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Swingers  is 12 years old, we got a lot of messages, comments, and questions in 12 years. A lot of those questions and comments are very rude and disrespectful.  We just deleted those and than some others are related to adult dating, and or swingers sex and we found them really interesting. We published some of those questions and our users responded.  Please read them at next.

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horny womenblonde and her man

I am into men’s bellybutton and I don’t think I am a nut case.  Men’s bellybutton always turned me on, I cannot get enough of them. Touch, rub.. etc. It is so erotic. I have my greatest orgasm while naked on top of my husband’s bellybutton. I rub my pussy on his bellybutton from side to side back and fourth while he sucks my breast and OH MY GOD!!! My orgasm almost kills me, it is so intense!

Anyone ever heard of this form of sex? Or am I the only weirdo? But I love it. I can not get enough. Why? Anyone is her who know?  Continue Reading…


kinky womenkinky woman 4 men

You have nothing to worry about, you are not weirdo and you are not alone. A lot of people into bellybutton sex.

Belly button fetish is very common. It is typically sexual fetish where an individual is strongly attracted to the human navel, belly button. I am not sure why some people develop bellybutton fetishes, but as far as you have fun and your husband enjoy it too, I can’t see anything wrong with it.

Most navel fetishists can also exhibit varying levels of sexual stimulation in the brain just by hearing key words, “bellybutton” or “navel”. This is the explanation for your mind blowing orgasm.

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casual datingwant 2 play

Sometimes my man gets nervous during sex and has trouble keeping it up. The worst part? If s a vicious cycle, when it happens once, he gets nervous that it will happen the next time, which of course makes it happen again. What does he want me to do when I notice him having trouble? Should I just ignore it? Continue Reading…


bi couple for casual sexbi couple looking for playmates

You can’t ignore it. If you do, your guy will go insane worrying that you’re fantasizing about the boners of boyfriends past. So the next time he goes soft, lie beside him and say, “I can tell this really bothers you. Is there something stressing you out? Is there anything I can do differently?”

That will let him know you’re concerned about him, not disappointed in him. And it will signal that you think finding the solution can be a team effort. If he clams up, ask him to go down on you, so he’s focusing on something besides his penis.

Since you say it happens only sometimes, my guess is that ifs mental rather than physical. So think about whether those times coincide with other things going on in his life, like work stress or friction in your relation¬ship. Then, outside the bedroom, bring up the topic you suspect is troubling him and see if you and he can begin to talk it through. Knowing you’ve got his back will help him keep up his confidence during sex

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anal sex loveranal sex lover couple

My girlfriend and I use each other for for awhile now… My problem is, I have strong and big erection when she is on top, or in anal sex, but when I get on top I feel it for a bit then I loose my erection.

I am not sure why? Her vagina is not “loose” it is a normal, flexible vagina and my penis is an average size penis, not extra large and she complains after vaginal penetration, she say I hurt her. She says I am big but really I think I am average (7 inches). Why does she hurt and how come I cant feel it that much when I’m on top? Continue Reading…


we love sexwe love sex

If she hurt during vaginal penetration, than something is wrong. She should visit her doctor. Maybe it is just a mind game, maybe she just want to make you believe  your penis is to big for her, or she worries about her vagina size…

I think you loose your erection because you think you are going to hurt her, but if your  penis is  big, than anal sex should hurt and you said there is no problem in anal… I would not take a 7 inches penis in my anus… Best bet, make her see a  doctor.


threesome lovequeen of my world – and love threesome

To see a doctor never is a  bad idea, also you can try different sex positions.

There are sex positions that works well with big dicks, or some others like   doggy style works even with micro penis, but if your penis is big, than don’t do her in doggy… I think she is just dry, that’s why she feel pain. Use personal lubricant, or women sex life  enhancer…  That stuff lubricates plus turns her on, makes her horny… Continue Reading…

women libido enhacement

no string attached sexmight be baby

My hubby try to talk me into to go to a swingers club or a sex party. He said there is no commitment to do anything just go there and if we not comfortable with the happening around us, we leave.  I told him I am not sure its a good idea.

Than he said his best buddy and his wife goes there often. Than I remembered, once he stated he and his friends doesn’t really talk about sex, but then how he knows they go to swingers club…

If it is true, I think he wants to fuck his buddy’s wife that is why he try to talk me into… but now I can’t stop imagining what he’s said to his friends about our sex life. How can I find out whom he’s shared with and what he told them? Continue Reading…


swingers sexSpicy Lady

I doubt you can find that out, what he said or did he say anything about your sex life… But I think if his buddy and the wife go to the swingers club and if your husband want to have sex with his best friend’s wife and if its  okay for them, than sooner or later it will happen.

If I were you, I would tell him, okay we go, with your best friend and with his wife, but first call them over and lets talk about it, what will happen there? What for he wants to go there?  Continue Reading…

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Some Women Are Into Group Sex

Hubby want me to have anal sex with his friend

No strings attached sex

I found a very interesting article on our sponsor’s website. Please read it at next.

Since joining your website I’ve found that there’s a lot of no strings attached sex going on. I like the idea of it, as it suits my lifestyle, but my question to you is: How can I avoid confusing sexual needs with emotional (love) needs? Continue Reading…

horny womanNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

Sometimes it’s really hard to have great nsa sex with a guy and then just move on!

The answer: I know how people, men in particular, say, “Sex is sex, sex wit out love is nsa sex and love is love” but that’s not always a true statement.

I for one give so much of myself to the person, that I’m having sex with and after a good orgasm I can’t help but feel “love” for at least 24 hours. Continue Reading…


casual sexgotsomebiggons

There is something hot about just meet someone new and have no string attached casual sex. I have always found the first times with a new partner to be the most exciting.

But there is something interesting and good about making love with a loved one too. Continue Reading…


casual sexmaybebaby

Lust and love have their dividing lines, but sometimes feel good to step over those lines. Continue Reading…

horny local woman

NSA sexDaddys_flame

I love to get sex but don’t have it to get love. Sex is fun and makes everyone feel good.

Love is emotional and totally separate from sex. There are many ways besides
sex to show that you love someone. Continue Reading…


horny womanredhotchilihorny

I think sex is great when you’re in love, but it is also a different kind of sex than the wild passion of pure lust…

Both are wonderful, but different. You can have all of the “love” sex you want, but you’re always going to crave “lust” sex or no string attached sex… Continue Reading…


nsa sexrm_elvermadero1

I think you can have no string attached casual sex and it will be great. Just to have sex for the sex, for the orgasm.

BUT when you have sex with someone you love or someone you are emotionally attached to, it than you make love and that  wonderful and you might experience a much different orgasm, because you know each other’s needs and what each like more easily and of course because the emotional attachment. Continue Reading…



I have a really good friend and I am thinking about to make out with him

Casual sex with small dickDoes knowledge count?

My Horny Wife is Dying For nsa sex in the form of  Threesomes

Friendship with benefits | How to find friend to have sex with… | Fuck Buddies


casual sexfrenchsweety

Yes, yes, and yes.

I love sex, and I love to love and being love. I have sex for love. I love to have sex, and I love being in love and having sex.

I will take both sex without love, and love without sex. There are only a few things in life that natural for us, and love and sex are two of them. Continue Reading…


Swingers sexbrutay2

I love sex altogether. The only different is, when you are having sex with a loved one, that is making love,

I can’t make love with a nsa sex partner, that is no string attached sex, I love both version of sex… if orgasm at the finish line…..LOL Continue Reading…


casual sexSassifiedBBW

Sure I love to get sex. Do I have sex to get love? No, I don’t believe love and sex are synonymous.

I think sex is more intimate when you are love but is it necessarily any better, not in my opinion.

A great nsa sex partner doesn’t necessarily make a great long turn partner. Continue Reading…

casual sex

sex partypartyanimal

Sex is great with or without love. Can be very special when in love giving emotional satisfaction further bonding of the two into one as well.

It might be luck of the draw but I’d say my most satisfying sex has been where there only some attachment but not love.

That’s speaking only of the sexual aspect of a good lover. Continue Reading…

I want to see my girlfriend have sex with other men

I really want to see my girlfriend have penetrative sex  with other men…  She isn’t into this idea… I am not sure why? I am not the first man in her life,  she is not a virgin, and  she told me, she did erotic things like this before, several times… Continue Reading

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NSA sexJustsayingit

She said at that time, when she was into NSA sex, there wasn’t love, that was just no string attached sex  for fun… How can I explain to her that wanting and liking her to fuck other men does not mean I do not love her??

She thinks that just because I like and want her to fuck other men that my love for her is not real. Is there a way to explain to her that I am really love her and a little kink and a little open mind in her just would make my love stronger??? Continue Reading


casual sexweRhere4NSA

Probably not under those conditions… Saying “I love you! Now go fuck someone else” kind of sends some pretty confusing signals, in my opinion…

Can’t you just love her without wanting her to have sex with someone else, or does your kind of love for her depend on her kinky sex with someone else? Continue Reading


erotic datingouttherelinda

If she isn’t into fucking other men for whatever reason, list not in your presence…  than there is no way you can ever explain it to her to your own satisfaction.

Nor should you try to force her into it if she hasn’t already told you no. You should respect her wishes and choices, special in NSA sex. Continue Reading



Tips for hosting a sex party. Practice makes perfect, you know the people you invite to your party, better then we know… so use your imagination. Continue Reading>>>

A lot of women fantasize about having sex with two guys

Swingers Sex

Our website  threesome page is just updated with threesome related information and with new detailed threesome sex position. Also few new threesome sex position photos added too.

For more threesome info, visit our erotic on-line  forum – magazine – erotic dating advice line.

Female – female – male threesomes. She can have dick and pussy too…

The female – female – male threesomes are more common in the today’s open sexuality world, because the large number of bi sexual women. In ffm threesome she can have what ever she prefer, woman or man, or both in the same time, which mean dick and pussy at the same time.


NSA sexteamplayer

Sounds like you already talked about the idea to her? If so, and still you are seeking the way to induce her, you don’t love her. You are just saying so to let yourself believe and give excuse to use her as material of your fantasy. It is not love.

Isn’t that why she says no? (if you already had chat with her) Seems she knows what is truth deep down of you. As many guys use their girls, women as “live show” material.

I am not saying that is exactly your case, ’cause it is still uncertain from your opening what’s the phase of you two (how far you two discussed about it.)

I am just telling from my observation – I heard many female regretted it to be used by such way also I know a lot of ladies  who came here to find sex with as much guys as much as possible…

So basically no one can give you a good advice… You need to find the solution yourself, or find other girlfriend… Girlfriend who is willing to fuck other men… Continue Reading

horny couples

NSA sexdoithard

You don’t “have” to explain anything. You simply look at her dead in the  eye and tell her once and once only:

“I want you to fuck other men at front of me. It  does not mean I do not love you. In fact I love you very much, therefore you are free to choose the lucky guy”.

If she accepts that, then great! If not, then I’d seriously be leaving that particular topic of discussion alone for evermore. If she’s not ‘getting it by now, then in all honesty, she’s
never going to.

In this case you have to give up, or go forward and find somebody else. Continue Reading


swingers sexcuriouscpl

Used to have a similar problem. Before we got into NSA and or  “the lifestyle”, I asked my wife to join in together. The answer was an emphatic NO way and never. Never asked again to share herself, and home life was wonderful, however we talked about threesomes  here and there….

Than 2 years ago at a friend’s Xmas party, that turned to be an erotic Xmas party  she had to much drink (she wasn’t drunk) and my best friend with his wife and us, had a lot of fun…. And she loved it, since that time we are sailing in the “lifestyle”.

So if I were you, I would take her some type of kinky party or sex club… maybe she will get horny, and that would fix your problem… Continue Reading


no string sexnautiintentions

Love is a conscious choice, to stand by someone through the good and the bad. Has she told you she doesn’t want to do this? If she has then you prove your love by accepting her choice.

If she wants to do it…Then you prove your love by standing by her side while she does it. Being with her in the moment…. and if you are lucky, join in that moment. Continue Reading

Easy to fuck a woman and have no feeling afterward. I can have sex with other men as part of our play…

Emotions and sex and gender differences…  I have always thought I have a strong sexual desire. I love sex, that is why I have profile here. I can easily have sex with different people to satisfy this desire.

Adult Dating AdsErotic  Adult Dating Personal Ads

Sometimes, I can have sex with men with little emotion at all- just pleasure. The emotion is one of appreciation. With other men, I feel a connection.

I am not quite sure what differentiates the men I feel an attachment too and the ones I can just have sex with.

I would like to know if other people feel this way. I wonder too if it is a gender difference. Even if you have a  fuck buddy type relationship, what are the expectations that you have?  I feel it is OK to have no commitment sex, but I feel bad if he does not contact me or email me the day after. So there is alredy some kind of commitment or string…

I can not do NSA– I know it does not exist – because there is always a “string” attached. Sometimes the string disappear as soon the sex is over.

Adult Dating Adszoepup6

But what is the difference between a FWB, and a lover or a partner that you want to commit to? Is there love, or emotion?

Do you know why you feel emotion to one person, and lust towards another? Of course, the best thing (to me) would be to have a commitment to some one I loved, and that loved me. To have mutual lust and love toward that person. That is my dream.

I am feeling a little confused. Mostly, I am wondering about the emotion men have about sex. Is there none? Is it easy to fuck a woman and have no feeling afterward?

I can feel that, but mostly it has been when I am with a man (my partner), and can fuck other men as part of our play.

Sorry – it is not a direct question – not just one easy question. Please let me know what you think of anything I wrote! Continue Reading…


swingers sexBothCurious4

FWB is sex without any extra problems or baggage. As for your other problem everyone’s emotional makeup is different and that is why there are personal preferences.

Why you feel attached to one and not the other is for a professional to figure out. Continue Reading…



I think many people have a strong, sexual desire. I love sex too! One feels wanted and needed, and enjoyed by another, and sexually grateful too!

A connection comes when you may know another more than in a sexual way that you can relate too. Some you don’t, but you love to have sex with them … It called lust! And you understand that you don’t really want anything else with them!

Yes, there’s often a string attached still to those that you feel something for! First, try to understand your arrangement with that person. Then you’ll figure it out, quite easily!

Also, I want Love & Lust with my partner, both ways! If that’s what your truly looking for, then go after it! Continue Reading…


NSA sex adsMySweetBloom

I seem to run into the men who want a relationship. That’s probably because I don’t. Everyone is different.

I would say that women are more likely to want emotion attached to sex. All I need is someone who is intellectually stimulating and physically arousing. I don’t wish to share my life with someone.I just want to enjoy the moments. It’s the rare person who can entice me.

And when I do find someone… I’d love for it to be more than just a time or two. I’ve yet to confuse that with “love”. Continue Reading…

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erotic datingouttherelinda

I have a friend with benefits,  for a while now.  We are friends in the real sense of the word first and foremost. We have some strings as in we care about each other, support each other as friends do. We enjoy just hanging out together as friends do but we are not committed to each other or exclusive. He has his life and I have mine.

I am not the type of person that can have sex with someone just for the purpose of getting off. I have to have some sort of connection to him. Continue Reading…


NSA sexoneclassy1

I’ve always been one to seek an ongoing friend with benefits, however with some people, there’s just nothing that clicks,an attraction, desire
that’s strong enough that you want to do it again.

I have grown fond of certain playmates, but I never confuse that fondness with a burning desire to spend 24/7 with them.

It’s understood that our friendship is mostly about sex, but obviously, we have to like each other. Some don’t even want to get “like” involved, just spread ’em and get off…. Continue Reading…


adult datingUnduplicated1

You ask so many questions here that it’s hard to know where to begin. From my experience, women tend to bond more strongly than men do after fantastic sex because of a hormone called oxytocin (you can “Google” it if you wish). It is not to be confused with the medication, oxycodon. This hormone is more prevalent in females and it causes us to develop strong feelings for men who satisfy us sexually.

Men, on the other hand, possess very little of this hormone, so for many of them, they can have sex with a woman with little or no emotional content.

However, if men didn’t ever feel strongly towards women, there would be no such thing as a close love relationship. Usually, a man will bond with a woman with whom he feels comfortable sexually, emotionally and mentally.

It sounds to me as though NSA & FWB don’t work well for you because of your expectation.

You are deluding yourself into believing you can just have sex with guys and walk away.
And yet, you are upset when they don’t call you the next day, and you also state that you would like a love relationship.

My advice to you is to think long and hard about what you want and to let your profile reflect that. If you continue to accept sex for sex’s sake, don’t think to much, just do it and have fun, however it require a certain amount of steady contact with guys.

There’s nothing wrong with uncommitted relationships, but it sure looks as though they don’t work for you. Don’t settle for less than you want. Keep on looking and don’t sell yourself short. Continue Reading…


shared sexobsequious4u

As you can see here from the responses, everyone’s definitions of FB, FWB, NSA are varied. Don’t put a label on your relationship.

Just let yourself feel the feelings you have, be accepting of them and allow yourself to be happy. Have fun, live for today and hope for better future… Continue Reading…

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X-mas and New Year just around the corner. Celebrate this Holiday Season with Sex. Erotic Holiday tips & tricks.

There are many ways to celebrate the Holidays, but for a lot of people the best way is sex. What do you think?

What I think? I think only one thing is better than sex… more sex.

swingers nsa sexwannaplay-s

And if it sex at a casual sex party, than you should be practice safe sex. Safe sex or no sex!

Safe Sex Related Information

If you are practicing NSA sex, you should remember the “Swingers Golden Rules”. Safer sex or no sex! It is fact, there is no 100% safe intercourse with often changed sex partners. But with some effort, there is a way to make it as safe as possible!

If you go to the sex club or to a erotic party take some extra condoms with you. The night is long and you or your friends might need them. You should set up your rules before the party with your spouse or permanent partner (condom, no condom, same room fun, group sex, etc). When several horny people are naked and ready for intercourse, there is no time to discuss things like condom use. If you hook up with new partners let them know — no condom — no fun. If they refuse to wear one, let them go. Keep your head cool and do not break your rules in the heat of the moment. Continue Reading…

nsa sex datingAbout condoms for him

Condoms come in various sizes, types and colors. Select the right one. Be sure that what you selected is a proper fit. It is nice to have a big man hood, but if you buy a bigger condom than you need, you have to fight with it to keep it on, then it is useless. Continue Reading…


Buy pre-lubricated latex condoms. A thinner condom is better. Skin condoms are thinner than latex, but they do not block the HIV virus. If more lubricant is desired use only water base products as K-Y jelly. Never use Vaseline and any other petroleum based products. They will damage the latex and the virus might get through.

To protect yourself and your partner you must to use your condom properly. Wear condoms for any genital to genital contact. Don’t touch her bare vagina with your penis with out a condom. Touching the women’s external vaginal tissues with un protected penis spreads viruses and diseases.

The condom must be unrolled completely over the penis before touch her genital area. The condom must remain covering the penis, until it is removed from the vagina. You should hold the base of the condom against the penis and pull both out together. Also you should check the base of the condom several times in intercourse too, especial if you have rough sex, just to be sure it is properly on.

Some men use two condoms at the same time. It help maintain the erection longer. Some others use one size smaller. It slows the circulation to the penis and it numbs the sensation and keep the intercourse going longer. Be careful with this option, because the condom must cover the penis all the way… Continue Reading…

swingers sexNo String Attached Sex Ads

If you can not reach orgasm with condom on, try to use condoms with ribs. Every ribs and every thrust going to give a tickling massage to your penis. Spice things up a bit. Ask her to help you to roll the condom over your cock. She can use all her imagination (and her lips and tongue) to rubberized your cock. Use a flavored lubricant and she can deep-throat you. It definitely will help!

More safe sex info

For your increased safety you should not brush or floss your teeth just before going down on a new partner. If you think your breath is not fresh enough, use a mint mouthwash, or mint sugar free candy. If you are male, you should try to perform oral sex on her with mint anyway. Mint on the tongue will make her orgasm bigger. If you brush or floss your teeth you may open your gums.

Open wounds, even the smallest one is a great risk to pick up, or pass over some kind of bacterial infection, or something worse. So you should brush or floss your teeth a few hours before you plan on playing. A couple of hours will make your gums okay.

Also you have to watch for cold sores. If you have cold sore on your lip or in your mouth you should not go down on anyone. Cold sores or fever blisters are just friendlier names for oral herpes, caused by a Herpes Simplex Virus-1. Genital herpes is caused by Herpes Simplex Virus-2. So those two bad guys aren’t the same, but both of them cause life long trouble on the genital areas. Continue Reading…

no string attached sexNo Hole Barred Sex

Studies have shown that nearly one-third of genital herpes cases are caused by Herpes Simples Virus-1. Most of the time it is transmitted by oral sex, or contracted from the person with the infected mouth. Anyone with cold sores on the lip or in the mouth should stay a way from oral sex until the sore is 100% gone.

About STD

Sexually transmitted diseases are uncommon among swingers, but NSA sex and swinging not the same. Most swingers do know, how important it is to protect themselves, if you are into NSA you should know too. If you wear condoms properly, chances are slim that you will contract AIDS or any other STD. If you keep changing your sex partners, and practice unprotected sex, you should get STD tested every 4 – 6 months for your own peace of mind. Also if you think you picked up something, don’t hesitate, visit your doctor. Most common sexually transmitted diseases can be cured.

We hope you realized how important in this lifestyle to practice safe sex only!

If you would like to know more visit our partner SWINGERS forum or BLOG and ask their users.