Why NSA Sex is Good for me

I got a email from friend of my yesterday. That email explained me, why nsa sex is good for me. I have some idea, why nsa sex is good for me… and  already knew some of those facts, but some others are new to me.

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At the end of her email, she asked me to forward that email for as many friends as many I can I can. Well I did so, and I published it here too, because I think everyone should know why Sex is good for me….

If you want to know it, please keep reading.

Sex is a beauty treatment.

Scientific tests find that when women make love they produce amounts of the hormone estrogen, which makes hair shine and skin smooth.

Gentle, relaxed intercourse, which end up in orgasm, reduces the chances of suffering dermatitis, skin rashes and blemishes. This effect will be even better if you are sweating. The sweat produced cleanses the pores and makes your skin glow.

Having Sex Is The Best Exercise

A wild, long lasting intercourse can burn up around 1000 calories. Safe sex is better exercise (and safer) than swimming. Safe sex will give you a really good work out, it stretches and tones up just about every muscle in your body.

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Sex Is Better Than Medication

Well the above true only if you have mild depression, because sex is an instant cure for mild depression. It releases endorphins into the bloodstream, producing a sense of euphoria and leaving you with a feeling of well-being. Also good sex might be the best medication for headache. An orgasm can release the tension that restricts blood vessels in the brain. Also sex is more effective than Valium.

Sex is a natural antihistamine. It can help combat asthma and hay fever.

Sex and Your Dental Care.

Having sex with long fore play will save you money on your dental bill.

Long fore play include kissing. Kissing every day will keep the dentist away. Kissing encourages saliva to wash food from the teeth and lowers the level of the acid that causes decay, preventing plaque build-up. If you want to kissing every day, you need to know how to kissing. You will find kissing related info on our Art Of Kissing page

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And there is a good new here at the end. I know have a lot of sex is not that simple if you are a single. Actually it is not that simple even if you are married, however if you once start to have sex more often, than it will be easier day by day. The more sex you have, the more you will be offered.

The sexually active body release group of chemicals called pheromones. These chemicals often called sex perfume, because it makes the opposite sex horny.

I don’t think I have to say that, there is know good sex life with willing sex partner. If you are happen to looking for someone to have no commitment sexual relationship, check out our erotic personal ads. I am sure you will find more than few erotic personal ads from your neighborhood too.

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Make you own NO RULES Valentines Day Sex Party

Valentine’s Day is just 2 weeks a way. It’s the perfect possibility for making connections that count. Cupid’s not just for marriage minded singles, at this time time the year open minded couples can connect, too.

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NSA sexwelovefucks

We have found that many people on this site have to many rules involving this type of lifestyle and it all centers around NSA sex.

However Valentine’s Day just around the corner and already a lot of Valentin’s Day sex party going on…  I want, we want participate… we want to have NSA sex…  but those rules and things about love making and sex make us thinking…

So the question is: Do you know the difference between Valentine’s Day sex and just  fucking? Continue Reading…


sex datingLovelyLuscious69

It depends on who you fuck… or who is fucking you, and with who you make love.

Sometimes people in love, making love with each other… sometimes the same people have wild animalistic sex just to get off… The end result the same, orgasm… but the way to the orgasm is a different… Continue Reading…



Do you prefer sex with out relationship?

Casual Sex TipsCasual Sex Advice


sex datingIamwman

Of course everybody have their own rule and should have their own rule. For example my number 1 rule safe sex or no sex. The second rule, I never have intercourse with wear socks only… like the guy  on your photo…  Except if I have pants on too… Continue Reading…


Latino CplYLatinoCpl

Valentines Day sex is more emotional and can be memorable because it happened on Valentines Day..

A fuck is a fuck, nothing special, just have fun and get off…  For example to make it more clear, you can get fucked by someone at a erotic house a party and have known 1hour.

You have sex at Valentines Day or even better, you make love at Valentines Day with the person you have thought and dreamed about for such a long time and the best part of your day is being around them.

A fuck  is normally more about looks, and refractiveness and chemistry.  Continue Reading…


erotic datingGoAllTheWay

I do not like the terminology of have sex. It sounds much more mechanical than making love, and a whole lot less fun than fucking.

Sometimes you need to make love with your loved one, on some other times you just want to have wild sex. You can have both scenario with the same person… Of course it is much more fun with different partners…  Continue Reading…

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kinky sexWeLoveDouble

Rules? Of course everyone have rules. What do you think? You just go somebody’s Valentines Day party and fuck who ever you can get closer than 2 fits?

What kind of question is it? If you do not want  any rule, make you own NO RULES Valentines Day Sex Party. Continue Reading…


erotic adult datingUnduplicated1

Fuck or sex or love? I don’t think it’s the right way to  put  this  3 words together.

I prefer FWB to NSA sex, so I look for intelligent men. But, there has to be sexual chemistry as well, so I must be attracted to a man. This doesn’t mean he has to have a perfect  body  (Hell, I don’t have one either), but he has to be physically attractive to ME.

So, I would say attractiveness plus intelligence lead to chemistry, at least for me. And if there is a chemistry, I don’t need a love to have great sex. In fact with out chemistry, no way I fuck anyone. Not even for NSA. And of course there are rules, very strict rules. Continue Reading…

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Why married men love other woman’s pussy?

Erotic Swingers Fun – Men & Swinging

What makes the swinging lifestyle so attractive and why married couples join in? What is about swinging that keep couples in the lifestyle?

Swingers Sex Ads

Swinging is a lot of erotic fun. What you should expect if you start to swing?

When a couple start to swing they usually practice it for 2 – 3 years and then they take a break. In a lot of cases this break is the end of swinging, however if they get back into the lifestyle, then they will stay for many more years. As a male part of the couple I don’t know for sure why ladies stay in the lifestyle, so I can’t tell you that, you better ask my wife. But I know why I do, so if you want to know my point of view just keep reading. Before we get deeper into this erotic subject there is another question that I should talk about first.

Why married men do loves other woman’s pussy? Continue Reading…



I love pussy and love sex. What about you? You can find large selection of willing ladies at next! They are  looking forSwingers Sex Ads only!


Bring your friend to, I am into threesome

I have an erotic fantasy. I want to see my wife fucked by another man

Swingers Sex Ads

Swingers Sex Ads



It is simple, boring marital sex life, fun factor and safe sex. Many couples enter into swinging because the sparks are gone from their love life. They are in secure relationships, they are loved by their partner, but sex is not the same anymore. They give a try to swinging because they do it together and they believe, swinging is way better then looking for affair outside of their marriage (cheat).

There are several types of swingers, and there are several ways to swing…
If couples get deep into the lifestyle they making love with their own spouse and having  casual sex with swingers friends. If they can’t make difference between love and sex, they will quit with the lifestyle.

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Swingers Sex Ads

Don’t drink if you want to have a one night stand

Swingers non swingers, females or males, should stay a way from alcohol and drug if want to have casual sex. Experienced and smart swingers remain sober and drug free.

They like to enjoy their erotic moments with clean head, also under the influence of alcohol or drug you might do something that you might regret next day.

Swingers like to play safe, they don’t take risk including safe sex. If you drink and your hormone start busing around never know, what you might do. Also alcohol and drug can have negative effect on males’ sexual performance.

Condoms are required at most swingers’ clubs and swingers’ parties, to ensure their health. Just think about it. A swinger man much safer sex partner, then a guy from a bar. That guy looking for a one night stand, and probably he does week by week. Who know how many willing partner he found…

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Who know how many drinks he had…? He doesn’t really care about the lady. He just want to fuck someone, he just want to have orgasm. He maybe had few drinks, he was very horny and the heat of the moment, the condom is the last think that was in his mind.

So who is safer, who is better sex partner? Him or a swinger man who practice safe sex only, don’t drink when having sex and go for STD test… every know and then. Plus for extra, swinger man respects women, respect their body, thin or fat, or small or big, doesn’t mutter.

Swinger man care about his sex partners – young or old doesn’t matter – age is just a number for him. Only the chemistry count, if there is a chemistry he wants to give an orgasm for them, he tries to make his sex partners happy at all the time. Continue Reading…

What in about swinging that keep me – a married man – in this lifestyle.

To make this short, there are two things. The number one; I love pussy, for me nothing, absolutely nothing to compare with the sensations of playing with a woman and with her pussy. Actually I love to play with more then one pussy at the same time.  My wife can’t serve me two pussies, she just has one.

It is more then just play with pussies; it is also the excitement that it comes with it. It start with the preparation, first step is the shower. Taking a shower, washing my body, fix up my pubic hair…. I even massage my balls and pole with hot bath oil, just be sure everything is extremely clean, because I know that in a very short time a lady or two going to taste it…

This preparation to get ready for casual sex – makes me horny all the time
And then when I get down to the action, when I play with her, the feeling that my cock is hard and she wants to get my hard cock inside her wet pussy, the feeling that she wants to get badly… and then I give it to her… If I pick the right moment her body will be as sensitive as mine and she wants my cock as badly as I want to give it to her. Just to know this, always turn me on. Continue Reading…

Of course I don’t run into a house and take a door with me. I prepare her to receive my manhood. I might kiss her on the neck, behind her ear, and might take her ear-lobe into my mouth. And then kissing, some swinger women don’t like kiss on the mouth, so it depends on her preferences.  I try to get her as horny as possible. I try to make her feel loved. Actually I love her, for an hour or two, maybe all night long. Continue Reading…

Do you prefer wild sex? Do you like to be fucked hard or made passionate love to?

Ladies, do you like to be fucked  hard during wild sex sessions or made  passionate love to? What about a little-bit of both?   I’ve been thinking lately how it’s been so long since I’ve been made love to.

Erotic Adult Dating Personal Ads Erotic Adult Dating Personal Ads

adult datingflirtatiousone4u

Sure, I have had sex very frequently but I would classify it more as getting fucked.

The reason I say that is because it was done with not much intimacy. I do also think it’s possible to be fucked and made love to by the same person on the same night or different encounters.

What do I mean? Well, for example I had a friend once who once told me that he thought that I liked to be made love to then fucked hard. Meaning I love the kissing and the foreplay but I also like to be pounded by a nice hard cock in the same session.

Another example springs to mind of when I met a gentleman and we got together and it was very intimate and passionate.

For a first encounter I was surprised. I think we were both hungry for some intimate loving even if we weren’t in love with each other.

I think fucking and making love can both be enjoyable depending on your mood. Right now I need to make love or maybe I should say I want to have passionate sex with someone so I don’t scare them off with the “Love” word.

Do you like to be Fucked or Made Love to? Continue Reading…


sex datingIamwma

I am not a lady, but love both version of sex or love making…. and when and what it is, it depends on the situation…

For example make passionate love with a loved woman can be very satisfying . Also wild, animalistic sex can fulfill our erotic fantasy…

But I think you can not make love without being in love with your partner, although when I am having sex with my sex partner or playmate, I am very passionate with them, even though it ends up in wild sex… Continue Reading…


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anal sexlilsprite

It all depends on who I’m with and my mood. My fuckbuddy sometimes makes love to me, then just fucks the hell out of me.

My lover sometimes fucks the hell out of me, then ends slow and soft passionate love making….

Then there’s the others…. Oh never mind these others! Continue Reading…


adult datingntnwillis98

I like sex with a skilled, respectful lover, sex partner that understands
my needs and his and does accordingly.

I try to do my best in return. Call it whatever the fuck you want to. Continue Reading…

sex adscoconuts322

Ideally, it would be a mix of both. The intimacy of making love and the passion and lust fullness of fucking… Continue Reading…



At home with my lover, I like to make love and like to feel loved.

At sex party, I love to get fucked really hard with several hard cocks a night…

And then there are different activities too… No any man can make love with my ass, but I like the feeling of it when my lover pounds my ass really hard.

Is it love making or hard core anal sex? Continue Reading…


adult datingjoozee1

A really good question, and I agree with the above post.

At different times, at different location, different reasons, with different partners or lovers…. I like it many different ways. I like to be made love to add like to get fucked hard too, for sure. Continue Reading…


sex adsindiapuss4white

Sometimes I like being fucked hard, sometimes I like being made love to slowly, sensuously, romantically etc by my lovers.

Variety is the spice of life. By the way, I’m not in love and don’t want to be. Single and swinging is my lifestyle and while it may not suit others, it suits me fine. Continue Reading…


casual sex adssipthewine

Somebody wrote it at above; Ideally, it would be a mix of both. The intimacy of making love and the passion and lust fullness of fucking.

I could not have said it better. Simple, to the point and the absolute truth. Continue Reading…



lilsprite wrote it; It all depends on who I’m with and my mood.

When the mood is lost how do you get it back? Continue Reading…


horny coupleksk72

Try something new an different. For example if you always make passionate love with your lovers, try to get fucked hard by two horny guys… It will work. Continue Reading…

My husband and I enjoy porn style sex with women on occasion

The word sex contains three letters.  Sex is  a three letters word with a lot of meaning. The letters S E X covering a lot of activity.

Talking about sex used to be taboo in the past and sex used to be very privet matter between two people, mainly between married couples or between couples in love.

casual sexladykaym

The world has changed and in our days we are openly talking about sex, in fact we are openly looking for sex partners for casual sex… Websites like this make it easier.

Also might-be people did not talk about sex in the past, but sex outside of  marriage is not a new thing. Don’t forget the prostitution is the world’s oldest professional, so taboo or not, sex outside of marriages did exist… even in the stone age.

Since the Internet boom there is a “new” type of sexual encounter, the casual sex or NSA  no commitment sex. Casual sex was born from the past’s keys exchange, swinging parties. Also casual sex might be a little different than no commitment or swingers sex.

It makes me wonder….? Can we have casual sex with a prostitute? Continue Reading…


sex datingIamwman

Prostitution is a business… So I don’t think prostitutes practice casual sex with their clients. As soon is money involved, it is not casual sex anymore.

But if we flip the medal and look at it from the other side… Prostitutes have friends too and they might want to make their friends happy too with some kind of casual, no commitment sex. Continue Reading…


casual sexsassylover

I thought it could be interesting if couples looking for 3some FMF thought of using a paid prostitute, since it’s tough seeking the elusive unicorn!

It’s obvious that single women are only invited to play with the couple, either just for the experience or as a kink as considered by some couples. Generally there’s no interest to further or develop and deepen that sexual contact into a friendship (unlike sometimes with swinger couples).

It’s a situation somewhat akin to one-to-one paid sex that’s without fuss or obligations (other than payment for services rendered) with no emotional ties or social contact expected after the “transaction”, so to speak.

And with paid prostitutes, health and disease are still a concern for participating parties, as is between swinger couples (and in MMF situations I might add!) so protection is always top priority.

So do you think couples looking for single women just to have that fantasy experience save time by getting the services of female prostitutes?

On the other hand, what if single males (since there are not many male prostitute rings) are offered payment by couples for a MFM 3some, can he accept with no qualms?

Just wondering in this day and age, how it’s viewed from male and female perspectives. Continue Reading…



Erotic tips and advices on casual sex

My number one fantasy is NSA sex with a stranger

Have you fulfilled your wildest erotic fantasy yet? Introduce the thrill of erotic fantasy to your bedroom.


swinger couplecupl4fun56

Why would we play with prostitutes? It would take a way the fun factor…

It’s not that hard to find a partner. If we were “really” having trouble, we would widen our search or change our preferences… etc. before resorting to a prostitute. Continue Reading…


adult adsL8b1oomer

I think, anything above the level of street walker will be prohibitively expensive for most of us, especially anything other than straight sex.

There are “workers” that “service” the fetish crowd and it’s not cheap even for phone sex, imagine the cost for group play!!! Continue Reading…

Casaul sex personal ads

sex adsPixture

Probably not a bed idea at first timer to decide they like it or not. A pro sex worker would done it right, so hire a professional who takes pride in their work.

We are not first timer 🙂 and we enjoy porn-style sex with women on occasion and it has been very difficult in my experience to find single women who are willing to participate sexually at that level.

To play with couples or find competitive couples much more easier then to find an experienced  unicorn women….

Back to the professionals… In fact, my husband and I had our best time ever with a prostitute. She satisfied our every desire with enthusiasm and had no limits of which we became aware. Continue Reading…


sex datingMz_LindaAnn

If your a couple and are having problems finding a third for a fantasy fulfillment, why not go pro?

Yes it would probably be expensive. But You wouldn’t just go down and pickup the poor crack whore in the seedy part of town?

Think of it like hiring a sexual therapist and do your research. Call an escort agency, tell them your requirements. They will have potential matches call you back.ask if you can see
some photos via e-mail, ask questions.

You plan all the details for a vacation. Do the same for a “sexual adventure”.

As for possible STD, you could get that from a person sought on-line. Professionals use protection and you should always use it with strangers.

If its something you both want, as a loving, mature, couple… Why not life’s to short. Continue Reading…