I am just thinking about sex parties and the up coming Holiday sex party season and my pussy getting wet

I am just thinking about sex parties and the up coming Holiday sex party season and my pussy getting wet post is updated. You can read the updated version if you click on the next link, or as an alternative, you are free to check this page blog’s post out…

I am just thinking about sex parties and the up coming Holiday sex party season and my pussy getting wet.

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Couple with mature big booty Latina. She wants big thick cock. BBC are encouraged to contact us. He want to watch and is straight, if  have female bi partner let us know. Must be clean hygienically and STD free. Thank you.

First of all I am not a writer please excuse grammar and spelling errors. Here we go.

My Latina girl and I have been together a little over three and one half years. We are a mature couple. Ann is 5‘3″ nice booty with nice b cup breast. We both have a little extra.
Me Ray 5‘10″ with lbc (little black cock) at the most when really hard 5 inches. Due to illness been having problems reaching max. size and hardness.

Ann has been so sweet when it comes to my condition. I love to eat her pussy and she loves to have it eaten. We play all sorts of games. My sweetie always has told me that I satisfy
her and she didn’t require outside help.

Ann had never been to adult bookstore with video booths or viewing rooms. After looking around at all the toys I talked her into a booth. While trying to find video to watch, we came across one, a black man had sex with a white woman, as her husband watched.

I told to Ann looked like that white lady had a lot of fun with the big hard black cock.  Ann said; Mmmmmm, I would try that too…

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Fast forward, the story we began to fantasize and talk about Ann taking a big black cock, During this fantasy play her pussy always got very wet!

We started to  browsing ads on here on this site, ads with big cocks and emailing selected members. Then we watched big cock videos and Ann would say how lucky chose ladies were…

I told her we will have our own privet Holiday celebration with an extra man. I told her I would like to  to see her take large black cock. We continued contact users, we found some guys that made her say mmmmm! No luck for polite respond  back though. All the guys were rude or  did not answer at all.I think they chickened out when they learned, I the husband, not just only will watch it, but record it with our iPad.

I almost gave up, and the one guy answered to our ad. he said he is exhibitionist a little  and he will be happy to play with us. She said she felt good about that guy.

It bad been a long week. Ann was getting ready for her first casual sex experience. She got hair and nails done shaved her pussy looked for outfit. Then the time came to leave…  We were both a little nervous. We had to drive for about an hour to the hotel what we reserved. Ann was excited so was I.

We got to the hotel, the guy was alredy there, waiting us in the hall. Ann was like a school girl . We went up seem like you could cut the air. Ann needed a drink he handed her a beer from the room’s mini bar. We made small talk. I whispered to Ann to make sure she was ok. Ann excused herself to powder room. She came out and had on a short little   purple nightie with black fishnets matching purple platform shoes.

Man she was looking hot! She needed me to look at her first. That booty was talking to us. Dude’s tongue was about to fall out. We started talking again. Then I stood Ann up so dude could get a better look. I needed to go outside to get iPad and bags.

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When I came back the dude alredy was rubbing his 9″ cock on that her Latina  booty. He said he loves big bootys baby. Then as I turned the iPad on Ann began too suck  this 30 year olds cock.

Ann was’n deep throating that big cock. She was saying mmmm, baby his dick is so hard and big! I told her to take it deep in her throat for video. She did. Wow she was hott!

She was saying how that big cock was bring tears to her eyes. She asked me while she was licking his cock “baby how is this for a birthday present.” It was the best I ever had. Ann
then leaving his dick shining from that hot blow job.

O said, baby I think he’s ready. Ann got on top she slowly lowered her wet pussy onto that big cock. I videoed reluctantly I wanted to get in and lick or something…

Ann rode that cock like a pro. Dude then turned her over he drove his long hard cock into Ann. Ann began to say ooow, baby he is in me, mmmmm , she told him to give it to her and so did I.

local horny membersThen this young stud turned her over to do doggie, he began to really pound that tight pussy, Ann began too moan. Ann said, I like some slop on my boot,  he began too slap and Ann began too cum! I!’ cumming don’t stop! She asked him.

After that, he turned her on back, legs over his shoulder. Ann has the most beautiful sex face ever for me. Dude began to pound her pussy really hard,  Ann started throwing that pussy back at him. Dude was about to blow and so was Ann again.

They began to cum together. Dude tensed up ooohhh! Pulled out and blow his load on Ann stomach…. Basically the game was over. I kissed Ann and thanked her for the best ever Holiday celebration and we have one more month to go until the Holiday.

I hope we will make something similar for New years Eve too.

With Thanksgiving and Halloween, the Holiday’s erotic party season is begin…

Erotic dating, and sex party advice for people who would like to get into swinging is not that much different from dating advice, or a bachelor party advice. After all, everyone is looking for a date or sex partner they are compatible with, who will show mutual respect and affection.

It can be more difficult, however, to know how to begin swinging since there are nuances and potential problems that are unique to dating when you are looking for no commitment, casual (NSA, not sting attached sex) sex partners only.

Well, if you are one of those, who need some NSA sex advices… I have some for you. The most important is, you should be open. If the person or persons you are attracted to is already a friend, and you know that they are swingers you should deal with it honestly and be straight-forward.

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Simply admit that you are attracted to the lifestyle and you are attracted to them and ask them to get together on an official date. If they say they do not really think of you as a matching sex partner, you should ask them to introduce you to the lifestyle and or introduce you to some of their open minded friend.

If they do introduce you to someone, then everything else is up to you.

If they say they don not think about you as a sex partner, because they think this lifestyle is not for you, then you are you own. In this case you have to looking for no commitment sex partner somewhere else.

Where can you find dating partner for casual, NSA sex? Check out adult video stores or adult bookstores in your area. They usually carry adult lifestyle magazine with local ads You may find erotic ads form people in your neighborhood. If you do not find any interesting ads you can ask the staff is there any swingers club around. They might give you the club location and or contact info.

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Also lot of adult adult store has bulletin board. Check it out – bulletin board in adult store will often list special events that can be a great place to meet open minded people.

If non of the above works, you have to consider the Internet. For example, check out DatingSensation’s, (together with Swingers couples.net) erotic dating on-line magazine. This magazine have a local adult establishment listing. There are adult stores and adult clubs and swingers club from world wide. Probably   some of them are from your area…

And don’t forget the erotic on-line dating. There are more then few adult dating sites offer opportunities to meet open minded people in everywhere. Probably even in your city too or close to your city. For example you can check out our partner’s NSA sex personal ads personals and you will see how many people looking for no commitment sex partner in your city, and in your neighborhood.

A lot of people say that, swinging is couples game. Definitely there are lot of couples in the lifestyle and definitely couples or single women can get into the lifestyle very easy. If you are a single guy and you want to make connection with swingers, of course only if sex is in your mind, then you have to work a little to get started, but if you want something hard enough to happen, and if you do your homework, it sooner or later will happen.

How can you get into the lifestyle? Our website have a web page with some basic information for open minded people, who want to get into this very erotic lifestyle, but don’t know how to start and what to expect at their first erotic party.

Remember, with Thanksgiving and Halloween, the Holiday’s erotic party season is begin… And a party can provide a big opportunity to have some real sex, real erotic fun, but you have to make that party to an erotic party. If you are really want to get first hand NSA sex experience, then it is time to get a babysitter, and let’s have a really hot party… Continue reading

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Are you a single man? Single men can have NSA fun too. You can browse our website and our partners website for information how can start to swing a single man.