I want a extra man for Christmas to have a mfm threesome with us.

My husband and I fantasize about MFM threesome a lot. Both of us want it happen very badly. Our Christmas party would be a good time to make it happen, but unable to find a suitable partner, other then his friend. Continue Reading…

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MFM threesomebradangilina

We did not ask him straightforward, but we talked about it and  from his comments, we think he would be happy to play with us.

We tried to find some other willing guys in a hope we will get used to each others, like have a sex friend relationship, that last longer than a Christmas sex party,  but everyone chickens out as soon they hear the husband will  be there,  or simple no show for the first meeting.

Is it possible to have a threesome with a friend? A threesome that we wont forget… He is my husband’s best friend, they are friend since their early childhood. If that threesome would not work: Would that come back to hurt our relationship  and or their friendship?

We are looking explore options for the best experience. Nothing else that I want from Santa, just my husband and an extra man.  Let us know your ideas please. Continue Reading…


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I’m your husbands other good friend Ben… Let’s make your fantasy reality. I am in…! I will show for sure… Continue Reading…

Does that mean you want to have some fun? I didn’t know he have a friend named Ben, friend or stranger it all sounds fun… I think a MFM 3some with a stranger is very nasty. What do you think?

Will you show up? Contact me only if you are serious.



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Having been in many threesomes in all kind of these situations, and many different scenario. I played as a single man and I was part of a couple too.

The couple things worked out great when we weren’t close friends. The closer you are you have to make sure you have a strong foundation and communication already in place.

If so, enjoy yourself. Life is about living! Have some fun for all of us. Continue Reading…


adult datingNamtuls

Find a stranger… A lot of guys are looking for couples to play with, and not all of them are looser…

Our threesome ruined a relationship we had with a good buddy. He fell in love and wanted to leave his wife and asked me to leave my husband.

He would get drunk and bang on our door. We had to get the police in the end to stop him from coming over. Not Good!

However it can happen with a stranger too, so never give your address out. Organize your tree way in a hotel or his home… Continue Reading…

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erotic adult datingsuberman69

I agree with everyone who said do not do it with one of his friends!

I fantasize about fmf threesome with one of my girlfriend. I am sure my hubby would enjoy it, but I don’t want to destroy our friendship. It worth more then a kinky night… Continue Reading…



Threesome with Two Women. Threesomes & Marriages

We as a married couple actually quite enjoy having an extra man in our bed


sex datingIamAman

It will depends on, how you will handle that situation and how you will handle your husband’s buddy. I participated in threesome with friends, several times and it did not destroy anything.

We are still friend, but we do not have threesomes anymore.

You are a woman with two men… You have to make it clear, it happens for your and your hubby enjoyment… not for the extra guy’s entertainment. Make it clear with your action… he will be  there for the “leftover”…

Your hubby is the number one, and the buddy just there to fulfill your fantasy. If you will do this way, then will be no danger…

But if you make the buddy the number one, then your hubby might will have some problems… Continue Reading…


erotic datingJones4urCock

Be honest and open with one another about it. Make sure that your husband realizes that your marriage comes first.

Be sure his friend understands and respects that. Make sure that when you play, you play together.

And make sure that everyone knows that if things do get out of hand, it’s done. This means that if the buddy doesn’t get the hint, your husband may have to make a hard decision to finish the friendship with him. Continue Reading…


adult datingUnduplicated1

If I were you, I wouldn’t try to have a MFM threesome with one of your husband’s buddies. Find a stranger.

Your husband might become jealous, and this could destroy their friendship. I think, it’s so much easier to find men for threesomes, than women, even thought you have difficulties to find the right guy…

I’m confident you’ll come up with someone else who isn’t close to your husband. Continue Reading…

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Erotic Adult Dating Personal Ads

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All depends on how you will manage it…

If the guy thinks he can fuck you whenever hubby isn’t around then it will cause issues. But if you make him completely understand, it happens only in a 3some setting then all should be fine. Continue Reading…


erotic datingflyswatter987

Keep friendship separate from your sex life.

Playing with people you associate can be very risky. It can create jealousy and hard feelings. Even though it is hard to find the perfect sex partner… Would be much better if you find someone here and  write a script for what you want him to do. Continue Reading…

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Story Of A Married Woman First MFM Threesome

The next story is explained by the wife. According to her, it really happened with them, but she twisted it a little. She changed the names and she changed the story’s line, in real life it didn’t happen that smooth, how she explained it in the story.

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With the words “did not happen that smooth” I mean they had some problems, with the third guy. He did not mind to have sex with her in his car (with out her husband knowledge), but he did not want to have sex with her – at front of and or together with her husband. He found  some excuses, but she thinks the real reason was, he had difficulties to perform in the presence of her husband. Think like this can happen and  happens very often with “new bies” mainly first timer men in threesome.

If you are a man and if you are thinking about threesome, you should read the next threesome sex tips for men, This web page going to make it easier for any man to participate in a threesome.

marred woman first threesomeStory of her first MFM threesome

Before you read the next story let me tell you, we were talking a lot with my hubby about swinging, swingers, threesomes, and swinger’s clubs. We even read erotic stories together and watched several really hot swingers party videos together, but somehow we never did anything more.

We just talked and fantasized about; how it would feel to have sex with more then one sex partner at the same time. We even talked about who could be a potential sex partner for a threesome, ( both of our fantasy was: male – female – male threesome) but either of us had the courage to say, okay lets  give it a try. Until recently…

My husband Tim is 40 years old, and I am 42. We have been married now for 15 years, and we have 2 children. We are both fit, attractive and healthy.  My husband workplace is unionized and the UNION organized a fundraising dinner party to collect money for their scholarship. We knew, few of our  friends (girls and guys from where Tim works) will be there.

The party was to be held at a local Restaurant. I had a new dress for the occasion, and according to Tim, I looked very sexy as we prepared to go out. I was really looking forward to the evening, as we had not been out for some time. At that time I did not even think about threesomes or anything that related to sex.

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We arrived at the restaurant and were quickly into the party mood of things as we mingled in the crowd. As the evening wore on, we had our dinner, that was great, the UNION made  their pitch for money, but I am not here to talk about pitches.

One guy at our table was Tim’s co-workers, Tony, a single guy of about 27. He quickly attached himself to me and entertained me in conversation, about some friends of ours whom we both hadn’t seen for a while. My hubby got tired of our conversation and took of to play billiard with some guys, whom I had not even see before.

Tony and I moved to the bar’s kept talking and drinking. I am not a big drinker and I had more rum and coke than I should have. Tony is a really nice guy and he was very charming. The alcohol, the romantic music plus the young guy and the subject of our talk turned me on. I became aware that I was sexually attracted to him, and I began flirt with him.

As we talked, Tony started to touch me, at first my arm, and because I did not resist at all, then he started touch my shoulder and neck. I responded by shifting in my seat and moved closer to him. It made me very excited having him so close as he was flirting hard. I let my dress slide up my legs to show the stockings I had worn.

nsa sex fantasyWomen Looking for Four & Threesomes

I knew that Tony could clearly see my upper legs. By the way I had a very nice long sexy legs. He responded to my play and placed his hand on my thigh and began to play with the tops of my stockings, he kept pulling it a way from my legs. At that point I  wasn’t sure what should I do, what would be the “proper” thing to do.

Things were getting out of control, I could smell the danger, but I did not want him to stop. I looked around, and it looked like nobody seemed to care about where Tony’s hand was. Also I could not see my husband anywhere. I was really enjoying Tony’s action. Which woman wouldn’t? A man who is 15 years younger then me, paying all this attention to me.

Than my hubby and his billiard partner showed up. Continue Reading…


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Why would you try a threesome?

Two young men with older woman. True mfm threesome story.

Why would you try a threesome?

If someone would ask the above question from me, I would answer with an other question; Why not? Than I would ask; What kind of threesome is in your mind, with  two men or with two women?

fmf sex playNo String Attached Dating AdsThreesome with two women

There are many kind of threesomes, so we should not get into, what kind of that imaginary threesome would be. Lets talk about “just” threesomes  at first, however I prefer threesomes with two men.

Imagine you and your partner, girlfriend – boyfriend or spouse and an extra person together in a sex play. It sound very kinky, isn’t it? You might have been in a relationship for years, living together or maybe even married. Your relationship status does not make any difference, if you imagine things like this.

One day you start to develop erotic fantasies, or your significant other does. These fantasies include you and someone else outside of your relationship as I stated at above, together in an erotic play. Now what? Should you tell this fantasy of yours to your significant other? If you tell, how will your spouse respond? So there is a lot of risk being  taken here by you… Maybe you will destroy your relationship, or never know, you might make it better and stronger.

Do you remember how great was sex when you and your partner get into the bed first time? It was great and satisfying every time. But since that first time, years past by and sex became routine. So what can you do?

There are 3 ways to go. The first is the simplest and the safest. Pop a porn DVD into your DVD player, turn your fantasy on and start to masturbate. If you want to get kinky, do it in the presence of your spouse. Masturbation provide satisfaction, and you wont get any STD via masturbation.

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The second is safe too: Educate yourself. Learn new love making techniques, new love making positions to enhance your love life. Take love making  to another level. Learn how to be a Sex God. There are millions of things can bring the spark back in your bedroom.

The third option is  dangerous, but it can be the best one. You have to take a walk to the wild site! You have to introduce a third person or even two persons a couple into your relationship. Of course, you have to go step by step.

You need to mention threesome related things, you might look threesome related DVDs together with your partner.  You have to figure out your partner’s  respond. Dos she / he like it? If doesn’t try again and again, or just drop the subject.

But if you think your partner really get into it, or even get turned on by those threesome DVDs than might take the next step,  might go to an erotic party. You don’t need to do anything there, just keep your eyes and mid open. If both of you like what you see, than go again. Than you need to talk a lot about it and maybe find a couple to have first hand info from them,  a couple, who been there done that.

Find a willing couple who can explain how they did it, and what they felt after and how was it.  You can try with a single person, but experienced people believe, the first threesome better with couple. If you made it happen with a couple, there are possibility to try all scenario, mfm, fmf, or any kind if  bi sexual play, if you are into something like that.

To find willing partner fairly easy these days. There are millions of men and women looking for no commitment sex partners, who are into threesomes. Probably even in your neighborhood too. Take a quick look at our sex ads and you will see what I talking about.


Seriously, just think about it, what would happen if you meet a single guy or girl that you both really like? What about a great couple? What if you introduce them into your bed? What if you share with them your loving relationship? Would it spice  your sex life up? I guess you never know, if you won’t try…

However there are a lot of things that you need to know, before you get down to the erotic action. You do not looking for permanent relationship, you looking for casual sex partner – to share – and to spice your sex life up. You and your spouse run the show. You ask your new friend to join in and when it’s time to move on, you have to know when and how to kiss them good-bye. Because if your relationship is to survive there has to be an exit strategy to be agreed on before your even start.

There are many reasons why a couple will invite another in to their relationship. For example boring routine spousal sex, differences in sex drive erotic fantasies, role plays, hotwifing etc. The number one reason always is  excitement, the feeling of freedom in the spousal relationship and extra intensity of the sex which ends in deep satisfaction all the times. Almost every person who tried it felt like a teenager again…

Is it worth to try? You decide… but if you try, make sure you do it right, because there is no way to make it look like it did not happen.

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Two young men with older woman. True fmf threesome story

Our First mfm Threesome Wasn’t a Threesome

How should I manage our mfm threesome?

My marriage was considerably less than satisfactory. There was no  romance and sex wasn’t great at all. My ex husband caused me to be insecure and feel dirty, and to lose all my self-esteem.

swingers sexSwingers Threesome Ads

casual sexgirlwith-her-man

I started to believe I was unlovable, useless except for sex, even though I did not enjoy it.

He did introduce me to no string attached sex, that included various forms of group sex, but it was because it gave him opportunities to have sex with other women.

However I started to enjoy sex, because my casual sex partners tried to satisfy me… and they paid attention on my sex needs.

There is only one positive thing, that I can say about my X. He was the one who found playmates and he was the one who managed, “directed” our sex plays and he did a good job on this.

Than we divorced. I got close (romantically) to a sex friend and life turned to be beautiful, but he is isn’t good at “directing” sex plays, and sex parties…

I can’t figure out what was my x’s secret… How did he do? Therefore I have to ask, how should we manage a  trio, a threesome or a sex party? Continue Reading…


swingers sexWanton_Wench2

Threesomes and sex parties are different. They like first date and second  date,  are different too.

For example our dates: Each date is different, we all always meet first in a neutral place near by, talk and see if we really do match. We prefer men that have had experience with MFM, as teaching youngsters is a waste of time.

We let them know what to expect, and we want to know what they like and expect. All this is negotiated before hand, as we do involve some BDSM etc., and we take no risks.

As for men that refuse safe sex, they are out. Safe sex or no sex… Continue Reading…

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casual sexfunseeker

I love mfm threesomes, but mmfm good too, and I love role play.

Almost all of my three or more somes are role plays. They are a lot of fun.

I learned to use my looks and body in a positive way as well as a sexual one. I could dress like a young shy wife to professional business woman, or I could play the part of a college girl or be the seductive tramp.

My dress run the show, because men treat differently a business woman and a slat. Usual things work better with older men. They not rush and they make sure your have your share of fun… They have experience and experience does count…

I find my playmates here on this website, but it is getting harder and harder. Used to be easy, but not anymore. Continue Reading…

casual sexcasual sexcareer-woman

My first mfm threesome happened with professional sex workers. I am busy with my life, travel a lot and do not have unlimited time to filter the losers out here…

If you can’t find a suitable partner, you too might consider hiring a professional. You may be able to find one on-line, through an escort service. Set boundaries and agree on a game plan before beginning your threesome.

They will treat you like a business partner… they believe in total customer satisfaction… and they wont play with out condom… Continue Reading…


swingers sexddcpl

My wife and I  had more than few threesomes and “cuckolds” too. For us it works and spices our sex life up. Our experience has been positive and we have remained lovingly married.

However, not every couple that have had threesomes are as successful as us. We had few partners, they problem is like yours. They just can’t get it work…

I think the main thing is, have  to remember, threesomes involve risk, uncertainty. Just because you have a good experience with you x husband, it does not mean that will always be the case. Continue Reading…


swingers sexhardcoreseXcpl

I think the problem is in your chosen partners. Bad partners can’t have fun…

Since an MFM threesome involves two men, it tends to be more competitive. If you select the right guys, they both want to please you, so they both work hard to top each other, in the hope you will call them back at a later date for more play.

Play with men like this always incredibly amazing for the woman, because she is the lucky center of all of this attention. Continue Reading…

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Young attractive couple considering a threesome

My husband and I have been “talking” about a threesome mmf or ffm. Have you been in a threesome? Would I regret a threesome with my husband if I try and I don’t really like to share? Continue reading…

no string attached sexLeisure – No String Attached Sex

casual sexlexii25bi

He’s ok with me and another guy in bed, he watch and get involved of course, when ever he wants.

But I’m a little not ok with another female play with us, I mean the
thought of it turns me on. I afraid that after all the playtime is done, I always will have the thought in the back of my mind that he paid a little more attention to her?

He’s not pressuring me to into anything, and I know when it comes down to it he’s more than satisfied with only me.

Basically were a young attractive couple considering a threesome, I’ve heard if your even a little jealous (the husband or wife) they will regret it.i

I need a males and females point of view of whether or not to go true with it. Continue reading…


swingers sexGApeachy729

In my opinion MMF is not a threesome, that is a train, especially if the guys are not going to have sex with each other.

If it turns you on have NSA with a couple only and only you would
have contact with the lady. I’ve done it before but nothing ever came from it. Just choose the other girl wisely… Continue reading…


cuckold couplecuckoldlove

For GApeachy729. Two men and a woman have sex is a threesome, but lately a lot of people use  the word “train”. It originated from students… They say “I went to partying last night and ended up having a train”. It means the person had a mfm threesome, threesome with two men.

Actually train in casual sex ; train = sex with two straight men at the same time. Continue reading…

leisure sexNo String Attached Sex Ads

swingers sexTrapper69

Of course you’re experiencing these feelings…. Everyone does before they take the first step. Maybe you two could start off by meeting a couple and having sex with your own partner without swapping.

Just have both couple share a bed, or get a hotel room with two beds, one couple on
one bed as they other couple uses the other bed.

Then try a MFM threesome. After exploring a bit, maybe you’ll be more comfortable with the idea of a FMF.  Don’t rush into anything, and be very selective about who you
choose to play with, you both want it to be a positive experience!

After all, if it’s a negative experience, you’ll might never try again! Continue reading…


swingers sexiam24

I’ve been the male in a ffm threesome and it was not my partner who felt left out.

It was me thinking I didn’t pay her enough attention. Probably because the other woman was new to me… but it was a lot of fun for both of us, so if I were you,  I would go for it. Continue reading…

no string attached sexnsa sexdieforit

Whether you do go through with a 3some, if it’s FFM just bear in  your mind that he may indeed initially seem to pay more attention to the  new “Sex Toy”.

Truth be told, he probably is just excited to have an additional wet pussy to satisfy him…

If it’s mfm, I think he’s in more danger of having issues if by chance the guest  bigger and better than your hubby.

Years ago, I frequently played with a married couple who were friends of mine. Fortunately, he & I were pretty equally endowed and there was no jealousy or attitudes.

She enjoyed having 2 dicks for various scenarios, and he enjoyed to se her with two men. I have been lucky enough to have threesome with two women too.  Again, all were pleased no one left out and everyone was happy after that…

So your threesome depends on you, your show, if you make it right, it will be fun. Continue reading…