Everything Goes Halloween Party

I am middle aged divorced man and need advise. I ran into a woman on Swingers Affair’s website, she have profile I have profile there, I contacted her. I wont say who she is, don’t want to advertise her. After few messages and webcam chat, we decided to have a coffee date. It was okay.

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End of that date we set up a dinner date at  the weekend. Than a day before she called me and she said something came up and she can’t make it, but she invited me to go with her to her friend’s everything goes Halloween Party a week after our would  be date.

I kind of like her and would enjoy to get intimate with her. But if I try and she isn’t into sex on the second date, I might blow my chances, or if I don’t try,  still might blow my chances.

One more thing, I love kissing, a good kissing session really turns me on. Love making and sex, without kissing not that exiting. Much more erotic  with kissing, list for me.  Should I try to kiss her, than lets  see what will happen… Continue Reading…


casual sex datingmy way is tree way

If you want to be successful in the bedroom, you better know what erotic power the kiss have. A kiss can be a symbol of affection between relatives and friends. Or kissing can be love play and sex play. In this kind of kiss the lips and the tongue change to be a sexual organ.

In normal everyday life this kind of kissing is the first erotic act between partners. Old Chinese sex gurus, believe in the good kiss can have sexual power, because the lips and the tongue have lot of nerve endings. Those nerve endings react very quickly to erotic stimulation. According to the above sex gurus opinion the upper lip of the women are linked to their clitoris and the lower lip of the men are linked to their penis. However today’s doctors disagree with this.

Some women who are into casual dating, love to be kissed on the mouth. They believe in, the man’s love making ability is directly proportionate of his kissing style. A man who takes his time and effort in kissing will take time in bed too. With good erotic kissing you can taste pleasure and you can explore a new way of being sensual. Kissing can be an important part of anyone’s erotic life, and I think its a good start.

What can happen? She will be into it or she wont. You are not looking for woman to married, so if you blow it, than find someone else. Continue Reading…

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Women, include myslef, dating for two reasons via Internet.

A lot of woman uses dating Websites, because they don’t have time for traditional dating and they looking for romance, friendship, long relationship and or married. If your date fits into this category you wont get lucky on that “everything goes Halloween party“.

Woman in this category usually dress a bit conservative on her first date. She will spend a considerable time and effort to find out as much as possible about you and your family. You should not even try to get intimate this kind of women for a while… But if she dressed very sexy and she openly flirting with you, maybe systematically touching you on your shoulder or arm, then probably she is looking for sex friendship, and fun.

You said you met her on  Swingers Affair’s website. Helloooo… What is your question? Why women goes to Swingers Affair‘s website… It should not be hard to figure out, not even for a middle aged man.  Continue Reading…


swingers sexolder is better

I am sure the marriage is not at the top spot in her wish list, otherwise she would not call you to a everything goes halloween party. If I were you, I would ask her to define everything goes Halloween party. After that definition you will have more ideas what kind of trick and treats can you expect…

Something tells me you might get lucky with her on that party… Continue Reading…


swingers sexcozzycouple

Some women have “No sex on the first date” rule, even on Swingers Affair,  but this  wont be you first date.

Sound like she takes you to a kinky Halloween party, so go for it. So how far you should go? If you are not a married minded, then you can try to go that far that you dare. Three thinks can happen. The worst, she’ll walk out on you. In this case she is not that kind of person that you are looking for. The second possibility, she will go home, but before she does so, she ask you to give her a call at next day. Then you will get her on next time. Continue Reading…

The third option, you gonna have a hell off everything goes Halloween party.

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Halloween Sex Party with MILF

Sex Party in September


First date sex with an older woman

How strong should you come on during first meet or first date with older women?

I am a young man, but love older women. I have met two ladies for coffee recently, one in late 40s and the other early 50s. We had a very friendly meet over a dinner (I paid) and discussed our backgrounds etc. but I did not say anything about sex & neither did they.

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Got a follow up email from both saying thanks but no thanks. I had sent to both, naked  full body pictures, (they requested) a face picture and my profile is very honest, it gives my height & weight.

I am wondering if I should have come on a lot stronger in the sex department?

How do you know what a lady is looking for casual sex if they don’t tell you. I told them I would like to see them again and would like to go further. Continue reading...


adult datingErroticMassage4U

The first meet is just for that, unless you’ve worked something out in specific with whomever you’re corresponding with, it’s just a get to know each other meeting.

Pushing yourself on someone just because they answered an email from you on this site means nothing. Consider this the same as any other dating site in that regard, you have to earn a lady’s attentions, and nothing is guaranteed.

If you want to be sure, keep it in your pants and seek to make a friend first,more will follow eventually

Some guys proclaiming they can get laid tonight, and they got many times. It can happen, but keep in your mind, this is an erotic dating site, but no one owes anyone sex just for meeting with them… However a lot of women looking for one night stand only… so it happens. Continue reading...


no string attached sexspicycinnamon-baby-lips

I am here for nsa sex, I do not have time to meet again and again.

Just look at this website, it is not as church’s website, so of course these ladies came her in the hope of sex… Even dough we are living in this new-age nsa  hookup culture, people like you still viewing sex on the first date as a make-or-break moment, leaving most of us to agonize over what the right move is.

If you find your dating partner attractive then you should have absolutely no qualms about going for it. What can you lose? They might say no, or you might have sex… No other possibility…

Therefore coming on a bit stronger may prove far more beneficial. As things stand, it`s not working for you.

Who knows? They may be waiting for you to make the first move. If you don`t ask, if you don’t try, you obviously don’t get. Continue reading...

adult datingCasual Sex Dating Ads

adult datingHere_again_4_You

I understand those ladies.

I’m sure the ladies in question don’t want to see you again because you didn’t throw them down and tear their clothes off, in fact did not even try.

Women, special older women comes here for sex, they don’t have time and energy for romantic candle light dinner and talking about your background. Continue reading...


Older womantakeme

If I meet someone, who might turn ti be a sex partner, I will bring up sex before the actual date. Maybe you should have mentioned sex before the meeting, you did not do it, so you should do in face to face.

I think your problem is, you are not confident enough… Remember confidence  is sexy.

Sounds to me that maybe since you said you’d like to see them again for dinner or a movie maybe they think it’s just for things like that and not sex?

Anyways, by the time I meet a man for the first meeting, we know where we want it to go and we know what the other wants. Continue reading...


swingers sexi-play-alone

Just think with your big head…. Older women want to have sex with younger men. They don’t need romance in the movie theater…

Your bigger head should make much better decisions then the little one, however you should try to use the little one too… and not for thinking Continue reading...


first date sexR-uredy

I know why I am meeting with someone, and it is not for coffee or free diner. I can afford a diner alone, but I can’t have sex alone. That is just masturbation…

I tell them before we even meet lets be adults we either are a match and to a room we go, or we are adults and say it isn’t working for one of us.

This way no bad feeling, no one get hurt. It is a sex dating website, I am here for have NSA sex, and would rather know up front, I might have sex on the first date. Continue reading...


no string attached sex


Older women looking for younger men usually for sex.

Sounds like while they and you had a nice time maybe they were looking for a chemistry thing and it just didn’t happen for them.

Only my thoughts. Also what were the expectations? You might bring up the subject of sex, either way… List you will know what can you expect. Continue reading...


adult dating adsdadysgirl

It they aren’t into you, they aren’t into you. Often you don’t know if there will be chemistry between you until you meet up.

I think chemistry is a bit less important to men than it is for women.

Women know what they want. When they met you, they didn’t feel what they needed. Don’t worry, it’s not a reflection on you. It just means you weren’t the man
for them.

If you come on more strong, and they aren’t into you, you are likely to get a slap in the face. I think you did all right, because you got a thanks but no thanks email.

If they did not like you you’ll never get a chance to ask them out again, as you’ll be blocked.

So probably they think you are to nice to have sex with…. Older women like bad boys… Continue reading...

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Sex on the first date at a stranger’s place

Would you go to someone’s house on a first meeting in the hope you will have sex or list some kind of sex play?

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casual sex KFC36853

I ask because I have been invited to go to a person’s home for a first meeting and I am cautious about this.

Maybe best to meet first in a public place like a McDonald?

I know it makes sense, but do we ever take the risk and just go for it? You tell me? Continue Reading


casual sex1canuck

It definitely maybe… I heard all kind of horror stories, not just in her home but in motel room too.

The guy met her and they went to her home and their was few bit up men and they bit a hell out of him, took his wallet, credit cards even his car..

But it can happen on the second date or on the third date too, so casual dating is like a box of chocolate… You never know what you are going to get…

On the other side. I had sex on my first date,  and it happened more than once, so you have to trass your insist. Continue Reading


married women looking for nsamarried31

I have done it before but I don’t make a habit of it. I only went to his place because I knew someone who had casual sex with that person and she knows him very well.

I was comfortable meeting at his place and I had sex on that first date, but that was the intend to go there…

But for most everyone else I meet only in a public place on a first meeting. Continue Reading

no string attached sexEverything Goes on My First Date

no string attached sexwelove2bewatched2

If your natural feeling is to be cautious, suggest coffee or a drink first. If things look good for you, you don’t have to prolong it.

We once met a single guy on our vacation for a drink. We were
out of the pub in five minutes and in his bed in fifteen, and screwed my wife for two days straight… That was a lot of fun. Continue Reading


swingers sexLadyTeddieBear

I usually ask them to come to my home as its my comfort zone. But some of them don’t want to, with those I will meet in a public place. Continue Reading


adult datingbubbalooey3some

I think the people on Swingers Couple’s website who are looking for “no strings attached sex” would be primed for sex on the first date. Without going to someone place or to a hotel room, there is no first date sex and there is nothing wrong with first date sex

By the time you meet someone from the site, you already are on your way to knowing who they are as people – because IM, webcam and many other way to communicate. Continue Reading


no string attached sexYour_Sweet_Wench

I would go! Why not?

Stranger sex can be the best sex ever. So long as the chemistry is there! Continue Reading

hot blondHere to meet with guys and couples

adult datingsexylegsblonde

If its someone that we have arranged a meeting with thru SwingersCouple, then we will gladly go to his place and even have sex on the first “date” if the attraction is mutual for both parties. Continue Reading


wnat gang bangThicknlovely40

I would definitely go to his place and even fuck on the first date if the chemistry is there and we are into each other.  Why wait?

Sometimes I go out just to look to be fucked. I can be a wham bam thank you man type of woman. Fuck me and then leave. The only thing I worry about is if the fucking is good will there be a second round in the near future. Continue Reading


gang bangchichere2play

I would go if I met the guy here? Why not? What can happen? He will have few friends over and they going to gang bang me on the first date? That would be nice…

I try to set up a gang bang since Thanksgiving and I can’t. Never show up more than tree guys, one can get it up, the other blow his load before had a chance to fuck me… So that is not a gang bang. Continue Reading

Check out my profile for more…


Sex on the first date? How many men and women expect to become intimate on their first date?

I did not have sex at my first sex party

I am a early thirties single woman, never been married and  never had any long term romantic relationship, that lasted longer than 18 months. That 18 months was my record. I am not into sex on the first date, or one night stand.

local adult adsLocal Sex Parties

swingers sex datingloveparty

Than I have a old time girlfriend, we are freind since our high school age. She is married  and she and her husband are in an open marriage. In fact they are happily married, they are successful in their personal life, their own their own business, live in a beautiful house, both of them are very, attractive, deeply in love, and they also can have sex  with whomever they want. I guess they are very lucky…

Anyways, we went to a Florida vacation together. They know I love parties and they know I never been in sex party… They find one. I did not want to go, but they  talked me into. They said it will be an upscale sex party in a swingers club… Which made me even more nervousness…

I did not know what to wear or what not too… and try to find all kind of excuses not to go, but finally I decided and said ok…

When we got there I was slightly intimidated by how many beautiful, well-dressed people was alredy there. Many of them were already with  friends or “playmates.” The atmosphere was classy, even reserved.

It was around midnight when the dresses begun to come off and not much longer than some people was going at it…

I decided to seat at the bar and ordered a drink. A guy seat next to me and we started to talk and drink and drink more and talk more. At the end both of us was fairly drunk, and no, I did not have sex on my first sex party, not even a kiss but I had a good time.   I liked that man and I think he liked me too, but unfortunately we are living at the different end of US, so there will not be sex…

How was your first sex party? Was it sex less too? Continue Reading


swingers sexhardcoreseXcpl

My first sex party happened during my University age. We went to a swingers club with one friend from the same semester. He was freind, not lover.

I remember it was a Friday night and they let single guys in too. I think single guys had to pay around $50, couples $20 and it was free for single ladies.

I was not really looking for sex, but I was very curious and I told to my  guy, we wont have sex, I help him to get in and after that he is free to do what ever he wants to do. When we got there, there were three females and about 15 men. Later on few more ladies arrived and much more men…

All of the women were there with men. At the first few hours it was like a night club. Just a little light and people was drinking and talking. Around midnight I saw two couples had sex, but they did it very discretely… I could only see that things were happening, but no body parts. Continue Reading

swingers sexWe Love Hard Core Sex – With Single Men

Than later a woman was getting fucked in doggie style while giving a blow job to an other man.

Than I saw a creepy old guy walking around naked with hairy back and a fairly large cock and openly looked at me. I did not like it at all and  I moved a way in a quite corner.

Than a  man woman couple came into the same area I was in. We started to talk and she  was creped out by that old naked man too. I cracked a couple of jokes at his expense, which she must have liked. We talked for a while.

Then, she just asked me if I want to watch a xxx sex show, from close. And I watched them from very close. He was a well endowed man and he fucked her in details – anal – vaginal – several times.

I respected their space,but their sex play turned me on and could not resist… I masturbated and obtained a really big orgasm and few smaller one.

I was happy, and I think she was happy too (I do not know about him, as he never really said anything). I suspect  she was an exhibitionist and she came in wanting to have a stranger watch her have sex, and she felt comfortable with me.

I do not know if I could have had sex or not, but it was cool with me. I left shortly after that.

Moral to the story…You do not need to have penetrative sex to obtain orgasm at your first sex party, you can do it yourself…  Continue Reading

swingers sexlove big dickbigdickfetish

I’m a voyeur, but I don’t have to see a couple having sex (though it’s definitely a bonus) to get a lot of enjoyment from it.

I used to  travel a lot and have stayed in many a motel and hotel and overheard couples many times. Louder women moaning made me more exciting. I would mind going to a swinger parties sometime just as voyeur.

I’m not gay at all, but would want to notice which size dick was fucking women and it would especially exciting to me if I got to compare her sounds if she did a different guy who had a different size dick.

I suppose this is some form of dick envy,  or dick fetish… but it’s not something that stops me from enjoying sex and in a way it’s a positive for me as I enjoy being a voyeur. I’m no creep about it though, I don’t try to listen in on people or anything… Continue Reading


swingers sexpartyanimals

A sex party is not a dick size contest. There are small dick guys and guys with average size cocks and they are better in sex than some of the man who hang like a horse.

Not everyone into 8 inches dick… The knowledge counts more than size…    Continue Reading


How many people expect sex on the first date? How many men and women expect to become intimate on the first date

First date sex

mmmfNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

sex for fun fun2play6709

I’m 41, when I was younger I would have never have sex on my fist date, not even on the second…

But now I really like to have sex. Do I stand a chance at making a relationship out of that? Continue Reading…

swingers sexSpice Up Your Sex-life

casual sex1canuck

Sex on the first date and relationship… I would say, it depends on what kind of relationship is in your mind, but…

There is always a lit one but, in this case, there are a lot of couple here, who met here and they live happily together in long lasting relationship, and a lot of others, who had sex on the first date and they happy with that too….

Therefore, you never know if you never try… Continue Reading…


horny couplehornycouple

I think you should go with the flow. If you both want to fuck and not have passion sex.

You can learn more about a person by fucking or having passionate sex.

Let me explain:  The  guy will be back if you nice and clean, smell good and if you are a good lover. You both are compatible with some of the same likes.

If some things like bad sex, stinking up the room, stinking feet, bad breath, to small penis, to wide pussy, no orgasm, he cannot get a hard on, he cannot cum, to shy to try or cannot satisfy, than no point to build a relationship…

Some of these things regardless if it is the man or woman. It is not going to happen again. You having sex on the first date can help in some way to keep you from wasting your time.

Everybody not going to agree but that is my though about sex on the first date.   Continue Reading…

horny womanSwingers Sex Dating Ads

erotic datingouttherelinda

That probably depends on the guy you are interested in and what he is looking for.

If you want to go for it on the first date, then take the risk and go for it. Alternatively, discuss it with him prior and see what he has to say. Continue Reading…


swingers sextawnie89115 25 T

Well, this is a  casual sex dating site, isn’t it?

So, it’s a fair guess that the members here are interested in sex, and NOT “long-term relationships”. Right? Continue Reading…


swingers sexhardcoreseXcpl-s

No offense, but common sense should tell you to wait, if you want a long romantic relationship…

But if you want to, by all means, knock yourself out. The relationship will happen (or not) either way.

Personally, my best and longest relationship I ever had started with sex on the first date, while the worst was when we dated way to long… Continue Reading…

sex datingNo String Attached Sex Ads

nsa sexweRnewCpl

I red it somewhere,  I cut and paste: “Sex should not be viewed as an exchange of goods, whereby women give it as a “down payment” on a relationship and men receive it as a “thank you” for taking her out to dinner.”

I don’t think having sex on the first date should negatively impact your chances of a long-term relationship. It it works it works, if wont than wont. List you had some fun…. Continue Reading…


anal sexIwannalicku

What makes you think, having sex on the first date scare your dating partner a way?

Men on this website love to have sex, that is why they are here.

If you’re confident and and compatible with your partner, than you will enjoy what you’re doing, and he will have a great time too.  He will be back for more… If he wont, well than you had a one night stand… Continue Reading…


How to get lucky on your first date

Women and their clitoris. How to play with her clit

How many people expect sex on the first date? How many men and women expect to become intimate on the first date