Are you into taboo sex, or taboo role play?

Taboo means something that our society against, for example “O daddy your cock feel so good“. This is taboo. Role playing and taboo? I don’t think anything taboo in role play. Role play is just a play, a sex play with sex partners, who play a character. Even if its “O daddy, it’s feel so good”, daddy is not a biological daddy, he just plays her father in role play. I think that is not taboo sex.

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Anyways, hard to define taboo sex these days. Pretty much everything we can think of we can do, if we are looking for and find sex partners on adult dating web sites like our sponsors website. There are preferences and there are taboos, don’t miss use these two words. Continue reading…

There, even in our sexually open world are still a few things that people consider taboo in love making and in casual sex too. Even though in this days very few things are off limits in casual sex. Usually these are the erotic things in love making that brings us here… These things make us so horny that we can’t last more than a minute, and we don’t want tot talk about it with our loved one, but we have no problem to talk about it with our casual sex partners… Strange world, eh?

One night stand and erotic on-line dating and threesomes and here are still sex play scenarios that are taboo for some. It is hard to believe, but it is true. I believe in as long as you are enjoying yourself and no one is being harmed, and there are no incest going on, than its not taboo, not for me. But that is just me, there are a lot of taboo for others, even for people who visits website like this.

Let’s talk about some taboo sex acts that you might enjoy. Continue reading…

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Enter in the back door, or to name the child “Anal Sex“.

For a lot of people anal sex is till taboo. Most men dream of performing it on women, but they are not dream about to being at the receiving end. Is it fear? I don’t know, but for me the anus created for something else. It is fact, anal sex is older than religion, and if something stay this long with us, than that thing can’t be bad. I am a woman, I don’t like anal sex, but if you and your partner into it, than enjoy it. I don’t think anal sex is taboo.

Performing Oral Sex On A Woman While She Is On Her Period

This one is taboo for me, not just taboo but disgusting too. I don’t want to make love with Dracula, no blood bath, not even in role play. However I knew men who claim they enjoy perform oral sex on their female partner during her period. They say, women are much more sensitive and much more horny during their period. There is no blood, their lady clean up nicely and use tampon. The tampon seals, so they just need to deal with that thin string.

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Some women enjoy receiving oral sex while on their period, some claim, they can not obtain orgasm at any other times. They like it, I don’t.  I do not mind penetrative sex during period, but oral…? Tampon or not, it is just not for me. Continue reading…

Group Sex

This is very taboo to some people. Definitely not for everybody, but not a taboo at all. What ever you wish for, you can find partner here. Having an sex in a room filled with people moaning and groaning is the ideal thing for some people here. I been there, watched that, it was like watching porn DVD, just happened in real time.


Hot wife is taboo for some, and it against all possible religion. But not all of us are religious, therefore a lot of married couple fantasies about hotwifing. Most of them never make it happen, because they do fear of what their extra partner might think of them. However if they can make it happen, it provide sexual satisfaction for both. In hotwifing the husband set up the sex dates, he communicates with the other man, and  watch the action. Hotwifing more kinky than taboo.

hotwifing CoupleHotwifing Couple Looking for Playmates

The benefits of hotwifing,  the husband and the wife fulfill their long time erotic fantasy.

There are many other sex plays, that can be taboo for some some, I think as long as there is sex, there is going to be taboo sex acts. As long as is not incest and you and your partner both agree to it, there is nothing wrong with it. I just can hope you will enjoy it… Continue reading…


Do You Think Sex During Her Period is Taboo?

Mother & son incest fantasy


Sex Party in September

A sex party sounds silly and taboo for a lot of people at anytime, not just in September. I don’t think you are one of those people, or you would not read this.

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Everything Goes Sex Parties

I am sure you are curious about sex parties and if you know a few things about them and if you know how to host a good one, and you decide to host one, you should make your home work, before you jump into hard core sex partying…

Anyways, you never know what will happens until you not try, but I can say it from experience, a good sex party can give you and your partner a sexual high at any month, not just in September…

What makes a sex party a good sex party?

The best sex parties have themes or role playing. Themes like pajama party, or roman orgy, or no underwear party, or wear limited clothes ( 2- 3 pieces) . Role playing sex parties, like erotic photography, or erotic move making, or techer and students, etc.

Does not matter if your party is a themed party or not, either way, you and your invited guests have to enjoy it. Its applies for any party, a party is a good party as long as the participating persons have a good time. If it is a sex party and you and your lover or partner enjoy it, and don’t cross your own intimate boundaries, than is no problem. In fact there is no harm in trying something new and sexually exciting.

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Adult parties and sex.

On the traditional world, sex is privet matter between two people.  However our world is not a traditional world and sex can be a privet matter between two or more people, even though your neighbors think that is wrong.

I am don’t worry about what others think, its my life  and my sex life. If you’re in a secure relationship with your partner, and both of you really love each other, don’t let anyone to set the boundaries for you on what’s right or what’s wrong.

So how to start?

At first you have to have, invite willing people. If you do not know anyone, browse the Internet. There are millions of men women and couples, virtually from or close to any city, who are like you – curious about sex party. Find them contact them and invite them.

The second option is faster and easier, get together with your friends and ask them to bring someone to party with. Ask them to find willing partner, then you just need to worry about your partner.

The best party is   happens if the number of people right… which is 6 – 8 people. If your living room, or a hotel room  is full with naked people, that is something that not a lot of people enjoys, except if they exhibitionist. A good sex party don’t need more than 3 or 4 couples.

sex party

A sex party starts like any other party and does not have to end up with intercourse. There are many different kind of sex. If someone decide to have penetrative sex, than you should provide a “play room” except if they like to be  watched.

People at sex parties many times go somewhere privet to go all the way, and this is “totally” except able.

A good sex party  happens when the participating people are don’t scare a little voyeurism, they open minded. They should be clean should look sexy and healthy. If you partner have a terrible headache, well that is just kill the party mood.  Continue reading…


Sex Parties and gangbangs

I am just thinking about sex parties and  my pussy getting wet

69 Oral Sex Position

Is it true? Is 69 is the worst oral sex position?

A lot of people believe, 69 is the worst oral sex position. Maybe they are right, however it have one positive thing in. The partners do each other at the same time, so it might help to overcome on a do it or don’t hesitation (if one of them hesitate). 69 is a good oral sex position to learn to tolerate the receiving and the giving pleasure of oral sex.

Voyeurism loversWhat is 69 anyway?

69 is the oral sex position when a man does oral on a woman at the same time she perform oral sex on him. For example on our page header, the couple right at the middle of a traditional 69.They are performing cunnilingus and fellatio at the same time on each other.

Couples, who into nsa sex, usually enjoy oral sex, but not all of them big fun of 69. To reach orgasm in oral sex, the partners often have to concentrate on hard. It is very hard to concentrate on to receive and at the same time perform it on your partner.

However experienced couples love 69. They love the feeling of being sucked and suck in the same time. Practice make perfects.

On our page header is a basic 69 position. A man and a women perform oral sex, on each other at the same time. He is on his back, face up, she is laying on him face to his penis. Continue Reading…

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The basic 69 oral sex position

He lays flat on his back. She knees top of him with open legs – face to his legs. Between her legs is his head. She can adjust her body position – to lower – or higher with opening or closing her legs wider. If she is tall, probably he needs a pillow or pillows under his head to get easy access to her vagina and to make his position more comfortable. Continue Reading…


Hubby want me to have anal sex with his friend

I born to be hot wife, that is why I love hotwifing

Oral Sex Cunnilingus Fellatio

Before any misunderstanding, fellatio is not a weapon from the middle age, fellatio is oral sex performed upon a penis. Fellatio is a very popular foreplay activity, prior to vaginal or anal forms of intercourse, or it may be performed to take him to the no return point. In this case he will have orgasm and he will ejaculate semen.

oral sex positionsCunnilingus is the act of using the mouth, lips, and tongue to stimulate the female genitals.

Other words: Eating her pussy. Both, fellatio and cunnilingus can be performed by same sex couples too. In fact it is same sex couples’ most popular sexual activity.

In our open sexed casual sex dating world, is impossible being a competitive and good sex partner with out performing oral sex. No string attached sex play and in oral sex, knowledge is something that you need to work on, if you would like to give and receive oral pleasure.

Oral sex is like any other sexual activity, you need to know what you do…

If you are a man and would like to make your no commitment female sex partner happy, don’t hesitate. Put your face between her legs and make her day. A freshly washed pussy is cleaner and contains less bacteria, then her mouth. So if you don’t mind to kiss her, than go down on her and apply your tongue on her vulva.

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Casual Sex & Oral Sex

On the other side, if you are a woman, the above apply to you too. The only difference is, you have to love men and you have to love their penises. If you do not love penis, than casual sex relationship  definitely not for you. Without penis, there is no man – woman relationship exist.

Casual sex relationship, swinging and oral sex is so close, almost like a must for both genders, when it comes to erotic plays. However the personal hygiene and in some cases protection is very important, not only for oral sex, but any type of no commitment sexual activity.

Who should go down on first?

It is very polite and usually ends up in great and a lot of penetrative sex if a man go down first on the lady. If he did you, I mean if he performed oral sex on you, if he “ate” your  pussy, you as a woman, should not hesitate. Return the favour and meet face to face with his penis.

Give him a blow job. He will really appreciate your effort. There are a lot of oral sex positions, the limit is only your fantasy.

Read more about oral sex…


Oral sex tips for him. How to eat her pussy.

Mind Blowing Leisure Sex with Ice & Hot Tongue

Oral sex tips for him. How to eat her pussy.

Make her day! Go down on her and eat her pussy. Penetrative sex better if oral sex is part of the fore play! Sex will be better, better sex, bigger orgasm, more fun! If you can do it, you have a lot of chance to repeat the action at many times in the feature.

no string attached sexAs anything in the life as oral sex too need preparation. The question is, how to prepare for oral sex?

horny couplehappilihorny

For oral sex both partners need to be prepared. Bath, trim, shave, and brush your tongue. Put some perfume on to the right places, but never ever, wear cologne that costs under $40. (Bottled farts will attract more men or women). If you can not afford a good quality perfume, then don’t wear any at all. Some sop and water can make wonder with out perfume, and or you can use deodorant.

Eating your female partner pussy. Eating her pussy will make her day.

A polite guy will go down on her first. If you want to be that polite man, do her first. You shouldn’t give her signals to go down on you, before you did it on her. If you do not like eating pussy, you better change your like and dislike, because most of the ladies in casual sex love oral sex more then the actual intercourse. Also you should know, even if you have the smallest dick in the entire world, but if you have a magic tongue, you will be appreciated as a fabulous lover.

How to do it? Ask her what make you happy? If she says nothing – it means you gonna have to go down on her. She should cum first so you need to spend that much time that needs to be spent make her cum. So take your time and be gentle. Remember, your “assignment” for a night is to make her cum and not to rip her pussy apart.

Oral Sex on Women Oral sex positions

With other words: The best position to eat her pussy.

oral sex positionsEverything About Oral Sex – Blow job?

The ideal position is: She is lying in her back, you are lying between her legs, or you might be on you knees between her legs. For some basic idea see the above photos. Either way push your face very close to her pussy and inhale the smell of it and use your fingers to play with her clit a bit. Be ready, it wont smell like a flower garden.

After a few minutes taste her. Gently open her pussy and take the inside pussy lips between your lips. Get it really wet with your saliva. Then, grab her two inner lips between your lips. Rub them back and forth against each other with your lips and let it go. Time to use your tongue. Flick your tongue in light feathery kisses along the fleshy folds of the outer labia, smoothing away the pubic hair if she did not trimmed.

Finally, lay your tongue onto her clitoris. Start with little licks with the tip of your tongue. Move very gradually inwards with your tongue. Vary your movements according to your partner’s response. If she is grinding her hips a little, you know you are definitely on the right track. If she pulling her but a way, you are applying to much pleasure. It might hurt her. If she pushes her pussy up, you’re not applying enough pressure. And if she starts jumping on your nose and shaking, don’t stop, she might cum.

You can make her obtain orgasm from your oral performance, with your tongue.

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If you made her cum with your tongue, than time to start penetrate her with your penis. If you are a good sex partner and you are able to make her come via vagianl penetration with you penis too, she will tell all of her friends that you are a sex God. Probably her friends into casual sex too, therefore you might have a chance to have more sex that you can handle…


I am a horny woman and I love to go done on man and give them a blow job. Of curse I love men who knows how to eat my pussy.

Vaginal penetration always happened after I made them obtain oral orgasm…