Would You Eat a Double Creampie?

I ran into a cream pie related blog post on Swingers Couple’s sister website. It put my fantasy overdrive… According to that blog post, a lot of user like cream pies, and some others don’t… Continue Reading…

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double cream pie ToysRfun2010

It made me wonder… Who on this site loves to eat it out of a woman after bareback sex?

I do not mind one on one… but lets get a little kinky… I am very curious how many people out there will eat a Double Creampie from two different men? I am not into that one… Continue Reading…


NSA sexfreespiritedgil2

I am not a man… but just to  make it crystal clean, I wouldn’t eat a double creampie…. Continue Reading…


swingers sexcupl4fun56

I haven’t meet a man that wouldn’t do it.

I would love to having it done to me…. It would  make me want more cock and more cum… Continue Reading…



I love to swallow  cum and I am into anal sex too

What you should know about his testicles if you are a women Ball sucking tips

Your cum… your control it… How? Continue reading…


kinky sexjawags4242

My man would say… Oh, yes I would!  More is merrier, and wetter is better.

Also I am loving it, when it is done for me… but hard to find man who would do it after a other man. Men thinks  that is gayish… Continue Reading…

kinky sexCoupole Looking for Extra Men for Kinky Fun

erotiic datingSexySexySophie

Eating cum after it’s gone into a pussy is not on the top of my list.

But to answer your question, there would have to be a particular set of somewhat unlikely circumstances for me to be willing to do that. Continue Reading…


adult datingwetpet4you

Yum! Most definitely…. It taste good and feels good too, and for extra it is very erotic… Continue Reading…

horny womenSwingers NSA Sex Classifieds

erotic dating golosa1115

Eating cream pies starts with basically saying what the hell why bother wearing a condom… No condom no sex, therefore no cream pie to eat… Continue Reading…


nsa sextryme

I would love love to try. I do get the chance occasionally, but just after myself. I never had a chance to try to have double cream pie.

My wife would rather just get fucked so the pussy licking is a treat. Or should I say it’s it’s the icing on the cake when I get to do a cream pie? Continue Reading…


casual sex1Canuck

In theory, if sharing a woman with another man was something that turned me on then it wouldn’t matter if the creampie wasn’t mine, I guess.

In theory or in a fantasy world we do not worry about STDs, and licking a pussy to yet another orgasm after fucking is part of the fun.

In real life… It wont happen, because I am always practice safe sex, always wear condom. Without condom two men can make her really messy… there would  be cream all over, so no thanks. Not my thing. Continue Reading…


kinky sexQuiettgirl007

Would love to be  there and watch and then when your guests leave…
I would provide my cleaning service… Continue Reading…


cream piemeadman9

I would certainly enjoy eating those pies and more if you have them.

I am ready to eat a cream pie most anytime, so let me know if I am within distance. Continue Reading…

swingers sexSwingers Couples Looking for Third for NSA Sex

xxx sexluvexxx

Male half, if it’s not his, not into it…

Female half, hell YES !! I love cum whether it is come from cock or from pussy. The more the better!!! Continue Reading…


swingers sexsnowie922

I’m big on this… I love cum, his hers its all good. I’d love to have the chance to eat a double cream pie from two different men.  Continue Reading…

If he cums in your mouth, do you swallow that sperm, spit it out or neither…

I love giving oral sex, it turns me on as much as it turns on my partner. There are very few things, sexually, that I won’t try or do but, I will not swallow! I don’t want any bodily fluids in my mouth, on my face, or above my tits, absolutely positively not! Continue Reading

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casual sexblkbeauty4u2

Why, you ask? My ex accidentally squirted in my mouth one time (the only time), it was gross… and I spit it out all over him; He was not a happy camper to say the least.

Semen, to me and for some others, is thick, salty and just nasty, it’s like okra juice or phlegm. You can shoot it on my breasts, in my ass, in my pussy, on my stomach or on my back, but you cannot/may not shoot above the neck, in my face, in my mouth or in my hair or, I will return the favor by spitting your cum in your face. Continue Reading


love big dickbigdickfetish

Your ex accidentally  let it go in your mouth… Do you believe this? All men feel when they will cum… Sometimes they feel few second before “unload” their load, sometimes even earlier… Therefore that was not an accident at all. Your X was an a-hole and he wanted to cum into your mouth. List he should give you a warning… or he might know, he will be an X soon, and he did not care waht you like or don’t like. Continue Reading…


swingers sex1976wildbill

For me it’s the woman’s choice. I would never even think about shooting my load anywhere she doesn’t want it without her permission.

Everyone has things they do not like done to them. You have to respect your partners
wishes. Continue Reading…


casual sexchloeAnne4

Not in the hair and not in the hair… Everywhere else is okay… Continue Reading…


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casual sexhappifun1

I think  it’s just each persons choice and preference. Personally I’ve had horrible cum and fantastic cum.

The gross cum, I choke and want to spit it out but it’s too late by the time taste buds were involved, I alredy swallow it….

The good cum,  bring it on baby! I can’t get enough from and I crave those men!! Continue Reading…


casual sexexhibicionist-chick

You should do only things you want to do. It’s called having a preference. Make it clear to your potential partners what you willing and what you aren’t willing to do. And if someone isn’t happy about your choices, you
don’t need them anyway.

By the way,  if I know well my playmate I don’t have any trauble to swallow, if that makes them happy. If you do it “smart” you can not even taste it… Continue Reading…

kinky sex dating

sex adsineedyounow55

Every person is different and so is the taste of cum. I swallow without a problem, although sometimes the taste can be gross depending on what the man has eaten or drank.

I do not like it shot in my eyes because it does burn. If you do not want to swallow and you know your partner well and trust he does not have any medical issues, then let him cum in your mouth and then spit the cum into a tissue.

You do what feels right for you and no one else. Continue Reading


NSA sexKateCoxuker

Swallow is my personal preference (and I wouldn’t try to convince everyone that my way is the right way) but I have never understood “spitters.”

It doesn’t get the taste out any faster or decrease the chance of bacterial or viral transmission.

And the taste of a condom can’t compare to that of man-flesh. So I always swallow, and I
always enjoy it. Continue Reading


NSA sexfreespiritedgil2

I swallow, I don’t like to spit out cum, however it is depending on who  is the partner and if I’m in the mood… Continue Reading

I love to swallow cum, I have a tight pussy and I am into anal sex too…

Am I The Only Person Who Feels This Way? Unduplicated1

Lately, I get the feeling that, in the sexual arena, competition is the name of the game. I’m an older woman, and I can still fondly recall years in which people were just happy to have mutually satisfying sex.

NSA sexCasual NSA Sex Personal Ads

True, I was with with my late husband for many years, so my experience in the dating world is a bit. limited. Still, I’ve noticed lately people tend to spend a whole lot of time doing what I call “comparison shopping.”

adult datingAnd, the men I meet just LOVE to talk about their other exploits and how one woman is better in bed than the other. This makes me feel as though I have to give 120 percent to even be in the running!

And, I’ve learned to give 120 percent by osmosis.

In order to remain “marketable” nowadays, a woman has to give outstanding blow jobs. That’s number one.

And, she has to love to swallow. I love to swallow cum, so that’s not a problem. A woman also has to be multi-orgasmic for starters, and, if she can squirt as well, she is far more desirable than your average, multi-orgasmic gal.

Vaginal sex isn’t passe, butt (pun intended) it’s a good thing I really enjoy anal sex, because the men who come back for more are very much into anal sex and anal play.

The guys who only want vaginal sex never came back for more, even though I have a tight pussy.

This, I’m sure, has to do with my age. In other words, if a man can get equally good vaginal sex from a younger gal, he will surely prefer her to me. Perfectly understandable.

Sometimes being into anal sex isn’t enough either. I have to have greater endurance and an interesting anus in order to keep men interested.

And, kink reigns supreme.

The kinkier and the more open I am, the more desirable I become. I’m not trying to
bed everyone on this planet. Having two FWB are enough for me. But, I sometimes REALLY am feeling the heat.

I’m writing this from a woman’s perspective… I’m sure guys feel the heat, too, when it comes to trying to get women. I’ve read stories about women rejecting men because of cock size, endurance, you name it.

Does anyone else besides me feel that it’s a sexually competitive world out there and that it’s necessary to be sexier, kinkier and more open than ever before? Continue Reading…

NSA sex datingNSA Sex Dating Ads

sex datingIamwman

I agree with you, but just a little-bit. For sure in our open sexuality world, and on websites like this, sexual competition is exist, but on a different way….

I don’t think any women need to market herself  on a website like this. Prostitutes need to marketing their service… Women here just need to be themselves and I am sure guys will line up to get into their undies…

Those erotic action, like blow job, anal sex, etc. are bonus…but not decision makers.

She have to swallow. Well I am disagree… I think women, if they like to wallow, should swallow their hubby’s sperm only… Swallow sperm in casual dating is the greatest STD hazard. Plus I think it is gross.

You wrote it you have two FWB, (friends with benefits). So today you swallow number one sex partners sperm, next time number two’s?

What about if you have a MFM threesome? Do you swallow both guys cum… So then they need to like cream pie, otherwise they would not kiss you after that…

According to your explanation, you are into anal sex, because you enjoy it. So do you enjoy it? Or do you do everything to kep your sex partner… Which one?

Also you wrote it, you need  to have an interesting anus in order to keep men interested. How can you have interesting anus? What makes your anus so interesting…? Continue Reading…


sex adsleslynn

I think  sexual arena, competition is effects men more then women….

Will my cock be big enough? Can I ,lost long enough? Will I satisfy her? Am I better than her last bloke?

These are some of the questions I, amongst others could ask myself. But I don`t. I just hope my past experiences have taught me enough to please her in what ever form that takes.

From my experience, I think you are over analysing things way too much. One other thing that comes to mind is, do you believe everything men tell you? I`d take somethings with a large grain of salt. Continue Reading…


swingers sex40sdude

Sexual competitiveness has always been there. That said, I don’t agree that all men would look at your list of “musts” and agree.

Is a great blowjob a wonderful thing?

Absolutely, but it in no way is the deciding factor for me.

Is anal sex enjoyable? Only if both parties are into it and honestly, lots of guys don’t really care about it.

Kink is defined differently by all, unless one is holding a whip, then their opinion might carry a little more weight.

Trying to meet the criteria of everyone else is just going to drive you crazy and in doing so, you lose part of yourself. I’ve said this before Dup, you might just need to find a bigger playground to play in. Continue Reading…

swingers sexSwingers Sex Personal Ads

Swingers CoupleLorelei_x

Yes, but part of that is that we are older and wiser – 16 year olds are still pretty clueless. The internet has certainly opened things up quite a bit.

Still, I think we each have our own strengths and weaknesses, and when we meet someone with whom we “click”, the competition ceases to matter.

My single vanilla male friends also complain about women talking about other men, so it’s not gender-specific.

I do the compare and contrast as much as the men, but in the end, the men in my life are all about character.

So yes, sexual competition is pretty serious these days, but there’s no law that says sexual competition is only about sexual activity.

As far as I am concerned, most men (and most women) fall within the middle of the bell curve of sexuality, and it’s really hard to be an extreme outlier there.

I give the men in my life a rocking good time and solid support outside the bedroom, and they seem to appreciate that. Back to what is important to each of us – and for me it’s all about character. Continue Reading…


couple for couplesohmymy69

The only competitive aspect we see is the “age” thing, when we don’t have an age visible to everywhere.

We get lots of email but as soon as we put our age up we suddenly become unattractive!!! It looks as though age (younger is better) has become a conquest
issue. Continue Reading…


Swingers CoupleLorelei_x

“People like that sometimes THRIVE ON making women feel inadequate by giving graphic descriptions of their encounters (past and present) with other women” – that has nothing to with age, beyond that they should have outgrown that type of behaviour by the end of high school.

That’s up there with putting worms in a girl’s hair to get her attention.

There are  some good advice here – maybe it’s time to change your standards. Or heck, next time he starts, just point out that the last guy you were with stayed hard for 6 straight hours, or ate pussy really well, or gave you the most amazing hand job, or dare I say it… had a thicker dick.

By the way;  I don’t do anal, despite numerous requests. It’s never been a deal breaker – they just stop asking after a while. Continue Reading…

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To swallow or not to swallow. I talking about ejaculated cum during blow job…

A lot of open minded women enjoy giving oral sex – blow job to a man. It provides them with feelings of intimacy, and closeness that can be shooting and extremely erotic.

Oral sex on a man provides s feeling of power and control for the performing woman. However there are women, who don’t find anything special about doing oral sex, but they go down on guys if they enjoy it.

And some women would rater kiss a frog than take a man’s penis in their mouth.

swingers sex personal adsSwingers Sex Personal Ads

What ever is your preferences, you have to face with a fact…. And the fact is, your male sex partner might blow his load into your mouth… while you preform oral sex on him. Straight  women often  have the feelings, they need to swallow their partners cum to give them the best blow job what they ever had.

To swallow or not to swallow. I talking about ejaculated cum during blow job…

Considering what happens if a woman suck a penis long enough, a woman who gives oral sex eventually have to make up her mind about swallow or spit it out… or don’t even let the the guy ejaculate into their mouth.

For many women, based their  “swallow or not to swallow” decision on how they feel about the guy and how they feel about their relationship. For some others it is just a matter of taste…

Different guys’ cum come in different   taste, in different texture and in different amount. Sometimes same guys cum is change taste and texture from one day to other.

It is hard to say swallow or don’t, and no any man should push this issues with their lady, except that man who is willing to swallow a mouthful of some other man’s… If you think that is gross, then you should not feed your lady with your jizz. Of course if she wants it, that is a different story.

We asked our members what they think about sallowing their sex partner’s cum. The first lady think that, many men are not swallow-able. She wrote that: As a woman who loves to swallow as part of giving oral, I find not all men are swallowable. Such a shame!

kinky sex

Local NSA Sex Ads

How many men keep themselves impeccably clean to invite women to give oral? This includes the uncircumcised who clean carefully the area underneath their foreskin.

How many men smoke? Smoking makes your jizz taste really nasty. Swallowing the cum of a smoker is way worse than licking an ashtray. YUCK!! And I’m talking about occasional
smokers and smokers of any substances… The more you smoke, the worse it gets.

How many men have a diet full of fruits and veggies and plenty of water rather than heavy in red meat and spicy foods? Being dehydrated makes your cum almost “chunky” in consistency and will make a swallower gag.

The fruits and veggies allow for a fresh clean taste as opposed to the sour and stale taste of a red meat eater.

Women who swallow, do you agree or disagree with my position?

older women younger menOlder Women Looking for Younger Men for Casual Sex

hot womenI agree with what you said about taste and diet, however, you don’t realize if it’s “swallowable” or not, until it’s in your mouth.

What do you do at that point, spit? Hell once it’s in your mouth, you might as well swallow and just keep a cup of water or fruit juice
by the bed and take a sip after swallowing. Continue Reading>>>


local swingersI agree for the most part with the diet affecting the taste
and smoking as well. Though I have tasted good cum from men
that smokes too… so not super sure of that theory.

Either way… sometimes I swallow and sometimes not…. and it
does depend on the taste and texture and on how I am feeling
overall that particular day! Continue Reading>>>


hot chicsHow very interesting and insightful. Have you noticed
the difference in men who have had a vasectomy?

My husband eats meat and really in my opinion doesn’t drink enough
water, but he tastes good and it isn’t thick or “chunky”,
but he is vas safe.

I’ve tasted two others over the last year and both tasted different and had different consistencies and volume.

I don’t mind swallowing on occasion, but there are other places I prefer it to go….

Continue Reading>>>


I am so sorry I think that swallowing cum is unhealthy. A mans cum can harbor all kinds of things that a woman can get very ill from.

STD are transmitted true cum and a host of other things. Needless to say if you are having sex with the man and he comes out of you to cum into your mouth…

Be careful and safe with what you do, don’t swallow on sex party…  and no sex without protection. No condom is a big  NO – NO for me! Continue Reading>>>

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