40s woman needs nsa playmates

Are you a middle aged woman? Or maybe older? Are you glad that you are over 40?

Great news if you are! A survey has found that men are more likely to choose a great looking older lady over a plain looking younger woman.

You’d think that men would always go for 20-year-old hotties, but they don’t. According to many surveys, men prefer attractiveness and experience over young age when selecting sex partner(s) for casual sex.

For example if you are a young man and looking  women for no string attached sex, just take a look at the lady at next, she is early forties and into young men.

She does show her face, that means  she have nothing to hide, she might be married or might be single, who knows, but she shows her face and that is a statement.  it states, you do not need to worry about crazy husband, I don’t have one, or if if I have he will be happy, finally someone can take care of my erotic needs.

Yes its true, many older women looking for younger men, because their husband even older than they are. When a man is young sex is fun, but when some men turn to be older men, then sex became dirty work, and they need help…

Anyway lets get back to our older women younger men scenarios froma different view.

40s ladyForties woman looking for playmate

There are surveys showing men different pix of attractive and not so attractive women of all ages.

An overwhelming number of men, including guys in their early 20s, chose attractive older woman aged from mid to late 40’s over an average looking woman or average looking girl of their own age.

So is it true, the older is better or men just like more experienced women?

A traditional male- female sex relationships are a wonderful thing. I call them traditional, because the guy is older then his female partner. If the guy much more younger – older women – younger men sex relationship might work on short term. On long term he might start to feel sexual much more often then she. A lot of older women – younger men sex relationship wont work, because one of them, usually the younger man, want to have sex, and the older women just want to have romance and hug.

However there is an exception… Older women – younger men sex relationship might work for very long, if she is an attractive lady with strong sex drive and if she is a good sex partner. The younger guy might have average sex drive or even weaker then average sex drive, also he might not be confident, because he is not an advanced lover.

In case like this, she can have a lot of fun with her boy toy, because her experience, her knowledge and her willingness to teach him, will fade a way the age different…

If you are a younger guy and looking for older experienced woman, who will not hesitating to fulfill her boy toy related sexual fantasy, you can find them here. I am sure many of them are from your city too…

Look at the lady again at next. She is forties and she is the same woman whom you already saw at above, just here she dropped her tiny red shirt and undies. As you can see,  the age shows on her face, but her buddy is in pretty good  shape. She would be able to satisfied even two men at the same time. It is fact, older women often fantasize sex with two men. They think, their sex life is almost over… and threesome is something that is on their  bucket list…

Anyways, she is on her knees, its a very suggestive photo, it suggesting she loves doggy style.

40s womanOlder Women Looking for Men

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Younger men date older women can be exciting – erotic and of course a lot of fun.  Plus older women often into first  date sex. They don’t  want to unlimited coffee date, they want hard core nsa sex.

Women – Sex – Cougar  women sexual frustration

Older women love younger men

In many cases younger men love older women, for example myself. I am a early thirties single man, never been married and love older women. As far as I can remember, I always attracted to older women, even today. At first I should define who is older women. Older woman in my dictionary is a woman, who is at list 15 years older than I am.

horny older womenOlder Women Looking For Younger Men

In my case my mom’s younger sister, Nancy. She was 28 years old, when I was 14. A 28 years old woman is not old at all, but she is older for a 14 years old boy. Today she is late forties, she is still not old and still very attractive woman.

Anyway she used to work at a cinema in the city center, when I get knocked at my early teenager age. I had seen a lot of great movies for free, she let me in without ticket when ever I asked her. Many times she provided coke and popcorn as a movie time treat, so as always like her, but not just because the free movies.

As a young teenage boy, who started to think a lot about women, I always loved her exotic smell of perfume and always liked her dressing style and always found her attractive.

At the age of 15 on I would often masturbate, imagining her titties. I had seen her in 2 pieces bikini many times, and it was very easy to imagine her naked. Her husband had a car accident and sadly, was permanently disabled in a wheel chair. She never left him, she worked hard to proved enough money for living, and this made her work many double shifts.

older women younger menOlder Women Looking For Younger Men

When I got my drivers license and my own car, I would sometimes be asked to pick her up to and from her work. On her way home as soon as she got into the car she would always remove her shoes and massage her feet. I got into the habit of letting her put her feet on my lap as we drove and at traffic lights massaging them for her.

Many times during the hot summers, she would tell me not to look as he pulled her skirt up and removed her pantyhose, pulling her skirt back into place. I’m not sure if it was real or just my imagination, but I thought I could also smell a scent of her pussy. In fact I did not know how does a pussy smell at that time, because of my very limited experienced in such matter.

One time she forgot her pantyhose in my car, for the next few days I masturbated heavily smelling them and managed to cum into the back of her panties, more than once.

younger looking womenbabydoe

I think she figured out what I have done with her panties, when she got it back… It was easy, her panties was hard, like waxed paper… She touched and put them into her purse with a strange smile on her face. I was wondering, will she say anything? She did not, just smiled.

About two weeks later, I totally understand her smile. If I go back in time now, it should not take me two weeks to understand, but it did… Anyway on that day we had a family get together to celebrate my mom’s 50-th birthday. Everyone was drinking more then should, including my aunt Nancy, so my parents did not want to call taxi for her, instead they asked me to drive her home. I was more than happy to do so… Continue Reading

However my aunt had a different idea… Continue Reading

Two young men with older woman. True mfm threesome story

I am a 44 year old woman. I consider myself attractive. My husband passed a way 3 years ago, leaving me widowed. I don’t need a husband, I don’t need commitments but I need sex. Because of my occupation (I own and run a law office) I don’t want to get into the bar scene. I didn’t know where to find what I need, until recently…

horny older womenOlder Women – Younger Men

If you would like to know what happened, please keep reading…  On a nice day,  I got a  case with a new client. She was the owner of the local swingers club with a website. It is very similar to the Swingers Affair’s website. She believed her web hosting service redirects her web traffic, on simple English this is stealing. But I am not here to talk about my job.

I needed to study – monitor the website to make sure she is right, therefore I spend a lot of time browsing that website. Her web site have a large user base with a lot of profiles and lot of very erotic ads, I red a lot of them. And it just happened, those ads turned me on. My long time erotic fantasy is to make love with two young guys at once.

And  than I ran into an ad. “Two young couples looking for older women for adult fun.” I did not hesitate.  Their phone number was publish,  I called it. A man with deep sexy voice answered the phone. I was very nervous, but what the heck, I just know it “I am the woman who they are looking for.” I told myself. I explained everything to him. I told him I had built up a lot of frustration the past three years and now I need men. I don’t need their wives, I just need them.

older womanolder woman looking for younger men

Also I told him because of my occupation, discretion is a must. And after this I wasn’t nervous anymore. We chatted for about two hours on the phone and at the end we set up a meeting at a close by café house next evening.

nsa sexNo String Attached Casual Sex Dating Ads

I hung the phone up and started to think: What am I doing? At a café? I am not a virgin. I don’t have time for these dating games.  I don’t need café date, I need sex, a lot of sex and need it now or as soon as possible.  Than I made a plan. After several phone calls everything was ready for my party. I reserved a suite for tomorrow in one of the downtown hotels.

The day past by fast.  Around 7 pm, I called the yesterday’s phone number. The same bedroom voice answered the phone. I told  him something happened and I not sure when I finish at work today, therefore I can not go to the  café, but I do not want to cancel our date. I asked him what about if he and his friend wait for me in the hotel room.

He did not have a problem with this. Basically nothing happened at work, but this was the easiest way to invite them to the hotel room and this left me a narrow escape way, if they turn to be not attractive enough. In that case I can say that, sorry gentlemen, but I have to leave you because something happened.

adult sex adscreolelicious

I arrived at 10. A tall handsome young man opened the suite’s door. He introduced himself as Sam and with a gesture invited me to the room. He was the deep voice guy that I talked with on the phone. The living room was nicely furnished and soft music was playing. He asked me what would I like to drink. I told him a Martini is fine. He yelled my order to the other room, (I figured there was the bar and the other guy) then he took my hand into his and asked me what my expectation was from this night.

I thought I was to shy to talk about my expectation, because it was only XXX rated sex. However his gentlemanly manner and deep sexy voice made it easy for me. We were chatting soon about love making details, when the other guy came in with a tray, and three glasses on it.

Sam introduce me to Larry. Larry was tall and blond. He wasn’t wearing a shirt. One look at his athletic body made my juices flow. He excused himself for a moment and left into the other room while Sam invited me to dance. We were very close, I felt his penis on my crotch. I thought my nipples would burn a hole in my bra… Finally Sam’s hand found my breast and his mouth my neck. I swooned as he started to play with my hard nipples.

Larry returned, but I did not see him until he pulled my dress’s shoulder straps off my shoulder. I let it fall to the floor and in one step and I was dancing with a young man who was a stranger to me, only with my sexiest lace panties and bra on. Larry rubbed his hard-on against my ass. Then Sam knelt in front of me and Larry took my bra off. At the same time Sam pulled my panties down, spread my vaginal lips and started to perform oral sex on my pussy.

Larry held me from behind by my breasts. My nipples perked out from the erotic excitement. It had been over three years since a man touched my naked body and over 20 years since someone performed oral sex on me.

casual sexfree2play

My husband was a conservative man, he never went down on me. I have an orgasm almost immediately. After they put me in the 69 position and Larry started to suck my clitoris. Sam laid down under me and started to suck my boobs. With little movement I managed to get Sam’s penis into my mouth and tried to give him a blow job. As soon as he realized what I tried to do, he changed his position and started to face fuck me. I was in a sex heaven and came again.

They changed positions again and turned me on my back. One of them licked my pussy and pushed two fingers into my juicy beaver and finger fuck me and the other sucked my nipples. I came again.

no string attached sexErotic Adult Dating Ads

Then they guided me into the doggy style position again.  Sam rolled up a condom on his large dick and went behind me. He hold my ass with both hands, left me up a bit and put his dick into my love tunnel which sucked it in as a hungry shark. He started to pump me. Larry rolled up a condom also and knelt front of me. He inserted his penis into my mouth. He hold me by my breasts with both hands. He started pumping also. After a few movements we got the right rhythm and moved nicely together. Larry fucked my mouth as hard he could, deeper and deeper. Actually he fucked my throat. Than they changed. Sam moved front of me, and Larry penetrated  my vagina.

With the same rhythm  Larry pumped my vagina with such  power his bolls hit my clitoris  every time when he pushed his meat in.

I cried out loud. I had it all! One man behind me grabbing my ass with his penis in my vagina. The other men front of me, stroking my breast and his penis in my mouth.

It was a night of my lifetime, I believed. However after our second meeting I realized it can always get better….

Take a look at our Older Women – Younger Men on-line photo album’s XXX action picture.

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For more threesome info with older woman, visit our erotic on-line forum – magazine erotic dating advice line.

Female – female – male threesomes. She can have dick and pussy too…

A lot of men believe older women better, they have more experience and experience does  count in casual sex…

The female – female – male threesomes are more common in the today’s open sexuality world, because the large number of bi sexual women. It does not depends on women age, it depends on sexuality. In ffm threesome she can have what ever she prefer, woman or man, or both in the same time, which mean dick and pussy at the same time.

A married couple’s fantasy threesome with another guy

adult dating freeAdult Dating – Free to Join in


We are a young married couple and I consider ourself open minded. I think my wife is a little exhibitionist, we never talked about this, but I know it from her “actions”.

How do I know? When we go out for dinner or a night club she shows a lot of skins, and if she realizes a guy watch her, she even shows more… And this turns me on, and this how “things” started.

I can see guys want her… and I told her my fantasy is she I and have a  threesome with another guy, I want to watch her while she have sex with another man.

She said, that would be fun… . A few weeks later, I tried to ask her to find a guy… so  brought it up again, but this time she said she couldn’t it. She said she scares I can handle to see her to get fucked by someone else.

My problem is, I know she done it before in her university age with several different men, and I am okay with that and now I want to experience the same and she does not want to do… and I am not okay with this.

It hurts… she did with others and does not want to do with me. My question is, what should I do about  to get her change her mind? Continue Reading…

swingers sexOlder Couples Looking for Young Bulls

horny couplehappilyhorny

From a woman’s perspective,   I would never do anything that I don’t want. And if someone try to talk me into, that even makes a No, I don’t want it stronger…

If your wife like her student’s year threesomes than it might will happen again, you just have to be ready.

For me, I was never really interested in casual sex or threeways, and  then all of a sudden at once we watched a part of a porn movie, two guys fucked a woman and it just got me…

I told my husband that woman looked like she really had several orgasm… and I told him that was a lot of fun. He agreed, and said that looked really real and a lot of fun. Anyway it was probably two years later before our first mfm threesome happened, and it was a wonderful sexual experience.  Continue Reading…

swingers sexWomen’s Erotic Spring Fever

sex datingwannabefuncpl

I had similar erotic fantasy during sex with my wife. Sometimes I had hard time to cum and I fantasized she and an other man have sex and I watch them. It always worked… it made me cum  and I told her this fantasy. She just laughed off and  said she is to old for this, she just have one pussy and that is my.  She is 44, so I don’t think she is old.

Than it happened, she got some kidney problem and she was very sick for months, and when she recovered said “let’s have that threesome now because if we don’t we might never have and we might regret it later on.

It took us a few months to find the right guy, but since that first, things rolling smooth and easier. It is fact, threesomes are not for everyone, but if you can handle to see a stranger’s dick in her, than you will have a lot of fun… Continue Reading…


nsa sexweRnewcpl

We love mfm threesomes too but not easy to find the right guys. I am the first to admit that I am (the wife) the picky one – whether we try to pick couples or singles up.

This has caused tension a few times as my husband doesn’t understand why I sometimes veto his choices.

I told him, we play together we choose together. I do not have any specific reason why I don’t like some people, they are nice and clean, etc. just an uneasy feeling. But there are others that I am okay with and there’s no unease in my part.

Anyone have similar experience? Just gut-feelings? Jealousy? Something else? Continue Reading…

older womanOlder Women for Younger Men

casual sex1canuck

It is chemistry, you do not have or can develop chemistry with those people. You do not find them sexually attractive, does not matter how clean and how nice they are. Threesome or not, casual sex or not, they not meant to be your sex partner.  Continue Reading…

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Older MILF & Cougars, I love them!

I red the previous post about MILF and Cougars and I have a related problem… Maybe someone can help me.  Actually I really hope there is help for me here… My problem is related to my age…

horny couples

swingers sexseanflynn556

I don’t like the the words Older MILF & Cougars, let just say older women… I am having trouble meeting people on here because I am younger than most.

Should I just give up? Is it my problem I am attracted to older women? Continue Reading…


NSA sexjust_say_hi

Whether you should or shouldn’t give up is entirely up to you…

In regards to your second question, I don’t know that it’s really anyones problem, but if it is, I would say it would have to be your problem since the older Ladies nor anyone else has control over what you are and are not attracted to… Continue Reading…


casual sexVickie_Jo

The problem for some is in what social venue do you meet?

You can’t get into a bar, club, or other adult venues at your age and most older women don’t want to meet at Burger King or the mall.

While in a perfect world age shouldn’t make a difference (provided we are talking old enough to be of legal consent), this world isn’t perfect.

Not to mention that while your preference may be older women (and you are
entitled to your preference) older women have their preferences as well.

Some like a nice fresh meat… some like their’s more seasoned! Continue Reading…

Local NSA Sex Dating

erotic dating4Tamiris

I as one of the “older women” who do like younger guys, and after consulting your profile… It is definitely NOT any “age gap”.

It is that you are lacking maturity. You are 19, Point! You might try to find young women on here in your age group without any “age gap”. Chances are low that you’ll find.

I will not teach you what you could do better to present yourself better. I’m not your Mom. Please come back and be attracted to “older women” when you are able to give us Ladies something as a Man. Not even asking for a Gentleman. Continue Reading…


NSA sexfoxeyatfifty

Upgrade your membership from free to paid and have a look around. Yes there are women on here who are interested in men as young as you.

But in reality you are young enough to be one of our kids… So you may have to upgrade and do hell of a lot of searching.

Now what your problem is not your attraction to the more mature body. I think it is just to look for someone more experienced. And I found time and time again, alot of men your age, want sex for their own satisfaction and think because we are more mature and on a sex sight we are  desperate.

Your own erotic satisfaction not turn me on at all… and teach sex or love making techniques is not at the top of my wish list.

I will agree with the poster above me, it is preference. And I prefer the gents I meet
to be closer to my age, both life experiences and sexual experience. Continue Reading…


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NSA sexSexy1Macy

You are 19 and attracted to older women. Good thing you aren’t attracted to younger women.

You would really be fucked then, plus that might put you in jail… Continue Reading…


swinger coupleplaycouple

Can you play with couple? Or are you willing to give it a try to play with couple?

If yes, than don’t go; update your profile and browse. I’m sure there are plenty of couples  with cougars here (like us) who’d love to meet you!

We signed up not long ago here because we want threesomes with younger men exclusively. Continue Reading…


erotic datingouttherelinda

Only you can decide whether you should stay or go.

It is hard for just about everyone to find genuine people here who meet our criteria. Your age and your life experience is something that will work against you as most women are not interested in someone that young.

However there are women who like playing with young men.

Either way you need to have a great deal of patience and be willing to make a huge effort in being pro-active.  Continue Reading…

adult dating

NSA sexNaughtyLilBrat69

Your age is not a problem unless you make it one

Make sure you put what you are looking for in your profile, and if, when you are checking someone else’s out I recommend reading the write up and check out the compatibility chart so that you will know if you are what they are looking for and vice versa.

But to do this, you need to have paid membership. Continue Reading…


older womanscarletgirl0

hello seanflynn556

As an older girl who is very attracted to younger boys, it’s a profile that attracts me to them. I treat the boys I talk to as equals what ever their age. Personally
I am looking for young men who has a polite and romantic profile I am looking for a sensitive lover who is looking to share an affair not someone who is looking for a someone who is looking for a mother figure or a teach or a one night stand.

Your profile is a little short, one sided, selfish. Think about what you really really want, make sure you take time to make your profile reflect that clearly.

Tell  a little about yourself, , your everyday interests eg. sports music films hobbies etc.

Those sort of things  will make you stand out from other young men here and might catch older ladies attention…

Also put a copy of your profile on your blog too to get maximum exposure. Continue Reading…


adult datingAntiquePearl

Your profile is not saying that older women are also welcome. So, many of older women would take your initiation as one of them who go through typical phase – “Okay, nobody respond. Let’s try older women, they must be desperate and would be easy pick up.”

So, women just ignore you most of cases.

If you wanted them to take your offer seriously, you need to make your statements clear. Also, selectively send out initiation to ladies who is saying they like younger guys.

Saying “fancy a young man?” is not enough. It’s done already by a lot  of young guys before you reach there.

When you initiate contact, tell women specifically what you can offer. That would be different from all other young people. Continue Reading…