Threesome with Two Women. Threesomes & Marriages

Two women and a man threesome FMF can be more fun than it sounds. Make out with a man and a woman at the same time is natural to a lot of women, because  they are bi sexual or bi curious.

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The majority of swingers women prefer men over women for sex, but they have no problem to take one of each. Just because sometimes they get into bi sexual woman to woman sex play, they are not lesbians.

However FFM threesome usually a couple play with an extra woman. In fact if it is ffm, (female – female – male), the man wont have penetrative sex with both women. The two ladies play together, he might watch or he might play with his own partner. The extra lady plays only with the woman from the couple. This lady is a Unicorn.

A lot of married  woman choice is their husband and and another, unicorn woman. Between boring marital sex life and the erotic fantasy are the love triangles. Some people get into casual, NSA sex, because of their erotic fantasy, some others, try to spice up their own bedroom activity with a third person.

You have to be careful, because threesomes and love-triangles can lead into jealousy driven dramas. A threesome should be entertainment, or a fantasy full of sex party.

Sex play – intercourse with two girls at the same time

Almost every man dream about sex with two girls at once. Also there are many women, who are wondering how it would be go down on an other women, therefore from all threesome sex scenarios, the woman- man-woman FMF three-way is not only the most popular, but also the most likely to make it happen.

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Woman – Woman – Man threesomes offer a most unusual opportunity for female friendship, even if one of the woman not bisexual, she might bi just bi curios.

While cultural taboos require men to be on their guard around each other, this make a two-men – one-woman (MFM if the men are not bi sexual, or MMF if they are bi) party especially tricky.

Women are permitted and develop easier close same sex, bi sexual friendships then men. Open minded  women can add  easier woman to women sex to their marital sex life and their husband will enjoy unique social, and erotic advantages. A woman who can experience other women as lovers or allies rather than as rivals in her relations with men can find an inexhaustible source of pleasure and support among like minded swingers couples and single women.

In our sexually open world, threesome are still relationships, however they are bringing a lot of question into a married couples bedroom. Questions related to jealousy,  manipulation, dishonesty, selfishness, and unwanted discoveries to like or dislike previously un-know intimate sexual activities.

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Threesomes & Marriages

Not all the risks of open the family bed to a third person are imaginary. Threesomes strengthen many swingers marriage, because the spouses agreed on some rules and kept that rules. Plus experienced swingers know when to end up a sexual relationship. They do it before casual sex turn into something more.

No matter who broaches the initial threesome idea, the motivation to pursue a threesome must grow equally from all parties, whether they are friends or a married couple and a trusted outsider as a third person. It’s not enough for the three to share a hot fantasy with one another, they should make their fantasy reality. A threesome will only live expectations if all three parties bring the benefits of happy, satisfying sex lives of their own to the experience.

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I feel like I am a lesbian, but I love men’s cock too

Two women threesomes & marriages