them all.

Just as you, as I totally straight, have zero desire for male play. That
being understood, you can’t be afraid to have body contact, two men plays with a woman involves closeness.

Being invited to a Halloween sex party with  a couples sex, you must understand that you are basically a live dildo. I would suggest you ask about their expectations her in  particular, and limits in detail if you want all involved to enjoy it.

Nothing wrong asking before doing it, but a lot wrong doing something wrong then asking for forgiveness.

A two men one woman threesome should be all about her, so forget any selfish desires you might have. I (we) have experienced mfm, fmf, couple play, but both like the mfm’s best.

Halloween or not Halloween, at anytime… two men threesome with a couple can be an amazing thing, especially if you find the right couple to get play with. Continue Reading…


NSA sexblackOnwhit2

We are agree with play couple.

We will have our own erotic party at Halloween and we are also straight. We don’t desire direct play between males so that shouldn’t be an issue with the right couple, but should be discussed beforehand.

Keep in mind that they are a couple and you should get feedback from both from the husband and from his wife too about what they want.

Don’t be afraid to express how and why MFM play appeals to you, turns you on. A lot of single males are so overly concerned about being polite and respectful (which is all good) that they come off like a dull robot in their communications.

It’s okay to let your sexual personality show too. Best of luck and have a really Erotic Halloween! Continue Reading…


I like big man. Big cocks, I mean, big cocks on regular size men.

My husband invited some friends over to watch football on Saturday night and I allowed them to gangbang me

Have any of you tried to put together a group of guys for a gang bang? It is harder then find a Unicorn woman too have threesome with.

Threesome Sex Positions


NSA sexfoxeyatfifty

You may have been propositioned for real… And if you are going to meet them, ask about their rules… but if they have played before, they will inform you anyways.

Things like condoms, what is permitted kissing, anal sex, touching of other man’s body parts, etc.

But MFM threesome it is not for men that are really homo-phobic, even though they may not be bi or the least bit interested in a guy, male body parts may cross paths.

You have boundaries and so do they…

At that times when I played with a couple, we met first and  discussed Do’s and don’t. Just
remember each couple and each woman is different. Communication is the key. Continue Reading…

hot horny womenLocal Women For No String Attached Sex Relationship

NSA sexNaughtyLilBrat69

I’ve had a couple of couple experiences with married couples (hehe) and it turned me right off. If I am ever in the mood for a threesome, which I’m usually time to time,  when I’m in a horned up, it would be with two straight guys and not a married people.

A lot of married people have jealous issue… Make sure they do you 🙂  for
mutual fun times and they’re both ok with it. You don’t wanna get stuck in the middle of their drama).

They both want to be there and have that Halloween Night’s Three way, and that  isn’t just an excuse for one person to look for another fuck buddy, or sex partner. Continue Reading…


NSA Sex1Str8Man

I have been with married couples from here in MFM threesomes and I am as strait as possible…

If you will get lucky with a couple at Halloween night, or any otehr night, just be nice respectful and understand that your are there as a guest star, for the womans pleasure. Continue Reading…


swingers sexJohnboy236

Its what we do at Halloween’s weekend and not just Halloween weekends. We enjoy it and we have our rules, almost like a  guideline.

We have to like the look and sound of the guy so personality is important, there must be some chemistry. We do not share personal email details and only use hubbies prepaid cell phone.

Ultimately its down to first impressions when we meet for a coffee, but if there is some chemistry, we play on the first date… Continue Reading…


NSA SexIWantItGood999XX

I don’t like male to male play,  but I  love to try a MFM, and I am between the guys.

Now a couple of years ago, I was chatting with a guy I’d met and played with from Swingers Couple, and he happened to mention he was going to let a guy suck him, which surprised me as I knew he was completely straight with no bi-curiosity.

adult datingHe’d explained another fem had brought the subject up and he’d thought ‘what the hell, something else sexual to try.

I told him I would like to watch as I thought it might be hot to see. So I drove over to his place and the other guy was already there. He was quite a bit younger than both of us and orally bi.

We chatted for a few minutes and then they both got naked. I moved close so I could get a good view. Personally I didn’t think the one sucking was doing a very good job, I do much better myself!

I was also watching my friend’s face. He’d watch the guy sucking him, look at me and then shut his eyes and do this repeatedly. I could clearly see the conflict on his face.

I placed my hand on his torso and rubbed him some and than played with his balls a little… I did blow him some myself and he finished by blowing a huge load all over my chest Yeah…. I lost my shirt in there somewhere!

The young man left soon after as he had to go to work. I asked my friend if he’d ever do it again, and he said “No, he’d tried it and it wasn’t for him”.

I didn’t find it hot at all, and I wont play with bi man ever again… Maybe because I found No attraction to the other male and my friend wasn’t into it??? Continue Reading…

Anal Sex at a Halloween Sex party

We got invitation for a Halloween Sex party. My husband told me, I should dress up like a hooker, and it will be a lot of fun… because all men going to try fuck me, and very likely few of them will… which I would not mind… not at all. Continue Reading…

horny couples

anal sexlucsiouslisa

So, we are open about everything but the idea of anal sex doesn’t get much of a response from him when I bring up. And I did few times, I did last night too. I told him I will dress up like a very cheap hooker, but he have to fuck me in the ass… Boy he wasn’t happy at all.

I want to experience anal sex really badly. Should I do at the Halloween Sex party with someone and not let him know?

Should I do it and tell him afterwards? I don’t think thats a good idea. I’m really wanting to go there bad!

He has reached back there when we had sex last night and he has slipped his finger in my ass and I enjoy that so much as it made me achieve an orgasm immediately and I want more and want something bigger in there. Continue Reading>>>

horny local womenHot Horny Members Photo Galleries – many of them into anal sex

At first, you get fucked in your ass, or you don’t, it is your ass, and it should be your choice.

At second, don’t ask you hubby anymore. Instead have him watch you get fucked in the ass by another man at that Halloween Sex party and he will see your reaction.

If you like it, he may like it too, because of your excitement, if you don’t like it, just drop the subject. Continue Reading>>>


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NSA Sex1Str8Man

Agree with the above post. Since you are an open couple that plays together let someone else do it while he watches…. Once he sees your response he’ll get on board.

Tell him, Halloween is a time for people to dress up and try being someone completely different for a night. He might try to be different…  Continue Reading>>>

erotic datingwegoalltheway

Get a dildo with a suction-cup that attaches to the linoleum or tile floor and give it a go by yourself to try how it actually feel like, and if that works out for you, do it again in front of hubby, and let him really see you get into it and get off on it.

Maybe he’ll see the light of joy in your eyes and want to contribute that to your fulfillments with him. It can’t hurt to try, if nothing else is working. Continue Reading>>>


NSA Sexwelovexxx

Cheating or doing it behind his back is never the answer. If you guys are up for lots then see if he would like to watch you with another as he fucks you in the ass.

Maybe it’s because it scares him, maybe it’s because he doesn’t want to get brown, maybe it’s because it doesn’t thrill him, maybe it was a bad experience in the past.

Who knows. But doing something behind his back is not the answer. We can’t get everything we want and so if you can’t respect him by agreeing to the commitment you have made to each other with the terms with each other then maybe you shouldn’t be with him at all. Continue Reading>>>


swingers sexFunOttCpl

If you have an open relationship like you say talk to him,
give him alternatives, maybe it would be better if he didn’t
watch, or maybe he wants to watch and just not do it!

Ask him and find out why he doesn’t want to do and what he thinks
about it. Express your opinion why you want it and what it does to you! It could make all the difference.

It sounds like you are great together so why ruin a good thing! TALK TALK TALK, communicate, communicate and talk and communicate some more! Continue Reading>>>


no string attached sexWhatToDo

If he is really not into it, I certainly wouldn’t pressure him. Talk to him about trying it with him watching and you playing with another man. This could go either way. Make sure you find a guy who has experience and knows what he is doing with anal. Continue Reading>>>

Anal Sex Positions