I love have sex with a man while another man is watching

Watching and recuperate, getting ready for his turn, and then repeat this for few times. Yong guys are better, because they take  less recuperation times, and they can repeat more times.

no string attached sex

I wanna play

However I am not here to talk about  middle age women who is into college kids… but it sounds good in my fantasy, but I never tried. Instead I am wondering about those who have it done… and if is  you, an if you are into sex with two men at the same time, why so?

So if you are a woman and you are into threesomes, what do like about MFM threesomes? Can someone explain me please? Continue Reading…

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adult datingUnduplicated1

The same thing that men like in an FMF threesome – i.e., being at the center of attention! Continue Reading…


maria looking for casual sexmaria12753

Lots of attention, and when one is tired the other isn’t,
and so they can keep up! Continue Reading…


sex adsineedyounow55

I like everything there is about a MFM. I like being the center of attention.

I love being fucked by two men at once, I love being fucked by one man as the other is watching and regaining his strength for another round.

I love sucking cock while my pussy being fucked by an other cock and the list could go on and on for ever. It is just plain fun for all. I am really hope it going to happen at valentines Day again… Continue Reading…


threesome sexdnafun11

Each woman is different and will have different perspectives of this. Some will not even entertain the idea of MFM, others will only play if it’s MFM.

If you want to know why one specific woman enjoys MFM you are going to have to ask her. What floats my boat can sink anthers! Continue Reading…

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anal sexlilsprite

I’m single again, and lucky enough to have two men in my life. Each of them knows and approves of my seeing the other. They understand that while I am spreading my wings and rediscovering my sexual side, each of them is very important to me. I am not the center of their world, nor they mine.

I want to see each of them enjoy life to the fullest, and they feel the same. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to care for more than one individual at a time, and I care very much for each of them.

I know this will be a totally unpopular response, but it is my opinion that not everyone needs to have just one person they care about. I am not the jealous sort, never have been, never will be, so the other women in my men’s lives do not evoke that green-headed monster.

However I never had a threesome. Not with them and not with anyone else. I think sex with two guys in the same time is a lot of fun… I think I am going to get both of them in my bedroom sooner than you can imagine..

I think it will be easy, because both of them asked me to spend more time with them… I will trick them into a threesome… Continue Reading…


couple for sexcumman69

We do not like MFM, I would not mind, in fact it would be a lot of fun, but… My wife  bi and she and I have had many FMF threesome before. I guess I can say there have been 2 kinds of results.

Some of the girls became our friends and spent a lot of time with us afterwards, like going out 3 of us together, staying with us at our home with “non-sex” time and generally becoming close to us as a friend besides a sex participant.

Some of them even living together with us for a few months. My wife and I really enjoy this kind of relationship.

The other girls were one night stands, whether the sex was good or not so good, when we didn’t feel a connection with them as a friend, a second night of fun never happened.

It seems difficult to keep a sex partner for 3somes without making them feel close to us. Not the same as 1 on 1 sex partners.

We are never really sure why it is, because sometimes we would like to have a sex partner to call sometimes for sex. Continue Reading…

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What makes casual sex so attractive for married couples?

Married couples try casual sex and they might end up in a swingers club. Why? What is about swinging that keep married couples share their marital sex life with others?

playfull wifeMy playful wife always horny. I need help.

No string attached sex can be fun and pleasure, with other words casual sex a  lot of erotic fun, if done properly.

Oh, you are not married, you are single, but you are here to find a man woman couple for nsa sex.  It might happen, but it takes time, however before you get into this “lifestyle”, you should  know few things.  The most important is; What you should expect if you find that couple?  Keep reading and you will find it out based on our experience.

When a man – woman couple get into casual sex, usually they try to find an other couple or a extra partner. The gender of that partner depends on their preferences and on their erotic fantasy.  If their first  nsa sex experience turn to be a positive, then they might try few more times. If they want more,  they might end up visit swingers clubs.  People go to swingers club for the same reason, which is, to have sex…

New couples usually into no string attached sex plays  2 – 3 years and then they take a break. In a lot of cases this break is the end of their shared or nsa sex play, however if they get back into the lifestyle, then they will stay for many more years.

I, as a male part of the couple don’t know for sure why women love to have sex with different men,  so I can’t tell you that, you better ask my wife. But I know why I love it, but its bring up  another question that I should talk about first.

The question is; Why does married men loves other women’s pussy?

It is simple, boring marital sex life, fun factor, more experienced woman, safe sex and 80% of sexually active men always want new pussy. The rest of them, that 20% want it too, but they lie about it, even for themselves.   New toys, new pussy… I guess its men’s things.

horny married womanMarried but horny looking for sex friends

We as a couple got into casual sex because the sparks disappeared from our  marital love life.  Our relationship was and is in secure and we love each other more then ever, but sex was not the same anymore.  Love making became dirty work. We knew, we need to make some changes, to bring those sparks back into our bedroom. So we tried nsa, we loved it, in fact ever since we are loving it.

The basic idea originate from my wife. Once upon a time,  one night we talked about everything at the front of the TV, include our neighbor.  She was a divorced lady and she had a lover, half of her age. Than my wife said something like, she was wondering how sex would be with a man who is young enough to be our son.  We have no child, our business was more important then children, so there is no ethical question if and what will happen if our children finds it out…

Anyways, I told to her, you never gonna find it out, if you never try… She agreed, she said you are right, I never going to find out. But no one can predict the future… The subject like a ghost kept come back again and again, usually when the neighbor’s lover’s car parked on her driveway. Than one day I told to her she should find a  willing young man. She said she doesn’t think I can handle it, well I wasn’t sure how will I handle it, but I told to her we will find out if time comes…  However there was one condition, I want to be there in the same room, I want to see all.

Than she agreed she will try, so we registered to this adult dating website and started our search.  Even though there are more men the women here, its not easy to find the right man. We had hours of video chat and more than few coffee dates, and months passed by and nothing happened, the guys did not show up for the second date.  Than we changed our tactic, video chat, coffee date and if there is some attraction,  we go to a hotel room. It started very promising,  but the first guy could not get it hard. The second blow his load before he got naked…

marreid woman

Married woman looking for playmates.

Than we found a man. A young guy, 15 years younger than my wife,  he hold university degree, he is very polite, easy going, we can talk about anything and everything with him and for bonus, he was and he is a good sex partner. Our casual sex journey began with him. We developed a sex friendship with him, in fact he introduced his girlfriend to us  and let me tell you, I thought his girlfriend have the sweetest pussy that I ever tasted…  Our friendship is still ongoing, we still get together every now and than, but we and they play with others too.

Than we ended up in a swingers club, and my wife had sex with two men in a hotel room after the club hours. That was very erotic, I love to see her while being pleased by two men at the same time. Of course I had my share of fun too, somehow always is the latest pussy is the best pussy.  When I see my beautiful wife, while other man’s hard cock dug deep into her love tunnel, and I play with that man’s wife or partner, it always makes me want more pussy.  It always makes me teenager again,  its something like you are teenager again and you can perform better and more and teenagers don’t need Viagra… Plus as time goes  quantity replaced by quality, because of experience, so nsa sex made me a better lover.

There is nothing better than watch my wife during sex. Its always turn me on. I love to see her erect nipple in other guy’s mouth, I love to see her moaning with pleasure as sliding up and down other man’s erected shaft. Between two intercourse a big turn on for me, just to see her entertain or being entertained by one or two men, its always give me a hard on.

But there are many other reason, for example, for a mfm threesome you need two men and a woman.  Continue reading…

male female maleMale female male three-way nsa sex ads.


My boyfriend want a fmf threesome

I had broken up with my long-term boyfriend when I catch him having sex with two of my best girlfriends at the same time. One of them had her pussy plopped onto his face, while the other was giving him a blowjob. Continue reading…

Double Penetration from Easter Bunny

We supposedly should have a threesome at the coming up Easter weekend, combined with double penetration. We were talk about it a lot and I really would like to experience that MFM double three way with my wife. That would be a nice present from Easter bunny…

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NSA sexcurious3some2

She loves DP with me and a toy, and think she would really like two real cocks at once better, but as Easter getting closer… she is getting more and more uncertain about it…

In fact she, just said today morning, she wont be able to try and the idea was hers… She started to mention it, kind of talked me into it. Wasn’t to hard, because I love this idea too… Do you think this could be a self confidence issue? Continue Reading…


casual sexSpec_n_mys

I doubt it’s a confidence issue… Probably more a fact that there is a huge difference between fantasy and reality.

Maybe she doesn’t want another cock, maybe the dildo is enough for her pleasure… or maybe she does not like the third guy. You should as her… No one can tell you what is her problem. Continue Reading…



Threesome sex tips for women
Chat naked. Free naked chat.
Want to have anal sex. Do you?
Swingers Sex


casual sexpej1970

Without knowing her it is hard to answer your question. It could be confidence. It could be she thinks about a threesome but in reality isn’t ready for it yet. It could be she doesn’t want a threesome at all.

I myself have entertained the idea of a MFM or MFF & have discussed it with my current sex friend who has had them before but he never pushes me to do it. He simply discusses or jokes with me & figures if & when I am ready for reality I will tell him.

If it is something you really want you need to discuss it with her and if she is not for it you cannot push her to do anything she does not want or is not ready for. If she will do it only
to please you it can end up being a disaster & not fun for her or any of you & you certainly do not want that.

Open communication & give/take is the key to making it a good experience here. Continue Reading…


double penetrationdoublefun

Maybe she has problem with the timing. Easter id not for casual sex for a lot of people and maybe she is one of them. Maybe she grew up in a very religious family (it can be even if you do not know) and a lot of people don’t like to talk about religion and they don’t like to mix nsa sex with religion…

You best bet… ask her. Continue Reading…

sex dating

kinky sexmaturecpl

Talk about it at length with your wife. There could be many factors that influence her decision not to try it.

But if she is adamant that she does not DB, you will have to respect her choice. If I were you, I would ask her to go for threesome, with out double penetration at first… so if she like that, than you can got to the next step after few times… Continue Reading…


NSA sexNaughtyLilBrat69

I think it’s a preference issue. As in she prefers you and a toy and isn’t at all interested in a third party… A lot of people would be happy if their wife is as kinky than yours, so you should be happy too…


horny wifehotplaycouple

I find it interesting… all threesomes and double penetration issue is posted by men. Looks like men have only problem with it… I think because men want to set it up and it makes me think, isn’t some kind of bi sexual curiosity behind it?

Set up a mfm three-way to her and in the heat of the moment things can happen between the too men. Let her set it up, let her choose partner and if she does not want it, just forget it.

Instead threesome you can spend some time in a church at Easter time. Definitely would not make any damage in you dirty mind… Continue Reading…



Single Women – Casual Dating – Leisure Sex

University and college students’ party season begins with with the back to school parties. They do not have any problem to find casual sex partner, however if you are older than those students, than you might face some difficulties.

swingers casual sex dating adsSwingers  Casual Sex Dating Ads

Erotic adult parties all over – year around, but a first real party opportunity comes with Halloween. Nothing better than a erotic a Halloween party, special if you get yourself into an unknown, which is partying with someone new. If you are not overly picky to find a casual sex partner for leisure sex, easier then you think…

If you spend time and energy to look for a single person for nsa sex partner for no string attached leisure sex, sooner or later you will succeed. You can browse adult dating profiles for free, even in this website.  A lot of singe woman into nsa relationship, in fact every  day more and more, they have erotic fantasies too. Some of them deny it, some others don’t.

However, it is well know, a man need to put more time and more work into to develop casual sex relationship with a single woman, expect if a woman want that  man….

Single women or single men,  the danger is in the word  single in casual dating. Singles do not have a permanent partner, they can get very attached, special single men,  this might cause lots of problems later on.

What you should do? You should act like you enjoyed the sex and her / his company, but don’t get overwhelmed about it. Even if you had a best sex in your life, don’t let her / him know about it.

swingers datingNo String Attached Swingers Sex Dating Ads

Don’t buy a present. If your partner is female never bring over a bunch of roses. Roses smell like romance… and you are not looking for romance. If she is single and she has nsa sex with you and you bring over a bunch of roses, she will think you want more than just get laid. Don’t get fooled into this! Be nice, but when it comes to spending money, take out her a dinner or buy her a drink and pay the bill wen you get together with her.

This is pretty much the same if you are a single woman and want to play with a guy. He is your no commitment sex partner, no commitment stand  for sex only. You should not buy him and should not accept a present from him. If your sexual rendezvous happens to be at a hotel and the idea was yours, you set up the date with a man, than you should pay the bill. If you invited more then one men, then alll of you should share the hotel bill, but this should be made clear before the date.

Safe Sex Only!

One of the things that you need to understand that when you practice casual sex, many unexpected things can happen. You can get STDs. If you engage in this type of sex, then you should be very careful. Always and I mean always use, protect yourself and your partner with condom. Make sure that you get checked by the doctor often. It isn’t right to spread disease to other people, just because  you performed unprotected “bareback riding” sex. You wouldn’t like that happening to you. So please, watch your step.

Another thing to keep in mind is that sex can result in babies. Yes, leisure, vaginal penetrative sex is good enough to make a baby.  If it was a  threesome or even more threesomes, than who is the daddy…? Therefore if you are going to have casual sex, then you should be prepared to have kids. Accidents can happen, condoms break, with sex comes the chance of pregnancy, except if the partners (or her) safe, for example her tube is tied, or he had vasectomy.

halloween sex parrty Adult Halloween Parties in Your City

Also in our open sexual world a lot of couple looking for men or women, maybe both to join them in their sex play, specialty from around Halloween.  The weather is not nice anymore, not much else to do other than have sex…  at the  front of the fire place 🙂 so why not spice that sex up…  Find a couple for single men, sometimes not easy, but it worth the time. If a  couple want nsa sex partner, than they don’t want to do anything with romance and commitment.

If you keep the things at above in your mind, you might have a lot of erotic leisure fun, if you do it right, fun will be always fun and wont end in troubles. Once again, always make sure to protect yourself at all costs. Not a Halloween sex party or a pussy, no dick and no orgasm in the world is worth dying for.



Are You Thinking About Sex Party?

Professional Woman Looking for Sex Friend

I am not desperate, not yet, but very frustrated. Let me explain, I am a 28 years old, professional woman, with good carrier, but unfortunately my love live is zero.   I am out of an almost 7+ years long relationship, which is the only one that I can call serious relationship.  It started in my late teen age, and lasted true university.

looking for nsalookinf4sexfriend

I am very busy and have no time to romantic dinners and walk in the park, etc, but I need a man in my live few times a month, A man, a sex friend.

My carrier takes 16-18 hours a day, which is why I don’t have time for  romantic dating so I came to the conclusion that I really want to try this sex friend thing,  casual sex with a sex friend, nothing more, nothing less.

looking for  sex  friendlookinf4sexfriend

I am suddenly curious about going into a nightclub and meeting someone just for sex.  And than if we can make happy each other, than maybe develop a  nsa  sex friend relationship.

I have been to various nightclubs before,  with friends and colleagues, but I have never seen/noticed that strangers randomly meet.

Are there specific clubs I need to go to, where there are other men – women who are looking for the same thing?

Or should I keep trying on websites like this?

What should I do? Anyone have any recommendations? Continue Reading…


casual sex anonymous

I came here for pretty much  the same reason and I can tell you its not easy, but easier than in any nightclub.

In the club you meet someone, and end of the night take him somewhere privet and you have a one night stand.  According to your photos  you are an interactive woman, so it wont be to hard.

However, to have nsa, with a man you just met  few hours earlier is a bad idea. You don’t know he is a rapist or criminal or who really is.

Here you can contact men and you can ask anything before you meet, that you would not ask face to face during your first meeting. The problem is, a lot of fake profiles are here. You need to filter them out.

I am sure you  will find someone here, just be smart… Continue Reading…

casual sexWomen Looking For Sex Friends


casual sex career-woman

Looks like all professional women comes here including myself for nsa sex partner.

I am member here more than 2 years and I always find what I am looking for, what is more than just get than and have penetrative sex.

One would ask, you are still here? Because, sex friend or not after few ties or few months, it gets boring, routine sex, so need to change.

Find someone at first was hard, but at one pint I figured out how to use this website and from that point it is a piece of cake… Continue Reading…


swingers sexhardcoreseXcpl

The only place you can go and guarantee to find sex partner fast is a swingers  club or a erotic house party.

There is no guarantee you will find a nice man in any night club who will sleep with you after an hour of talking. If you are not picky in any bar you can find man for one night stand, but as it stated above, that is a big risk.

My advice is, browse this website local section, there is a lot of  casual sex related parties and get together listed. I am sure you will find swingers club, or erotic parties, that hosted in in your city. Continue Reading…

swingers sexMarried Couples Looking for Men for Ongoing Sex Relationship



Friendship or sex friendship

Married woman looking for friend with benefits (fuck buddy)