How to play in threesomes

A lot of man would be surprised if they find out how many women fantasize about have sex with two guys at the same time. For some of those women fantasy stay fantasy in all of their life. However some others make it reality if she brave enough to stand front of her man and tell him; “Honey I want to have sex with two guys at the same time“. It have to be a very secured relationship. Just a secured man able to except the fact, her loved one want an other cock…

anal sexThe female –  female – male threesomes (see the photo at left) are more common in the today’s open sexuality world, because the large number of bi sexual women. In ffm threesome she can have what ever she prefer, woman or man, or both in the same time.

Man – Man – Woman threesomes are different.  The men are bisexual, or list one of the man is bi. She wont get any pussy in mmf threesome, but she will have two hard cocks to play with. Also bi men plays  with each other, not just with her. There are a lot of question in her head before she finalize her decision.  This is normal, specially at the first time in a mmf three-way.

Question of: Man on man at an after hour party.

male female male threesomeThe male – female – male scenario at left on the photo when both guys there to please her. The biggest question is who will be the third guy in the tried. She needs to find that guy attractive  plus the two guys have to get along well too, because if they want to make it successful and pleasant sexual experience, they going to have to work as a team.

A good friend is the best choice, however, it is very hard for married couples, because  they don’t want to advertise their personal sex life for their friends and they don’t want to invite friend into their sex life. It is a bit easier for boyfriend – girlfriend couples.

But if two people really want something to happen, they will make it happen and will find the right guy. If you did not find yet check out our erotic sex personals and you will find a lot of willing man there.

double penetrationCasual Sex Dating Ads

Finally you found the right guy and you invited him to your home and or a hotel room. You have to be prepared if you want to make this scenario a great sexual experience.

Few tings would be handy, for example you favorite romantic music CD, some drink, maybe candles, maybe some erotic movies. Hopefully you going to need a lot of condom and lube, also you might need few wet baby wipes.

All three of you sit in the living room and your get together do not want to turn to be an erotic get together. Probably you already talked it trough why you guys are there, so all three of you know what should happen and either of you don’t know how to start and or all three of you scare to start.

You need to socialize a bit but not to much. You do not want to spend all night with chatting. You have more important things to do. So have few sip of drinks, it will clam the nerve down, talk a bit and go for it. She just should go to one of the guy and sit in his lap. According to the un-written no commitment swingers sex etiquette, it is very polite if she starts with guest guy. Just sit in his laps and start to touch and or kiss him. This first move will be the hardest, but from here everything should run nice and smooth.

nsa sex fantasy

How To Begin The Erotic Play In Male Female Male Threesome

After few minutes touching and kissing, the permanent partner, or husband 🙂 should  get involved in the play too. He just should go there and for example start to kiss her neck and he should start to undress her. From this point mother nature should take it over. If mother nature wont do it, she has to do.

She can perform erotic dance to both guys, get naked all the way, get them naked too and push some body parts into the guys face, like boobs and butt and pussy. This will do…

She will be extremely horny and the guys should be hard by now too. Remember this was her fantasy and it is getting reality. She have four hands and two mouths over her body. She can play with two eager hard cocks. She can be eaten out by one guy and she can perform oral sex on the other guy. There are millions of things that two guys and a woman can do. There is no foreplay long enough, but at one point the actual intercourse has to begin.

Male  Female Male Threesome Sex Positions

double penetrationDouble Penetration

The double penetration sex position on the picture at left, the lady need to be very flexible. However with that position the guys are in 100%  control. They control the speed and the deepness of the penetration.

The easiest threesome position is the doggy style. In doggy style she can have vaginal penetration with one guy and the other can perform oral sex on her, or he can suck her boobs or she can perform oral sex on the guy.

On the picture at next is a doggy style anal – vaginal double penetration. The extra guy under her, perform vaginal penetration. The guy behind her, moved forward, he is almost top of her and he perform deep anal penetration.

double penetrationRead more about double penetration…

In threesome safe sex is a most. It is okay to see unprotected sexual intercourse, but it is not okay to perform it.

Also if there is to be anal play, you have to be sure you use latex gloves and change condoms to avoid cross contamination.  If anal penetration is desired, once again the best position is doggy style, but you have to be very careful with the lube. You should not let the lube drip from her but on to her vagina, because that lube going to transfer all kind of nasty bacteria, and she might get a nasty vaginal infections.

If you guys really into the game, you can perform double vaginal penetration.  The easiest way to do it. One guy lies on his back, with wide open legs. She gets on top of him, face to the guy’s face. His cock in her pussy. She bends forward to on his chest as low as she can. He should support himself with his legs and lift up his own hip a little.

Because she is bending forward, and he lifted up her a bit, her but should point to upward, just like on the picture above. The second guy go behind her, and sleeps his penis into her vagina.

This need some practice, the highs really have to mach to make it work, but if the two guys get it right she will achieve an incredible fulfilling orgasm.  Also this position excellent to perform vaginal – anal  double penetration. In that case the guy behind her, have to penetrate her golden hole.

If that above double penetration to much for her, one of the guy can perform vaginal penetration and the other guy can play with any of her body part. And after a while, the guys should rotate.

As I stated above two guys and a woman together, able to do do millions of erotic things.

One more thing….

In our society women have the opportunity to decide between work, family or both. What about sex and orgasm? Do a woman have the same opportunity in sex as in work?

Even though a lot of woman today smart, sassy,  and not just career oriented, a lot of man would answer with a single NO.

Yet while we all imagine we’re having exciting sex lives like the cast of Sex and the City, how many of us actually are? How many woman have mind blowing orgasm frequently?

We have solution for her. Read more at next…


Two young men with older woman. True mfm threesome story

Happily married couple into threesome with young men

Two Women One Man Threesome

Two women and a man threesome, FFM – threesome can be more fun than it sounds. Erotic play with a man and a woman at the same time is natural to a lot of woman, because they are bi sexual or bi curious. The majority of swingers women prefer men over women for sex, but they have no problem to take one of each. Just because every now and then they have bi sexual activity, they are not lesbians.

Unicorn Women in Threesomes

cow girl anal sexCasual Sex Dating Ads

A couple plays with an extra woman that is a FFM threesome. In fact if it is ffm, (female – female – male), the man wont have penetrative sex with both women. The two ladies plays together, he might watch or he might play with his own partner. The extra lady plays only with the woman from the couple. This lady is a Unicorn. Continue Reading

A lot of married woman choice for leisure  sex is, their husband and a unicorn woman. Between boring marital sex life and the erotic fantasy are the love triangles. Some people get into casual, NSA sex, because of their erotic fantasy, some others, try to spice up their own bedroom activity with a third person.

You have to be careful, threesomes and love-triangles can lead into jealousy driven dramas. A threesome should be entertainment,  leisure sex play, or a fantasy full of sex party.

Intercourse with Two Girls at Once

fmf sex playAdult Dating Ads

Almost every man dream about sex with two girls at once. There are many women, who are wondering how would it be, go down on an other woman, therefore from all threesome sex scenarios, the woman- man-woman FMF three-way is not only the most popular, but also the most likely to make it happen. In this threesome the man have chance to perform penetrative sex on both women and if the women want, they free to play with each other.

Woman – Woman – Man threesomes offer a most unusual opportunity for female friendship, even if one of the woman not bisexual, she might bi just bi curios. In this threesome, the man can have penetrative sex with his own partner only. Continue Reading

Man Woman Man Threesome

mfm threesomesMan Woman Man Threesome Ads

While cultural taboos require men to be on their guard around each other, this make a two-men – one-woman (MFM if the men are not bi sexual, or MMF if they are bi) party especially tricky.

Women are permitted and develop easier close same sex, bi sexual friendships then men. Open minded women can add a female to have woman to women sex to spice their marital sex life up, and their husband will enjoy unique social, and erotic advantages. A woman who can experience other women as lovers or allies rather than as rivals in her relations with men can find an inexhaustible source of pleasure and support among like minded swingers couples and single women.

In our sexually open world, threesome are still relationships, but they are bringing a lot of question into a married couples bedroom. Questions related to jealousy, manipulation, dishonesty, selfishness, and unwanted discoveries to like or dislike previously un-know intimate sexual activities. Continue Reading

Threesomes & Marriages

married play coupleHappily Marred Couple Looking for Playmates

Not all the risks of open the family bed to a third person are imaginary. Threesomes strengthen many swingers marriage, because the spouses agreed on some rules and kept that rules. Plus experienced swingers know when to end up a sexual relationship. They do it before casual sex turn into something more.

No matter who broaches the initial threesome idea, the motivation to pursue a threesome must grow equally from all parties, whether they are friends or a married couple and a trusted outsider as a third person. It’s not enough for the three to share a hot fantasy with one another, they should make their fantasy reality. A threesome will only live expectations if all three parties bring the benefits of happy, satisfying sex lives of their own to the experience. Continue Reading

Spontaneous Threesome

spontaneous threesomeEverything  Can Happen At An After Hour Party Even a Threesome

Spontaneous threesomes do occasionally erupt among singles in the heat of the moment, but more commonly an established couple forms the base of the triad. Threesome like this begins as a shared notion between the couple, that eventually evolves into the active pursuit of a third participant.

That evolution should contain discussion of what might or might not happen. Some couples entertain themselves with the threesome fantasy for many years before giving it a go. There’s no reason to force the issue if one or the other do not like the idea. Until you feel absolute confidence in your generosity toward each other, hold off.

You and your primary partner are a team, and the team must function smoothly before adding an extra person to it. Then there’s still the problem of finding a compatible third. It’s better to wait for the right person and situation to come along than to rush into something that you will regret later on.

If you’re not ready yet but your most likely third partner is moving Antarctica next month, don’t race to fit her or him into your marital sex life. Instead, bid her a goodbye kiss on the chick and hold on your threesome dream with. You can find an other person to build or develop some kind of erotic chemistry by browsing our members profile. Continue Reading


Why would anyone try a threesome?

Female Male Female Threesome as a Halloween Role Play

Two young men with older woman. True mfm threesome story

Married couple looking single men for playmate

I want to ask from married couples. Is any couple here who have hard time to find to find single guys for mfm threesome. Single men who can perform? Or there is something that we don’t do right and that is why we have difficulties..

swingers sexSwingers Sex Dating Ads

swingers sexhardcoreseXcpl

We have had a lot of trouble with meeting single men for threesomes, I mean men who can perform.

We keep trying over a year… My husband even told to them, to fill free to use magic pills, if they need it, because the wife (me) is oversexed and just can’t have enough… I am not oversexed, but I would like to get pleasured longer than few minutes with different men, not just with my husband. He is a good lover, he does his part…

Unfortunately, the extra guys, they do not show, or who shows… those usually fail. They cum in 1 to 10 minutes and than want to leave. One guy was done, before he get ride of his underwear. He came in his pants.

There have been two exceptions but that just doesn’t cut it for me. We have noticed if they are stoned they are lame in sex.

Looks like if they aren’t getting it at from their girlfriend there is probably a reason… also the ones that say they can go forever never do.

We are thinking about to play with couples, but we both straight and couples usually looking for bi men or bi women… so that is just one more complication.

Single guys would be better… How do other couples weed these guys out? Continue reading…


horny couplehappilyhorny

Maybe you are rushing things… When you meet with them and you both know, sex going to happen, give them some time to warm up, to get comfortable… Maybe they fill like they are a sex toy… I know, single men are couple’s sex toys in mfm threesome, but they don’t need to fill it…

You can’t put all the blame on the men who are interested in meeting with you. It is up to you to separate the weed from the chaff. Continue reading…


adulty datingmakemescream

You know, it does happen in the one on one single people’s world too. Some guys say I can fuck like a porn star. They jump on you and the game is over… You have to get back them to the game. The second time always better then the first time.

A little compassion and understanding can go a long way, to make fun more fun and for fun for everyone. We should all understand these things. Continue reading…


nsa sexweRnewcpl

We used to have the same problem and we tried to fix it our own. Did not work.

Don’t do it on your own. Go through a swingers club chances are you will find the right man there… Than when you get some experience, than will be easier to find willing and right men… Continue reading…


swingers sexpartyanimals

Single women know, it’s hard enough getting ONE person into bed for nsa sex or one night stand and figuring out their turn ons and turn offs…

For example, what positions work for your bodies, and how to be truly present.

Adding another person into a couple’s sex life, may seem like madness and frankly, it can be complicated.

You need to be really in touch with yourself and what you hope to get out of the experience, and be able to tactfully make sure everyone else is on board. As you alredy know threesomes are pretty easy to screw up, and if you don’t do it right, you just get stressed out over it.

Your best bed would be an older, experienced guy to show the ropes, even if he is not your dream guy… Or as you mentioned, you can try a couple… Continue reading…


swingers sexkylamia1991

I would think it men with out experience, who never did it, would be hard to perform with any woman if her husband right there…

So I am with the above poster… find an experienced man.

I think it is natural to have some stage fright the first time. I say give them another chance.., the second try will work out better. I been there… done that. Continue reading…

swingers sexWanna Play? Local NSA Sex Dating Ads


I don’t like monogamous relationship. Instead my husband & I want a threesome with another man

Single men in threesome in a swingers club. Swingers couples looking for extra guy

Why married women do not want married men for NSA sex?

I caught boyfriend have sex with two girls

I had broken up with my long-term boyfriend when I found him having sex with two of my best girlfriends at the same time. One of them had her pussy plopped  onto his face, while the other was giving him a blowjob.

nsa sex fantasyI called him cheater, and he called himself an open minded man. I was very mad at him and decided I will find out how it feel to have sex with two men at the same time. It was my long held fantasy anyway.

horny readheadhornyreadhead

I am a 22 year old pretty redhead. My looks never fail to capture the attention of certain type of. I dressed in a very short and tight miniskirt and almost see through blouse with my best push up bra. I hit the closest bar. I never felt sexier in my life. I hoped I will find there 2 of that certain type of horny men.

And I hit the jackpot.

The guy name was Steve. He approached me first. He was kind of cute. I did not waste my time and told him immediately what I was interested in. He was up to the challenge and introduced me his friends, Sammy.

Sammy was  a very sexy Latino. Even better I taught, I heard the Latinos are extremely good lovers. After a few drink and some dance I invited them back to my apartment. There I removed my clothing. They just sat on the sofa very quietly.  I move toward them and sat between the two. I was completely naked. I just sat there and nothing happened. I told them  get wild and live out their desires.

horny readheadhornyreadhead

My pussy already was very wet, from my imagination. Steve slipped his hand between my legs and adeptly found my clits. He began massaging my clit and started to kiss me. Sammy took my boobs between his lips, rubbing his tongue lightly around my erect nipples. He took my hand into his and guided it down to his cock, which was a very nice size and hard like a rock cock.

I broke free from Steve kiss and bend over to give a blow job to Sammy. I went down to my knees, so my hips were vulnerable. I soon felt Steve tongue slurping around inside my neatly shaved pussy. I concentrated on to give one of my best blowjob to Sammy. I lowered my tongue to that awesomely sensitive spot just below the tip of his penis and just flicked my tongue swiftly until he was mewling in rapture.

At that point I heard Steve rolled a condom up to his erected penis and I felt my pussy being filled with his rubberized  cock. The power how he gave it to me soon had me jerking forward. Sammy’s cock sliding all the way in to touch my throat. This wasn’t a problem, I love deep throat anyway.

I decided to finish Sammy. I pumped his cock and sucked his balls. After grabbed his balls and deep throat his cock again, his cock touched the back of my throat. His eyes rolled back into his head and emptied his load into my mouth. I don’t swallow stranger’s cum, so I spited all out, very discretely on his penis area..

Steve could not held any longer, he groaned rhythmically and he cum too. Actually I felt the flames of his seed brand the condom inside my pussy. We all laid there for a few minutes. Did you cum? Steve asked me. Nope, not yet, not even close, but I hope you guys going to make me…

I had them sit up side by side and took turns going down and sucking them back to action ready hardness. I was extremely horny. My nipples  were stiff and very sensitive. My clit was large and pulsated, glistered with sexual exhilaration. My pussy had poured so much juice that my crotch was soaked.

no string attached datingNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

A tickling dribble of pussy juice  started to run down on my thigh. I need a cock inside me! I rolled up a condom on Sammy’s cock and laid down on the sofa. He started to fuck me missionary style. I turned my head and asked Steve to fuck my mouth. He gave it to me nearly as much force as when he was pummelling my pussy.

It was my dream come true. Two different men pleased my body in the most delightful way. Steve came first, sending his second supply of sperm into my mouth.  I tasted very bittier,  and I spit his cum out too. Few more push and Sammy filled up the condom too.

Than they did not take any break. Sammy started to play with my erected nipples,  Steve went down on me  and started to lick my clits. After a little lick he tongue fucked me. I know my time is coming.  Orgasmic waves of ecstasy consumed me. His tongues never went soft, never get tired. I had the best orgasm of my life.

It was a night I shall never forget. It was my first threesome. Both guys spend a night with me. Then we woke up and did it again and again until afternoon. If I know how much fun to have sex with two men, I break up with my boyfriend a long time ago…

horny readheadRelated

Women erotic fantasy. Fucked by a Stranger, otherwise known as a one night stand. I have often thought of this…

Threesome with Two Women. Threesomes & Marriages

Spontaneous threesomes with your lady and your freind


Couple looking for bi curious single men

We are at the middle of to find a bi curious single man to play with us and we realized, a lot of straight single guys are here, and they state it “very straight”and they looking for man – woman couples for casual sex.

casual sexCasual Sex Dating Ads

hot wifenewcpl

My hubby is “light” bi curios, it does not mean he will  perform blow job for men or take cock in his butt, it mean he does not mind touching or if their dick touch during play, or the guy hold his dick and vice versa (in some sex position is necessary) to help him to penetrate, he wont freak out.

So my question is, what those very straight guys think, what my hubby will do during a mfm threesome, just seat and watch and wait to his turn…? Really, line up like children for candy? Continue Reading


threesome nsathrillofitall42

Perhaps some of the men on here have contacted a lot of solo women with no luck and out of desperation have moved on to couples to see if their luck might be better even though the couples preferences say no solo men.

Anyway, exactly this is what we are looking for,  I get a great deal of flirts and I’m (we are) here for  from these solo men. Continue Reading


cuckold couplecuckoldlove

I am straight and I love to watch my wife have sex with other men. They have to be straight too.

That is our preferences and I never participate in, he screws her or she screws him,  I just seat and watch, not even masturbate… After the event, comes my time. Continue Reading


cuckold coupleWNCCuckoldcpl

I am not really sure why men enjoys to watch their wife, have sex with others. It supposed to be panisment… Isn’t it? Continue Reading

naked video chatFree Naked Erotic Webcam Chat

adult datingunykorn

Some people like to watch and other people like to be watched. Some of the people who like to watch actually  like to watch their wives/partners having a good time with another man.

It is also possible for mfm threesomes to be had without the men ever touching each other. They are great fun. Continue Reading


threesome lovequeenofmyworld66

Some couples love mfm threesome but the man is straight, so they want straight man for the third weel.

I had the pleasure of experiencing an MFM, while I was married. It was with my husband, myself and a very good friend, after attending another friends wedding.

Both men are completely straight and they’ve known each other since childhood, so it was a very comfortable environment for them. Continue Reading

nsa sex datingablondandherman

I was hesitant at first but with a little encouragement from hubby I quickly felt at ease. My husband did not sit on the sidelines and watch, he was an active participant at the whole time. I refer to it as the  rotisserie, one at each end and it was extreme pleasure for me.

I was the center of attention, it was and is to this day the hottest sex I’ve ever had. .I don’t think I’ve ever been wetter, not before and not since.

After the guy left,  my husband and I had the most intensive sexual night we’ve ever shared. I don’t know how many orgasms I had that night but my husband was so turned on watching another man pleasure me that he was able to reload rather quickly.

Kind of like a teenager can and we went at it until 10 AM next morning. We spent the entire day recuperating…

We split several years ago and I’ve been searching for that same experience again. There needs to be some chemistry between the woman and each man but the hardest part I think is finding two straight men who are completely comfortable in their sexuality to share one woman at the same time.

A lot of men, either have performance anxiety in front of another man or are afraid of incidental contact, which makes them think it’s turning into a bi experience and neither wants to question themselves. Continue Reading

adult datingCasual Adult Dating Ads

IMO, if there’s no sexual exchange between the men then it is just two straight men enjoying one woman and the same holds true for two straight women pleasuring one man.

The profiles I find most confusing are the single “straight” men that want a woman who is willing to use a strap on.

If you enjoy a woman giving it to you up the ass how is that not considered curious or bi?

What’s the difference between a strap on or another cock? Both will provide you with the same outcome so why not be honest with yourself and everyone else who reads your profile?

I also don’t understand the single “straight” men who are only looking for TS/TV/TG… What part of that scenario continues to make you think you are straight? Continue Reading


horny couplebadcouple

Well some couples are like us, like a guy to join in.

For double penetration or a cream pie in the wide for the husband to have sex with. There are a lot of reasons.

The husband is straight and they want straight man, because there does not have to be any touching of men… It can happen, but does wont make anyone bi or gay. Continue Reading

Definition for TS/TV/TG

TS = Trans Sexual
TV = Trans Vestite
TG = Trans Gender

no string attached dating
Looking for Men for Threesomes


My husband wanted to watch me have sex with another man

Your husband ask you to have a mmf threesome with a bi sexual man