Story Of A Married Woman First MFM Threesome

The next story is explained by the wife. According to her, it really happened with them, but she twisted it a little. She changed the names and she changed the story’s line, in real life it didn’t happen that smooth, how she explained it in the story.

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With the words “did not happen that smooth” I mean they had some problems, with the third guy. He did not mind to have sex with her in his car (with out her husband knowledge), but he did not want to have sex with her – at front of and or together with her husband. He found  some excuses, but she thinks the real reason was, he had difficulties to perform in the presence of her husband. Think like this can happen and  happens very often with “new bies” mainly first timer men in threesome.

If you are a man and if you are thinking about threesome, you should read the next threesome sex tips for men, This web page going to make it easier for any man to participate in a threesome.

marred woman first threesomeStory of her first MFM threesome

Before you read the next story let me tell you, we were talking a lot with my hubby about swinging, swingers, threesomes, and swinger’s clubs. We even read erotic stories together and watched several really hot swingers party videos together, but somehow we never did anything more.

We just talked and fantasized about; how it would feel to have sex with more then one sex partner at the same time. We even talked about who could be a potential sex partner for a threesome, ( both of our fantasy was: male – female – male threesome) but either of us had the courage to say, okay lets  give it a try. Until recently…

My husband Tim is 40 years old, and I am 42. We have been married now for 15 years, and we have 2 children. We are both fit, attractive and healthy.  My husband workplace is unionized and the UNION organized a fundraising dinner party to collect money for their scholarship. We knew, few of our  friends (girls and guys from where Tim works) will be there.

The party was to be held at a local Restaurant. I had a new dress for the occasion, and according to Tim, I looked very sexy as we prepared to go out. I was really looking forward to the evening, as we had not been out for some time. At that time I did not even think about threesomes or anything that related to sex.

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We arrived at the restaurant and were quickly into the party mood of things as we mingled in the crowd. As the evening wore on, we had our dinner, that was great, the UNION made  their pitch for money, but I am not here to talk about pitches.

One guy at our table was Tim’s co-workers, Tony, a single guy of about 27. He quickly attached himself to me and entertained me in conversation, about some friends of ours whom we both hadn’t seen for a while. My hubby got tired of our conversation and took of to play billiard with some guys, whom I had not even see before.

Tony and I moved to the bar’s kept talking and drinking. I am not a big drinker and I had more rum and coke than I should have. Tony is a really nice guy and he was very charming. The alcohol, the romantic music plus the young guy and the subject of our talk turned me on. I became aware that I was sexually attracted to him, and I began flirt with him.

As we talked, Tony started to touch me, at first my arm, and because I did not resist at all, then he started touch my shoulder and neck. I responded by shifting in my seat and moved closer to him. It made me very excited having him so close as he was flirting hard. I let my dress slide up my legs to show the stockings I had worn.

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I knew that Tony could clearly see my upper legs. By the way I had a very nice long sexy legs. He responded to my play and placed his hand on my thigh and began to play with the tops of my stockings, he kept pulling it a way from my legs. At that point I  wasn’t sure what should I do, what would be the “proper” thing to do.

Things were getting out of control, I could smell the danger, but I did not want him to stop. I looked around, and it looked like nobody seemed to care about where Tony’s hand was. Also I could not see my husband anywhere. I was really enjoying Tony’s action. Which woman wouldn’t? A man who is 15 years younger then me, paying all this attention to me.

Than my hubby and his billiard partner showed up. Continue Reading…


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Why would you try a threesome?

Two young men with older woman. True mfm threesome story.

Spontaneous mfm threesome

Threesome pictures, can be like  an erotic story, something like: The night when two guys shared a sex partner.

Two guys who weren’t even swingers. So how did  they do it?

It happened the same way with a lot of others’ first threesomes, threesome in the heat of the moment.

On that Friday, because it happened  at Friday, they went out, like many others do at Friday night. They have found a porn magazine in he bar. Of course they checked it out and the pictures turned them on.

fmf threesome

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The night past by fast, the bar closed and their waitress asked them to leave.  They were about to leave, and gave her the magazine. She took a  quick look at the magazine and said: This is my magazine, where did you get it from?

I found it on that bar chair, one of them answered her.

Which one? She asked. That one,  said one of the guy. The one that looks like the chair from the magazine. We were wondering, is it the same chair?

No its not, but… and she sat on the chair and  slightly opened her legs.

The two guy looked each other, and then asked her. Can we invite you for a drink? Read more story like this…

Yes you can, but I drink slow and it will take a long time. Do you want to go there?

We are not in any kind of rush came the answer and they did not leave; in fact they stayed there for several hour.

Take a look at the next photos and you will see why did they stay…

In fact their three-way worked out so good, they decided to take her home to have some more fun… Continue reading….


Romantic dinner at Valentines Day with threesome for dessert

Older woman – younger men threesome. True based story

I love sucking cock while my pussy being fucked by an other cock

I love to have sex with two men, sometimes even three would be “handy”, but two good guy can do a pretty satisfying job on me…

I love suck a cock while my pussy being fucked by an other man’s cock. That is extremely erotic and satisfying. Also I love anal vaginal DB and  for that you need more than one  man. I know, there is toy, but the real things are better than any plastic…

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However I never done it  with man, less than my age, and that is man around 20 or early twenties. Somehow I used to find it unacceptable to have sex with someone young enough to  be my son, and then we double this, so two men like in that age group, so it wasn’t on my bucket list.

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But it is on now. I guess as I am getting older (and better) as my fantasies getting more erotic.

I have a lady friend, she is into mfm three ways, but just with young guys. She said her old(er) man at home is enough for older guy. She does not care about cock size, (her home guy is decent sized) she care about cock’s age… She said virtually a good young lover can get hard inside you, and that no older men can match, does not matter how big and how educated cock that older guy have a younger cock performs much better.

And if is two young guys, they pushing each others to reach their sexual limit.

Anyways,  if you are a young man and not shy, contact me…  You can bring your friend too. I warning you, be prepared, I don’t like coffee dates, I might have sex on the first date…

Valentines Day Sex Party





What is great about MFM threesomes?

I know I’m gonna get slammed for asking this question, but I’m gonna ask it anyway. Can someone please enlighten me regarding what’s so great about MFM threesomes, with your man plus an extra man? Continue Reading…


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The reason why I want to know… My boyfriend try to talk me into to have a threesome with him and his best friend… I would not mind to make out with his best freind, but not front of him… That just would make me nervous.

I mean I know two guys can do more than one, the man question is what is good for your man in a mfm threesome, if both guys strait?

You know, I would think that if your sex partner satisfies you in all possible ways, you wouldn’t need to add a third person to the mix. And yet, guys in particular (sorry guys) seem to always want to push the envelope and convince women how great it would be to have another man in bed.  Continue Reading…

NSA sex datingnsa Sex Dating

Of course some guys are smarter… they want to go to the bed with two women, and first ask their woman for a mfm threesome and then for return, thy can have their sex play with two women…

I’m sorry, but I’m not bisexual, and I would think inviting another woman into my bed would just lead to infighting, jealousy and arguments. And, some guys are really slick when it comes to trying to convince their women to have threesomes.

Because they’re anxious to experience two women at once, they’ll even agree to have a threesome with another guy,  provided they don’t have to interact sexually with the other guy (you know, homophobia and all that jazz).

On the other hand, when it comes to FMF threesomes, guys seem to have a fantasy about watching two women go down on each other, kiss each other, etc. etc. in addition to having the two women pleasure them.

Frankly, I’m not even interested in doing two guys at one time, if one of the guy is my boyfriend or husband or permanent partner…  Because I know this is just a prelude to the inevitable FMF threesome.

Some people think that the more people there are the merrier, I am agree with them… but whatever happened to the concept of making LOVE? Husband and permanent  partners for love making… You can’t make love when there’s a third party involved unless the two guys or the two gals are bisexual.

I’d be interested in hearing about your experiences. For those of you who enjoyed threesomes, with your man,  can you tell me why? And, for those of you who had bad experiences with threesomes, I’d be interesting in reading your stories as well. Continue Reading…


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My preference is two cocks doing me… though I have had plenty of pussy to play with, I still really get into the hard cock fucking my pussy hard and giving me.

What I really want for Christmas? A really juicy cream pie, or more cream pies… Continue Reading…


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Threesomes? What so great about them?  Some of us like both….

Why? Because we do! Continue Reading…



New Years Eve Sex Party with Double Penetration – explained by her.
Threesome Sex Positions
FFM Threesome

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I think it would be much more easier if you ask this question from your boyfriend. I am sure he have his reason…

I do not want to be rude and disrespectful, but maybe you are just a sex toy for him… and he get bored with “love making”. He just want sex, a lot of sex and two guys in a threesome motivate each other to serve her better… Continue Reading…

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swingers sexmrshymrsnotshy

You have a very erotic profile on a no string attached sex dating website and you do not know why a mfm threesome is good for the woman…

The reason you have a threesome or any other thing for that matter is you may not be who you think you are sexually. You owe it to yourself and more importantly the person you love to be your true self in bed.

Believe me I know. A month ago I would never of had sex with someone watching. Or taken a naked photo or anything like that. Made my first home video three days ago and had sex on webcam with 50 people watching last night. The greatest night of my life.

I think you have no idea what you want. I urge you not to have a threesome if you don’t want to. No is no which is the most sacred right there is. But let him have one.

By the way, does your boyfriend’s know about your very erotic profile here? Continue Reading…


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I like getting down with two or more guys, as well as sharing with a bi woman now and then.

Why? Because that is how I roll… Continue Reading…

nsa sexweRnewHere

I really enjoy MFM threesomes.Women are so exciting when two men are both giving her pleasure. and for extra, a lot of woman loves double penetration, with real cocks, and one man have only one cock… Continue Reading…


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Most men say they want a mfm 3 sum with another man because
it turns them on to see their lady with another man.

But often it is the woman’s fantasy, but she give him a brain wash… and make it look like he wants that threesome and the two cocks at one is really her fantasy.  Continue Reading…

My wife and I had a 3some with another guy

A while ago my wife and I  had a 3some with another guy. We never planned it, it just happened after a hard drinking night…  It was our first 3some & she really liked it and I found it a lot of fun too… but I  believed it was a one time deal. Continue Reading…



threesome sexcuriousguy

For the next couple months she kept asking me to do it again. One night we were at her work mate’s house, we all got naked in the hot tub, before the night was over she fucked her work mate.

I didn’t stop her, but after we got home we talked and she told me,  she wants to fuck other guys but she wants me to be there when she does it. She want to go to a Halloween sex party at the weekend and want me to go with her.

I am not sure I want to go for it or not… but I am sure if I say no, she will go anyway, or she will fuck guys when I am not around…

What do you think what should I  do? Continue Reading…


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I don’t think you have to many choices.

You go with her or she will go with out you. If you participate at list you will have some fun one too, maybe you will have some saying in too with who she  plays… Continue Reading…


casual sexrm_cats_five

Tell her what you think and what you are worried about. Communication is the key. You two need to establish a clear set of rules about who can do what, when, and why.

However letting her to fuck her work mate – now that *is* dumb. Work colleagues and family members should all be firmly on the ‘no way’ list, before a pile of trouble starts… Continue Reading…


swingers sexpartyanimals

I beleive she has found out she enjoys sex with others the same as some men enjouy sex with other females.

Situation is… she at least has opened up to you on MFM threesomes. What about FMF threeways, she opened the door, see how she feels then?

Before it was same for us too. He wanted a 3way, now I  want more… What is the difference between one and a dozen? Nothing… nsa sex is nsa sex, that is not love making, that is just sex…

Halloween sex party or not, insecurity  is the problem, deal with it now. As said,  sex is not love, it is just sex. If the love and trust stays the same, there should be no problem between you two. It may be a stage in life they will have to grow with. Continue Reading…

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no string sexrm_yukonjack123

I think that, like a lot of things, this is a passing situation. It’s new, it’s exciting and it’s a bit daring.

You should consider letting her run with it, get into it with her and enjoy it as much as possible. She will probably tire of the situation, as there are not that many people
out there that you would want to have sex with in the first lace.

Perhaps you two together find one or two other guys, can become friends with and have the occasional fling.

I’ve heard it before about women and no string attached sex… it happens a lot. You have to drag them in and then you have to drag them out. Kind of funny, actually. In  your case, looks like she drugs you in… You just have to like it.

I am sure a lot of guys wish their wife is like yours…  Continue Reading…