Couples who share sex life with others

Why couples share their sex life and their spouse with others? This is the nice way to ask it, but a lot of people wondering, why married couples like to have sex with others, at front of  their spouse?

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I have my idea, but there are others with even better idea. Let me explain it.

One lady wrote it on our sister’s website’s  erotic on-line dating magazine. “We are a married couple and we do have a couple of male friends to play with us, mainly with me… I enjoy to play with two men at once and my hubby enjoys watching, and or join in. We are looking for couples, females, and single men too. We are not bi sexual, but otherwise very open minded…” Continue reading…

Did you realized, what she said? “We do have a couple of male friends to play with us, mainly with me.” This is the only possibility to get single guy into this very erotic lifestyle, but this will an other page’s subject.

The problem in married couples sex life start to develop as they are getting older. As couples getting older they will not be the same person as they used to be. As we are getting older, we change. We want different challenges in our work, different friends and sometimes different kind of relationship.

Let me explain it please. Suppose you got married when you were 23 and you husband 27. The best age to get married and at the time both of you was perfectly compatible with each other. Both of you wanted the same kind of life and had similar ideas about future, sex and family. Both of you had goals of having family, kids and living a comfortable life.

Now 12 years later, you are 35 and you have changed. Your interest have shifted drastically from the simple home life to more social life. You are heading to a new direction…

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You are still young, but getting close to middle age. You are still very sexy, you know this because guys flirting with you all the time. You thing you are on your way to that hill…  and you will miss something.

You have tried to talk about this with your spouse, but he has no or little interest in your new area. He is happy and do not want to get into anything sexual.

Millions of couples are faced with this problem some time in their life.

The solution for may of them the same. Ignore the fact they going to different direction. They live and build their own social life, not necessarily erotic life.  Kind of sex less life.

In this time in a lot of cases ladies would begin involved with organizations, or with carrier projects, or church. Her husband go with her or would become more likely a part of her home and less part of her life.

Their love life become routine, boring weekend activity and no sparks will fly in the bedroom.  They will grow further and further a part.

And then one day, he or she meet someone who also shares his or her interest  and a new relationship just might begin.

The marriage will turn into a disaster. The partners going to different direction. Of course in unrealistic to expect your spouse to share all your interest. Sometimes differences are good in a relationship, but only you can decide you like it or don’t. If you don’t and you don’t do anything about it, your relationship will end in separation. If you check the divorce statistic, you will see that, most marriage ends up between 12 and 15 years partnership.

People usually realize, there is trouble in their marital life when sex became boring activity. Unfortunately a lot of guys ignores this. For one reason or some other, they think something wrong with their wife sex drive. After they will panic, when they and if they discover that, she is having an affair. If this is your situation, you have a big decision to make.

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You have three choices. The best solution is to seat down with your partner and talk honestly about what happening. Maybe there is a way to fix the relationship at this point, but you and your partner have to find a way to do it.

The second: Sometimes couples realize that, this is something like a middle age crisis and stay in the relationship.  Accept their spouse as is, with affairs, lifestyle etc. However this is hard.

The third solution is to end the relationship and this one is not easy either.

The final solution nsa casual sex or – swinging as a preventive action.

Swingers Couples

Swingers couples marital relationship never ends in divorce because of the above reasons. Swingers couples marital sex live never boring and swingers couples always talk about sex openly with their spouse and or  sex partners.

Also studies show that couples who practice casual no string attached sex together, they can increase their enjoyment and satisfaction in the relationship, because better understanding of themselves and their partners. It can also enhance greater intimacy between the partners and decreased in sex role playing and sexist expectations.

Couples who enter into swinging don’t do it because their relationship is not working out. All of the swinger couples live in strong loving relationship. They know each others needs, wants, and dislikes, they respect each others. In an erotic activity such, no string attached sex or swinging enables them to explore sexual and social feelings.

Swinging permits them to fulfill their erotic fantasy with out the ties to love. Swinging make them realize what is the difference between sex and love. Swingers couples rate themselves as significantly happier than the general population. Swingers are significantly more likely to experience life as exciting rather than dull or routine.  Swingers couples believe, swinging caused their general happiness to increase. Swingers couples do appear to lead happier and more exciting lives than non-swingers. Continue reading…

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Why some women, or couples prefer one night stand with stranger men?

Hubby want me to have anal sex with his freind

Our transgression into swinging

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We just wanted to say how thankful we are to  for helping us with our transgression into the world of leisure nsa sex and  swinging.

Without this website neither my husband or myself would have had the courage to explore this side of our sexual curiosity.

With out Swingers Couple‘s website, we would not be able being  honest with one another and open to all erotic avenues on this voyage of discovery our real sexual limit.

This website has taught us valuable things about what makes each of us tick and has enabled us to explore our previous limitations which we both agree we see as restrictions now.

I suppose we just wanted to put it out there from the woman’s perspective. Believe me fellow ladies, don’t let the fear of the unknown or the unexplored stop you becoming completely comfortable with your own sexual fantasies, because they can become amazing realities. Continue reading...

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A great post. And so true. Exploring together with your spouse and experiencing new things can definitely make your relationship better and stronger.

Thanks for sharing! Continue reading...


Swingers sexbrutay2

Thank you for posting our feelings as well. We don’t often realize how lucky we are to have found Swingers Couple’s Website and how much it has enhanced our life and helped us find some great friends and lovers.

So again. Thank you Swingers Continue reading...


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Wow!!! I love it. Very well told, from experience! Continue reading...


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I found an interesting question – answers post on erotic dating advice. One of their lady member posted the next question.

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Why do attached men want to be a member for an erotic adult dating service?

I am single, but I have been cheated on in the past & it started with a site similar to this. I know men get curious, but when you become a member & log on everyday & maybe actually meet with someone, why do you keep it on the side instead of ending the relationship.

If you’re not getting it at home, leave.

kinky sexMissKitty732

There are many interesting answers and tips to her question, (I will post some at next) but non of them realized it, what she wrote. She wrote it: “I have been cheated (bed girl) on in the past & it started with a site similar to this….”

Also her last sentence was a statement; “If you’re not getting it at home, leave.” Well she is like some of the priests… Because priest try to tell you, that is not okay to have sex outside of your marriage, and many of them harassing and sexually abusing children… So is it okay?

She is telling you, if you are not getting enough you should not cheat, you should walk, but she did not walk, she cheated first… According to her own advice she did it wrong… Well wrong order baby… However it is just my opinion.

Many members posted their own opinion and those are very far from my… But because they think differently about cheating then I do, it doesn’t mean they are not right. They are right on what they say, but it wont change my mind… about her own answer.

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One of the lady used her fiend’s experience in her advice. Read it at next:

She wrote it; “Let me say first, that you are 100% correct. I don’t criticize cheaters as long as they are aware that they may be causing someone else some real hurt and pain. They also need to be adult enough to accept the consequences that will most likely occur.

Having said that, allow me to give you the observations of a man I know who cheated prolifically on two wives and married a third after he realized the truth of what marriage is all about. He is not a bad person and he and his wife have been totally happy and monogamous for over ten years.

swingers sexSwingers Couples

I asked him the question why were you a cheater for so long and didn’t wise up during your two marriages.

He told me this.

“I like strange pussy.” “

Her story made me think…. I understand her friend, because I love pussy too and not just strange pussy…

Then finally a man published his though on cheating women. He wrote it:

“Why do attached men want to be a member? Because they want their member sucked on by someone other than their significant other as part of some twisted fantasy they have.

There are quite a few attached women here who are cheating on their man, too.”

This man is good, he turn the questio0n over and pointed out, there are more then few attached women looking for casual sex partners on this adult dating website… And he is right, thousands of women looking sex partner and many of them are from your neighborhood. Check them out at next…

One married women posted her own reason, why she got membership to our partner’s erotic dating website.

She wrote it; “Perhaps because some attached women are like me, seeking attached men…

I agree that no one should be lying about attached or not. As I’ve stated here numerous times before, I have a 98% great marriage and intend to stay married. Getting these needs filled elsewhere helps me stay in the marriage and makes my spouse happy too.”

There are more then hundred of respond, tips and answer posted to her question. If you want to read all, visit our on line adult dating magazine and select on click on Advice – North America.

One more thing, it is very likely all attached women and men are here, because they are looking for casual sex partner, so if you are here for the same reason, check out those erotic dating profiles, and I am sure you will get laid very soon.

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Hardcore swingers? Cuckold couple would be better name

If I am right, it is a swingers dating website and we keep seeing profiles that say not interested in hardcore swingers. They wrote it, honest girl looking for husband and love. I guess she is not at the right place… Continue reading…

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What makes a swinger hardcore?

Is it the number of people that you swing with or is it the way you swing that makes you hardcore? Continue reading…


NSA Sex1str8man

You are right, this is a swingers dating website. It is in the name, but today a lot of people very sensitive… and they don’t like the word swingers, or swinger. And I am not sure why that honest girl looking for love here…

Let’s get back to swingers. In my experience, they prefer call themselves play couples. In the past they used to say we swing in the same room, or separate  room, or we swing together only.

Today they call themselves “play” couples or “social couples“. We play together or we play separately, and they might  state it, we are a full swap couple.

What make them hard core swingers? I guess everyone have different definition for this, however not even Google define it… so it is a very good question.

The closest definition that I found: Swingers are sexually free spirited  open minded people.

Swinger couples tend to be in love with each other, and share their sex life, their spouse, partner, with others. Sometimes this means “swapping wives” sometimes it means “group sex“. How the hard core comes into it? I have no any idea… Continue reading…


erotic datingnegacpl77

Maybe   hardcore would be full swap in the same room, but that guy is right above. No one really say it hard core swinger anymore.

Also I don’t think people need to limit their  options.

Cause you never know one definitions till you talk to them. We do full swap, soft, or pretty much whatever it takes to get fulfill our and our partners’ erotic needs, and not really think I am a hard core swinger. Continue reading…



Find sex partners for partner swap on line. Sex with multiply partners
How can you get into the swingers lifestyle
Tips for couples and singles what to do if you really want to build no commitment sex relationship.
Swingers Sex


adult datingrm_2PhatPizzle

I would say you need to talk with the other couple. My experience has been hardcore swingers have sex with the other couple (and not just with their own partner).

It is important to be clear about expectations and boundaries before hardcore swinging. That way everyone can have a good time! Continue reading…



In our experience, “Hard Core” means people who are not that discriminating in who they have sex with.

Bed Post Notchers” are another term for them. They are serious swingers who spend a great deal of time in finding new sex partners. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as everyone knows what they are dealing with up front.

There is room in this Lifestyle for all types of swingers. Oh, I just said an other word, lifestyle so they can be lifestyle couples too… Continue reading…


hard core  swingersMICHAELandLOUISE

We are one of the few who do not mind the word swinger and we consider ourself hardcore swingers.

But only because we will have full, penetrative sex with the other’s partner on the first meeting, if the other couple wants to and find each other attractive..

We don’t base it on how many people we have met. Continue reading…

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sex datingHotTiger

It mostly means sex without rules, no limits. The limit only up to the participating players…

Viewing hard core porno would basically explain it. Hard core swingers ; hard core porno. Soft porn, soft swing… but we do not like to call ourself hoard core swinger couple. Prefer open minded play couple.

And be careful with honest girl who are looking for love on this website. They are coin artist… they want your money, so just ignore them. Continue reading…


bi ladybifemplayland

It’s a personal definition, but in my experience it seems to be that people not looking for “Hard Core” swingers anymore.

They assume hard core swingers are pushy and want to pressure or rush them into sex.

Some might also say it covers very active swingers, but I think even this is subject to perspective of the people making the judgment.

Hard core swingers, or full swap couples, almost the same, just different way to name the activity…

Also this type of couple/single is also looking for a friendship or more in which to have a comfort level to share sex-life. They assume the hardcore swingers are not into friendship, just animalistic fuck. Continue reading…


adult datingrm_Fantasy20074

I agree, hardcore swingers are those whose lives revolve around swingers sex.

They are horny people who are only interested in the sex, not the people. They don’t ask your name, but they ask your favorite sex positions… and a lot of people like this and I kind of like this… Continue reading…


NSA sexcuckoldcpl

Hardcore swingers or not, it is just playing with the words. I do not consider ourself hardcore swingers, even though we love hard core sex and every now and then we visits swingers club…

Cuckold   couple would be better name.… but in the past cuckolding was swinging, swingers sex play… so what  ever is the name, makes no different. Name how you want it, it is shared sex… and that honest girl, who are looking for love…. maybe a Russian girl and just want to get a way from Russia. Continue reading…