Halloween as unmatched opportunity for nsa sex

Older women younger men at Halloween. If you are a younger man Halloween give you the best opportunities to have some nsa  fun with older women.

gang-bang meHalloween Sex Party Ads

But… There is always a but… October 31 is the day to celebrate Halloween.  This day will be Wednesday in 2018.  Wednesday consider as hump day… What kind of hump is in your mind? It is up to you.

Lets get back to Halloween, if you did not go to any Halloween party  this past weekend,  you very likely  missed the best erotic   party opportunities of the year. I am sure, in fact I know for sure, there will be a lot of erotic Halloween party this coming up weekend too, (they listed on our erotic on-line dating magazine), but even if you arrive to one of those after Halloween party, you missed the opportunities  of  this weekend parties…  Its getting complicated… Eh?

There is one more thing, that you can do to have some unconditional no string attached fun at Halloween night with an older woman, which as I said above will be Wednesday night.

Halloween with older womanCasual Sex with Older Women

There will be a lot of people on the street on Wednesday night in any age, older and younger, wearing a Halloween costume.  Whether that costume sexy, funny, scary, or plain, gives you and to anyone else an opportunity to approach someone, with a simple comment: “I really like your costume.”

What ever costume she wears, if a hookup is in your mind, than that costume gives you a good starting point,  to start a conversion.  However to make it success you get to leave all the inhibitions you’d have as “yourself” at the door.

Costumes might be fun, but if you are really looking for  fun, try to find an older lady who wears a revealing sexy costume… A Halloween outfits that give a message, something like come on take me…  if you are smart and polite you might find an experienced lady  partner for the entirely night, or you can set up  “hot date” to the coming weekend.

If what ever reason it wont work for  you, well then you missed this big opportunity, and you just have to keep try to find somewhere via internet

booty call or nsa


Men’s Obsession With Anal Sex at Halloween

Gang-bang me at my Halloween party

Older woman younger man with her daughter | FMF threesome story

A young man had a  blind date with a girl from this adult dating website. According to him, his blind date turned to be a threesome with her and with her mother. Mother, daughter and him. A  lot of young man fantasize about something like this…

Is it true woman – man – woman fmf threesome story? I am not sure, but I know for facts things like this have happened and happens more often than one would think.

fmf threesomeMy fmf  threesome 

Anyways the story is:

My friend and I were looking for girls to have casual fun and maybe more,  with them, but things just did not work out. He met and I did meet with several girls but all of them wanted serious relationship from the beginning. I am 25 years old student, and single, I really do not scare from any heterosexual relationship, however I do not like it when someone on the first date start with brainwash about commitment and how many children do I want.

I did not serious relationship, and the last thing what I need is a child, but I wanted to have sex,  and if the sex is good, who knows where it would lead to…

We just wasted our time, until one day. On that day we found two girls on this website. Two friends, like us. They did not have picture posted, but we were lucky enough to talk them into a blind date at Friday night. We decided to meet them at coffee shop, at early evening  then go to see a movie and after that, all four of us will go out for dinner and some drinks.

It was the plan, but it did not happened that way. As a lot student as I have to work to pay my school,  I have  part time job as IT support.  Unfortunately I had to stay at work, so I called my buddy on his cell and to let him know I got tied up at work and I going to have to meet with them at the restaurant.

When I got there I saw my friend with the two girls immediately. Non of the girls was my type. My buddy sat next to on of the girl, so I set down at the table’s opposite site, next to the other girl. I took a very close look at her and realized again, she is not that type of girl that I like. Not that she was ugly or dirty, but just wasn’t that type of girl who I wanted to date.

So we had our diner and few drinks. Of course we talked about, this and that and music and life and she seemed like a nice person. I really didn’t want to get into anything with her so I told to them I will call the end of the night and go home. Well, she asked me to give her a ride. We spent several hours together, so I thought it would be rude to ask her to get taxi to go home, so I said sure.

older womanOlder Women Looking for Playmates for FMF Threesome

I figured I will take her home and if she starts to talk about  relationship, I will tell her I am not interested. On our way she told me, her mom is at home waiting for her and we manged to have on other small talk  about politics…  It did take me about 15 minutes to get her place, when we got there I parked my car at the front of her home.

She said thanks for the ride and to return the favor she insisted on me coming in for one more drink. The house was was very nice outside, I did not mind to check it out, how it look inside, so I  decided to go in and have a coffee…

She did not call me in the house, instead she directed me to the backyard, there was a surprising big swimming pool and a nice area with trees and plants to sit. I had a seat and made some comment how big is that pool and how nice is the surrounding area.  She told me, her mom is an competitive swimmer and she swims a lot every day,  then she went inside to make that coffee.

I drank that coffee and she had an ice tee, in the mean time we talked some more, then the patio door opened and it was her mom. She introduced me to her and I immediately realized that her mom looks extremely good. I asked my date;  is she going to introduce me to her dad too? She said maybe one day, but not today because her parents divorced when she was baby and her dad not even living in our city in fact not even in US.

moms want to have funmom want to play too

Than her mom excused herself and told to us she just wanted to do some laps in the pool before go to sleep, so if we didn’t mind she will do so.  It was fine for me, it was her home, so she does what ever she want. Her daughter did not look happy about it, but  she was  her mom and  I guess she did want to say no to her mom.

Than came the first surprise of thee night… Mom decided to jump into the water, but before that she took her clothes off, just three fit a way from me. She was wearing nothing but Eva’s costume. She looked even better naked, I never saw woman with body like hers in real, only on YouTube before that night. Muscular, but not too muscular, very nice long legs and small, hard looking ass, and man what a perky set of breasts she had!

She had all my attention. And my prick too… it saluted her body with one of the hardest erections that I had lately. Of course I heard before – older woman younger man – but when I pictured an older woman in my mind, on that picture was some ugly old wrinkly woman, not a sexy lady, like my date’s mom.

Now what? I couldn’t hide my erection, because I just wear a summer shorts and my erected penis was bouncing out of my shorts. I was trying to figure out what to do with it… then the mother climbed out from the water, came over me and ask, do I need some help.

Help? What for? I asked her back, and than the game begun. Your dick look beautiful under your shorts, she panted. It looks so big and hard and suck-able! Take those shorts off before I ripe them off, she whispered. I guess I was quite a sight sitting there in the shorts with a very visible hard on.

I got ride off the shorts and told to her how magnificent is her body. She shrugged off the compliment and cupped her tits in her palms, then she banded over me and pushed one of them into my mouth. Her nipples were hard, hot, sweet and sensitive. I sucked it like kid a candy…. actually they weren’t sweet, they it tasted like chlorine, from the pool’s water. I did not care how that hard titties taste, I just kept sucking and licking them.

And came the second surprise. Her daughter came closer to us and  she was bare naked too.  Your cock is really nice, I can almost feel it in my mouth, she said and she got down on her knees and her busty fingers started to work on the base of my shaft.

Then mother and daughter looked knowingly at each other and went for my hard dick and soon two mouth was working on my cock, two really hot mouths. At that time I did not think, my date is not my type of woman…  It is incredible how fast things can change in a short time.

As I said at above I heard before older woman – younger man sex relationship and I knew, a lot of older women loves younger men, but I could not imagine myself to fuck an older woman and her daughter at the same time.

The mother’s tongue trailed down and up on my shaft, then she took it’s red head between her lips and lowered her mouth onto it. She created a wonderful suction, with her lips and tongue and how she moved her head up and down on my rock hard cock. Then her daughter took it over. She concentrated on my cock-head, circling it with her hot tongue, licking off the pree cum that oozed up from its tip. Her mother kept massaging my swollen balls. I sighted as I felt a huge pressure build at the base of my cock. Then I burst like a dam and I started pumping strongly and started to moaning…

You two are fantastic… and I sprayed my load… into her face, like a fire hydrant.  After a short rest we started romping around naked, in and out from the pool and we did fuck each other in several position. They even blindfolded me, then stretched out on the camping bad and I had to say which one of them riding on my dick…

horny older womenMother  & Daughter Looking for Boy Toys for FMF Threesome 

Well this one the first night of many, that what we spend together. Our relationship turned to be a really good friendship, friendship with erotic benefits. I had so much quality sex with them… for months.

At one day I thought I can’t handle them anymore. I had difficulties to get my prick hard. Both of them was always horny and they made sure, they used all of my man power. I tried a lot of magic pills, and vitamins, healthy eating, everything that man can try, but they did not make much different. I knew our sex friendship will be over, if I can’t perform and my brain did not want it to be over, but my cock did not wanted to get hard enough  so I decided to take a break…

The brake lasted just for three weeks long, but this is an other story.

Read more about: Older woman, younger man.

Older couple takes home two young men

We are happily married in the last 25 years,  and having a son. He studies in a near by city’s university, therefore we are free to play, when ever we fill like it, but it wasn’t always like this.

mfm threesomesOlder Women for No String Attached Sex

swingers sexchubbypussy4two

We love each other very much, but to be very honest our sex life was having lack of spark in the last several years. We were extremely busy with works and the kid, but when he moved out things changed at home… We had a lot of extra time. So we started talking and talking about sex and our sex life and we need to do something about it…

It was just talk, no any other thing happened, until one day… At that day my wife’s company had a dinner party. She is in the middle management, they handed out some bonus, etc. We had a couple of drink, than a party was over. My wife suggested to go to a close by night club have some more drinks and we did so. Continue reading...

sex datingolder women for younger men

That place is a very popular place for students, and it was at a Friday nights, so it was packed. So to make the story short… Somehow we started to chat with two guys. They were University students and just few years older than our son.

We had a drink than other drink, than came the last call. We were tipsy and they were tipsy too, and we wanted to drink more. There wasn’t open anything else, so we invited them to our home.

I am not going to give a lot of details, but  few hours later the two guys and I ended up in a big all you can eat sex play. Of course there was penetrative sex too, a lot… This was our first no string attached sex play, and we are hooked on since.

Young single men can get attached to an older woman easily, so we “changing” them often. The problem is: Because our position, discretion is most, but we not play at home anymore, not even in our city and we do not let them know our personal information, try to make it as safe as possible.

Therefore  we try to select very carefully, but lately there are shorties of  willing, quality young men. A lot of them chickens out when they hear, I the husband will be there and will play too. So we lower them in their age. This creates a “moral” issues…

What do you think? Having sex with a person or two persons who  20 years or more younger than you, is that wrong? Continue reading...


no string attached sexLoveSpell11

Age is just a number, so I would say go for it… As long as your play partners age is legal and your wife like them, why not?

It’s not like she is planning on marrying him. I’ve had some of my best sex with younger men. (Not that there’s anything wrong with older men!)… Continue reading...

nsa sexOlder Women Looking For Adult Games

NSA sexfoxeyatfifty

It varies from person to person… Depending on your youthful
looks and money, and on your partners preferences.

For me 20 years different it to much. My age preference is ten years
either way… Continue reading...


no string attached sexcumagain1961

Age is just a number to indicate the experience… But if you like them young, then get them young as long as it makes you both happy.

Just keep playing… Continue reading...

swingers sex partiesOlder Women Younger Men

swingers sexgoodstuff1954

If you both enjoy it the sex than, don’t worry about the age difference.  Do it again and again, teach  them…

List later on someone else will enjoy their knowledge and experience… Continue reading...


swingers sexrm_CarolnRick

My wife & I just had play date with a man 21 years her
junior… He said he is 28,  but I don’t think he was more than 23…

But as long as the person is older than 18, than legal, list in our state. Anyway sex with a younger person is very rewarding & very erotic and extremely  stimulating. Continue reading...


older womenSpecificPurpose

I like them young… and handsome.

Wanna play? Continue reading...

older womanSwingers NSA Sex Dating Ads

First date sex with an older woman

How strong should you come on during first meet or first date with older women?

I am a young man, but love older women. I have met two ladies for coffee recently, one in late 40s and the other early 50s. We had a very friendly meet over a dinner (I paid) and discussed our backgrounds etc. but I did not say anything about sex & neither did they.

casual sexErotic Adult Dating Ads

young manyoung-stud

Got a follow up email from both saying thanks but no thanks. I had sent to both, naked  full body pictures, (they requested) a face picture and my profile is very honest, it gives my height & weight.

I am wondering if I should have come on a lot stronger in the sex department?

How do you know what a lady is looking for casual sex if they don’t tell you. I told them I would like to see them again and would like to go further. Continue reading...


adult datingErroticMassage4U

The first meet is just for that, unless you’ve worked something out in specific with whomever you’re corresponding with, it’s just a get to know each other meeting.

Pushing yourself on someone just because they answered an email from you on this site means nothing. Consider this the same as any other dating site in that regard, you have to earn a lady’s attentions, and nothing is guaranteed.

If you want to be sure, keep it in your pants and seek to make a friend first,more will follow eventually

Some guys proclaiming they can get laid tonight, and they got many times. It can happen, but keep in your mind, this is an erotic dating site, but no one owes anyone sex just for meeting with them… However a lot of women looking for one night stand only… so it happens. Continue reading...


no string attached sexspicycinnamon-baby-lips

I am here for nsa sex, I do not have time to meet again and again.

Just look at this website, it is not as church’s website, so of course these ladies came her in the hope of sex… Even dough we are living in this new-age nsa  hookup culture, people like you still viewing sex on the first date as a make-or-break moment, leaving most of us to agonize over what the right move is.

If you find your dating partner attractive then you should have absolutely no qualms about going for it. What can you lose? They might say no, or you might have sex… No other possibility…

Therefore coming on a bit stronger may prove far more beneficial. As things stand, it`s not working for you.

Who knows? They may be waiting for you to make the first move. If you don`t ask, if you don’t try, you obviously don’t get. Continue reading...

adult datingCasual Sex Dating Ads

adult datingHere_again_4_You

I understand those ladies.

I’m sure the ladies in question don’t want to see you again because you didn’t throw them down and tear their clothes off, in fact did not even try.

Women, special older women comes here for sex, they don’t have time and energy for romantic candle light dinner and talking about your background. Continue reading...


Older womantakeme

If I meet someone, who might turn ti be a sex partner, I will bring up sex before the actual date. Maybe you should have mentioned sex before the meeting, you did not do it, so you should do in face to face.

I think your problem is, you are not confident enough… Remember confidence  is sexy.

Sounds to me that maybe since you said you’d like to see them again for dinner or a movie maybe they think it’s just for things like that and not sex?

Anyways, by the time I meet a man for the first meeting, we know where we want it to go and we know what the other wants. Continue reading...


swingers sexi-play-alone

Just think with your big head…. Older women want to have sex with younger men. They don’t need romance in the movie theater…

Your bigger head should make much better decisions then the little one, however you should try to use the little one too… and not for thinking Continue reading...


first date sexR-uredy

I know why I am meeting with someone, and it is not for coffee or free diner. I can afford a diner alone, but I can’t have sex alone. That is just masturbation…

I tell them before we even meet lets be adults we either are a match and to a room we go, or we are adults and say it isn’t working for one of us.

This way no bad feeling, no one get hurt. It is a sex dating website, I am here for have NSA sex, and would rather know up front, I might have sex on the first date. Continue reading...


no string attached sex


Older women looking for younger men usually for sex.

Sounds like while they and you had a nice time maybe they were looking for a chemistry thing and it just didn’t happen for them.

Only my thoughts. Also what were the expectations? You might bring up the subject of sex, either way… List you will know what can you expect. Continue reading...


adult dating adsdadysgirl

It they aren’t into you, they aren’t into you. Often you don’t know if there will be chemistry between you until you meet up.

I think chemistry is a bit less important to men than it is for women.

Women know what they want. When they met you, they didn’t feel what they needed. Don’t worry, it’s not a reflection on you. It just means you weren’t the man
for them.

If you come on more strong, and they aren’t into you, you are likely to get a slap in the face. I think you did all right, because you got a thanks but no thanks email.

If they did not like you you’ll never get a chance to ask them out again, as you’ll be blocked.

So probably they think you are to nice to have sex with…. Older women like bad boys… Continue reading...

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31 years old woman never had mind blowing orgasm

I am a married women with two kids. My husband is a wonderful man as a man, but a sloppy lover…. I am just 31 years old and never had “mind blowing” orgasm.. About 2 months ago I started having an overwhelming urge to have sex with an older man.

no string attached sexmarried women looking for nsamarried31

Older man, because I think and I heard of, older men take their time, they don’t rush and they are experienced in love making.

I tried to find compatible man, but did not find. But the good news is, I’ve been contacted by a nice married couple who is interested in having a threesome with me.

At first my plan was to only be involved with a man – hopefully one who would be my “friend with benefits“. The man says he enjoys spoiling his wife and they would like to spoil me and bring me into their bed. She said her husband capable to give me the “Fuck of my life time” and she would be very happy to assist for both of us…

The idea is very exiting – what lady doesn’t want to be spoiled? But not sure I should do it… I’m concerned about my husband, he works very hard to satisfy me, but he can’t.

Yes, I know this is wrong and it is rude to my husband so beyond the obvious… But what else should I do?  Continue Reading…



You are right, it is very rude to do it behind your husband, or other words it is cheating.

If I were you, I would tell my husband that I had a dream about a MFM threesome. Tell him in your dream him and an other man took turns and both of them  penetrated you several times. Tell him it was so real dream, you orgasmed twice…

If he wants you to tell him all the details of the dream or pushes you to talk more about it and your feelings – it is a turn on for him. Then keep the conversation going, ask if he’s every imagined you with another man.

Let the discussion build from there. In our open sexed world a lot of men love to see their wife with other man… Over several weeks or months you can talk your threesome idea into his head. Maybe you’ll be lucky and he’ll propose you act out your fantasy…  Continue Reading…

threeway sexthreesomenotsureyet

If you really must have this sexual experience, then I think you should talk to your husband about it.

Tell him that you have been having fantasies about sex with other man and that you want to know how he would feel about you exploring it.

Make it clear that you don’t want destroy your marriage and you do it only if he say ok and if he is present… ,

Maybe he will enjoy watching you, possibly join in or at least pleasuring himself while he watches you and the other man.But you should go step by step… Continue Reading…



So your planing to cheat on your husband? Your are sweet wife let me tell you. It is beyond rude, it is a betrayal to your husband and your children.

What will happen with your family? You are willing to destroy it for a cheap sexual thrill.  I have had many successful threesomes but I will give you no advice because you don’t deserve it… Continue Reading…

swingers sex

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