Wife get seduced into a foursome at a party

I am the wife and it was our first foursome

I have to tell you, the next story really happened with me, with us. I had to  twist the story a little bit, but those twists doesn’t change anything important… For example one of the twist is, the title of this page. It states; “Wife get seduced into a foursome at a party.”

couple ready for nsacouple ready for nsa

The party wasn’t a planed sex party and was not really a party, did not happen anything that we planned up front, but it was a foursome, my first foursome with three men. One of the man was my husband and he is still my husband. In fact our marriage is better and stronger than ever been before.

The second twist, I did not really need to seduce into anything. I fantasize about foursome for a while… but those guys tried to seduce me really hard and I let them belie, they seduced me…

I think I should start at the point where this very erotic adventure started, which is our marriage. We are a happily married couple, we will celebrated our 10-th anniversary at July in this year (2017). That was a hell-off sex party. I hope we will celebrate the 20-th anniversary on the same way.

double penetrationMarried Women Looking for Intimate Affairs

In the first few years our marital sex life was marvelous. However to get into the bed with the same person for years and years, sooner or later will get routine and it might get boring.

Sex is very important part of our life, if sex is good we are happy. After around 6 years together, we had to find a solution to fix and spice up our own bedroom activity.

I love anal sex, my hubby love to perform anal penetration on me, so we decided to try anal vaginal double penetration. The hubby, a toy and I.  We rented some really erotic XXX DVD’s , and my sex toys,  than copied some of the sex scenarios form those DVDs. We used, penis shaped vibrator.

A vibe in my pussy and his cock in my anus. It was great for about two years, but after a while it turned to be routine too and once again our sex life have became boring.

Than my hubby suggested that we should get into some kind of no string attached sex or maybe role play with other couples. We did not have any idea how can we do that, so we decided, we will visit a swingers club or a sex club, and than nothing happened, even though the thought of getting it on in a form of hard core penetrative sex with another couple certainly did sound like fun.

Deep inside me I felt awkward about sharing my husband with another woman, and I did not push this swingers club thing at all, and he stopped to talk about it too. Usually when sex wasn’t great we started to talk about it again, than we talked about it for weeks, and then the subject just died, but it was like a ghost, it kept coming back.

no string attached sexHot  Wife Looking for Playmates

We talked about it again, have checked out few on-line swingers magazine, swingers sex ads and once again, we did not make the next step. Until one day. What did happen on that day? On that day I had more sex what I ever wished fore.

It was a foursome. When people talk about foursomes, many of us think two couple have sex in the same bed or same room, etc. They might or might not exchange partners, either way it is a foursome. My foursome was different. There was four person, three men and I. Did they seduced me at a party?

No they did not, I did not need to get seduced and wasn’t a sex party, but it was a foursome and like a good threesome it happened in the heat of the moment. Continue Reading…



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Two 43 years old women with their boy toy

Married under-fucked woman wants more sex

Host Your Very Own Sex Party at Black Friday

Are you thinking about host your own – privet sex party?

You do not have to wait until Halloween to have your very own sex party, that is way to long time. Halloween just past by, so a long way to go.

Any time is a good time to turn to be a party animal. Of course at Halloween you have a real good reason to partying. Instead handing sweet goodies out for kids, you can make a masquerade party at Halloween.

Halloween provide the best way to get into sex partying. Your invited quests, can hide behind their costume. People might do kinky things easier if they think no one can recognize them. Sex is nice if it happens, and if you organize your party the proper way it might happen… However Halloween is  gone and if you really need to find a reason to host a sex party,  you can celebrate Black Friday with a sex party…

Some people stand in the line at the front of the Walmart all night at Black Friday to save few bucks. Some others don’t care about save $50 on a cheap TV set,  or $200 on a better TV, they would prefer to be  in a line at a gang-bang…  Continue reading…

women looking for affairMarried Women looking for Affairs – From your neighborhood too.

Casual Sex – No Commitment – Leisure Sex

To have penetrative leisure nsa sex on a party everything has to be right. The right time, the right location and the right people.

It will be an erotic party, so the time is right. The location should not be a problem. You can organize your party in a privacy of your home or if you want to go for a big blast rent a hotel suite. You have a right time, you have the location, now you have to find the right people. The people are the most important elements to make your party a really good erotic party.

Hooking up for sex is easier than ever been before. Sex clubs, erotic adult dating services, swinging related websites and hock up apps are everywhere. . Browse web sites with Swingers Sex Ads or check out swingers on-line magazines with erotic sex personals and you  will find willing people.

Look up a bunch of people in your area who have profiles on erotic adult dating website, (you can search by location) and invite them to your party. Let them know what kind of party it will be. Let them know if you will include the drinks or the munchies or if it will be a potluck party.  Continue reading…

women into nsa Married Women Who Are Into Casual Sex – From your area too.

How To Select People To Invite Them For Your Sex Party

Before you start to send those invitations out, you should know few things: When you invite people, you shouldn’t invite supermodel materials only. They are the ones who will turn you down and they are the one who think much more about themselves than what they are. Invite average every day people, mainly couples. Probably some of the couples who’ll except your invitation actually have never been to an event such as a erotic party. They might think that only hardcore swingers attend such parties and newbies or curious people are not welcome.

They might think, they must have sex with someone once they are at the party. That is your job as a party organizer or as a host to make it clean to everyone, your party will be a no-pressure events where being naked is not necessary. Everyone is free to leave at anytime. If they want to only socialize and watch others – they are welcome to do so – if those others don’t mind watchers.

Now everything is together to make your party an amazingly hot erotic party. Except one thing, you need to invite list two couples, who had been there before. They know the “ropes” and they will start to play. Experience does count in nsa sex a lot. Inexperienced people will talk and talk all night long and you do not want that. Continue reading…

You have a bunch of horny people in your rented hotel suite and if someone start to play, than things will roll from there. Act like there’s no one around you. or in other words don’t worry about what others think, just be yourself and you’ll have a lot of fun…

From this point your party should be the same like any other party.

Hard core swingers often organize full partner swap SEX parties. If full partner swap or an orgy is in your mind than you need to select your invited members more carefully.  Continue reading…

sex party in your citySex Parties Are  All Over – Even in yo our city.


I had sex with four different guys at a sex party

Almost a Disaster New Years Eve Sex Party

Professional Woman Looking for Sex Friend

I am not desperate, not yet, but very frustrated. Let me explain, I am a 28 years old, professional woman, with good carrier, but unfortunately my love live is zero.   I am out of an almost 7+ years long relationship, which is the only one that I can call serious relationship.  It started in my late teen age, and lasted true university.

looking for nsalookinf4sexfriend

I am very busy and have no time to romantic dinners and walk in the park, etc, but I need a man in my live few times a month, A man, a sex friend.

My carrier takes 16-18 hours a day, which is why I don’t have time for  romantic dating so I came to the conclusion that I really want to try this sex friend thing,  casual sex with a sex friend, nothing more, nothing less.

looking for  sex  friendlookinf4sexfriend

I am suddenly curious about going into a nightclub and meeting someone just for sex.  And than if we can make happy each other, than maybe develop a  nsa  sex friend relationship.

I have been to various nightclubs before,  with friends and colleagues, but I have never seen/noticed that strangers randomly meet.

Are there specific clubs I need to go to, where there are other men – women who are looking for the same thing?

Or should I keep trying on websites like this?

What should I do? Anyone have any recommendations? Continue Reading…


casual sex anonymous

I came here for pretty much  the same reason and I can tell you its not easy, but easier than in any nightclub.

In the club you meet someone, and end of the night take him somewhere privet and you have a one night stand.  According to your photos  you are an interactive woman, so it wont be to hard.

However, to have nsa, with a man you just met  few hours earlier is a bad idea. You don’t know he is a rapist or criminal or who really is.

Here you can contact men and you can ask anything before you meet, that you would not ask face to face during your first meeting. The problem is, a lot of fake profiles are here. You need to filter them out.

I am sure you  will find someone here, just be smart… Continue Reading…

casual sexWomen Looking For Sex Friends


casual sex career-woman

Looks like all professional women comes here including myself for nsa sex partner.

I am member here more than 2 years and I always find what I am looking for, what is more than just get than and have penetrative sex.

One would ask, you are still here? Because, sex friend or not after few ties or few months, it gets boring, routine sex, so need to change.

Find someone at first was hard, but at one pint I figured out how to use this website and from that point it is a piece of cake… Continue Reading…


swingers sexhardcoreseXcpl

The only place you can go and guarantee to find sex partner fast is a swingers  club or a erotic house party.

There is no guarantee you will find a nice man in any night club who will sleep with you after an hour of talking. If you are not picky in any bar you can find man for one night stand, but as it stated above, that is a big risk.

My advice is, browse this website local section, there is a lot of  casual sex related parties and get together listed. I am sure you will find swingers club, or erotic parties, that hosted in in your city. Continue Reading…

swingers sexMarried Couples Looking for Men for Ongoing Sex Relationship



Friendship or sex friendship

Married woman looking for friend with benefits (fuck buddy)

Back to School Sex Party with Threesome

Have you ever think about to participate in a threesome? You, your loved one and an another guy or a girl? Every human fantasizes about threesomes, think about it every now and then, than drop the idea and don’t even mentioned it to anyone.

swingers sexxxx-cpl

Days past by, than you read something erotic or see something sexy, or just go in an adult store or watch porn and the threesome idea is back. Watching porn is the easiest way to make that threesome happen… Watching porn makes us imagine sex play more clearly, special if you watch porn with your partner during love making. Quality porn makes healthy people crazy and very horny. Porn watching with partner can make all kind of sexual fantasies reality.

However a threesome need three people. A couple and a extra person. Its not easy to get that extra person, if you never had a threesome before. You can not say, can’t ask you friend to come over and have sex with your partner. You need to do some preparation.

male female male three wayMFM Threesome Ads

The best thing is to find someone with “related” experience. If someone participated in threesomes (yes, you red it right threesomes, which is stand for more than one threesome) than that person will know how to start the play go.

Or, this is even better, you make it look accidental threesome. You just need to host a party, invite a couple with threesome experience. Six people is enough for your first threesome party. You and your partner, a couple with threesome experience and an other open minded couple. The second guest couple don’t have to know your plan… if they don’t like what happens, than they are free to walk. In my limited experience, usually they stay and watch.  The first and sometimes at the second time they don’t participate, just watch or play with their own partner, but if they don’t run a way, than sooner or later they will play.

So you have two guest couples, one couples into threesome, you are into threesome, that is three person, and that is exactly the right amount of people that you need to have a threesome. When the play goes on, hopefully someone going to join in, and if this happen, than your idea was a success.

How can you make it happen?

sex datingCasual No String Attached Sex Dating Ads

It’s the best time time to throw a back to school party for your friends. If your friends is not in school, than you can make a back to school role play party. Either way, you have to host a party. I know, in your mind is a back to school sex party, and if you are smart enough, you can turn your back to school role play party into a back to school sex party.

We host a back to school sex party at our house for several years now, and our friends love it. We love it too. Usually we plan a few sexy games, like strip poker, or spin the bottle, or blindfolded partner hunt, via dance etc. There are a lot of sex party ideas. You can find some of them here.

double penetrationlove double fun

However our first back to school sex party wasn’t planned to be a sex party. It just happened in a heat of the moment.

My boyfriend and I get invited to someone’s back to school party. There were about 8 people. First just talking, and somebody started to browse the TV channels and stopped on a porn channel. Than someone came up with a drinking game idea, which based on the truth or drink game.

This erotic game is an alcohol fueled version of the classic party game that everybody loves.  I know, casual sex and drinking does not go together, however a little alcohol help for first timers, to break the barrier…

The players had three options, to answer the question, have a shoot of liqueur, or take a piece their cloches off. I don’t need to tell you, those questions were extremely erotic, like do you like blow job, or ever had a threesome, are you you really bi sexual?

Leisure Sex Dating

What really turned me on… I will never forget. One of the ladies was asked did you ever had a threesome? Yes she said, with two men. Then the next question was from her: Did you ever get double penetrated? She said no, never, but I hope it will happen today… and my husband and her husband made her wish happen…



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Are You Thinking About Sex Party?

Sex Party in September

A sex party sounds silly and taboo for a lot of people at anytime, not just in September. I don’t think you are one of those people, or you would not read this.

nsa sex party ads

Everything Goes Sex Parties

I am sure you are curious about sex parties and if you know a few things about them and if you know how to host a good one, and you decide to host one, you should make your home work, before you jump into hard core sex partying…

Anyways, you never know what will happens until you not try, but I can say it from experience, a good sex party can give you and your partner a sexual high at any month, not just in September…

What makes a sex party a good sex party?

The best sex parties have themes or role playing. Themes like pajama party, or roman orgy, or no underwear party, or wear limited clothes ( 2- 3 pieces) . Role playing sex parties, like erotic photography, or erotic move making, or techer and students, etc.

Does not matter if your party is a themed party or not, either way, you and your invited guests have to enjoy it. Its applies for any party, a party is a good party as long as the participating persons have a good time. If it is a sex party and you and your lover or partner enjoy it, and don’t cross your own intimate boundaries, than is no problem. In fact there is no harm in trying something new and sexually exciting.

sex party ads

Adult parties and sex.

On the traditional world, sex is privet matter between two people.  However our world is not a traditional world and sex can be a privet matter between two or more people, even though your neighbors think that is wrong.

I am don’t worry about what others think, its my life  and my sex life. If you’re in a secure relationship with your partner, and both of you really love each other, don’t let anyone to set the boundaries for you on what’s right or what’s wrong.

So how to start?

At first you have to have, invite willing people. If you do not know anyone, browse the Internet. There are millions of men women and couples, virtually from or close to any city, who are like you – curious about sex party. Find them contact them and invite them.

The second option is faster and easier, get together with your friends and ask them to bring someone to party with. Ask them to find willing partner, then you just need to worry about your partner.

The best party is   happens if the number of people right… which is 6 – 8 people. If your living room, or a hotel room  is full with naked people, that is something that not a lot of people enjoys, except if they exhibitionist. A good sex party don’t need more than 3 or 4 couples.

sex party

A sex party starts like any other party and does not have to end up with intercourse. There are many different kind of sex. If someone decide to have penetrative sex, than you should provide a “play room” except if they like to be  watched.

People at sex parties many times go somewhere privet to go all the way, and this is “totally” except able.

A good sex party  happens when the participating people are don’t scare a little voyeurism, they open minded. They should be clean should look sexy and healthy. If you partner have a terrible headache, well that is just kill the party mood.  Continue reading…


Sex Parties and gangbangs

I am just thinking about sex parties and  my pussy getting wet