What is the best way to organize a Sex Party?

A party whereby anything goes down. We tried to organize one about 2 months ago. The problem started before the party’s date was fixed… Because most people wanted to know who was attending before hand.

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We had asked everyone to bring some sort of mask so that no
one knew who was grabbing who’s cock or breast or ass because our intention was to darken the play room where the erotic activity was going to take place.

Well… I had to postpone it because most didn’t to show up at party… They find an excuse after for why they did not shop up.  If they would tell us before,  that they would not plan to attend, we would ask someone else…

Whats the best method to do this? Continue Reading


NSA Sexspiderwoman15

We’ve had the same troubles. People we know want to know who is coming and then don’t want to come as they don’t like this or that. We gave up on big parties.

Big sex party, with a lot of new people suck too for us, so we try to mix new people with old friends. So we have good play with  the old friends.

We talk, socialize with the new people later, after then we had  some kind of fun….

Never make a party, where is more new people than experienced people. Experience does count even in casual sex. Continue Reading


NSA sexsussi1028

We have found the online community helpful. We chat as a group in a private chatroom and introduce new people there.

It has proven much easier to bring in these new persons when these barriers have broken online. Continue Reading



My wife and I have been doing MFM and gangbang for her for three months now

How many people does it take to be considered an orgy or a gangbang?


swingers sexwewantgroupfun

That is a good question… because as our user name states it, we want group fun.

I am a kind of newbie to the group thing, but it is really something that I want to try. The hubby is the more experienced.

He says to have a meet and greet period. This way people will still have the opportunity
to decide leave, or get naked… Continue Reading

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horny coupleSmanWcpl

I don’t like Meet & Greets… If I want to play I am going to go to a sex party!If I don’t want to play, I don’t go

However going to a sex party do NOT mean you have to play with everyone! Everyone has a choice on whether they play, watch, who they play with & how they play with them.

Some people go to erotic parties just to socialize, dance, watch, only play with their own partner, some like to be watched, others like to be in private rooms & some are in for all kinds of play.

I always tell people it is more like a nice house party with a little extra thrown in, if you
click with someone & IF YOU chose to play! I’m sure there are parties that don’t play as nicely but I don’t attend those kind. Continue Reading


casual sexopen-minded-cpl

A lot of couples visit, organize – high-end sex or erotic parties to meet
like minded people and have penetrative fun for a night. They are like us, contact like minded people  from this website.

Both married and unmarried or live-in couples openly solicit with different people at a party.  Some of them goes all the way to penetrative sex with multiply partner, some others don’t.

It depends on the individual comfort level. However with out experienced people, – I mean people who have “sex party” experience – your party wont work. You need to have few people who can show the ropes for everyone… Continue Reading

Celebrate Valentines Day with a fuck fest

We are  integer by the thought of getting involved in group situation in a sex party. We plan to do it around Valentines Day to celebrate love with a fuck fest 🙂 I will happen, or I can say we plan it to happen, most probable  with 2 – 3 open minded couple, who are  needing an extra tool.

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adult sex adsCreoleLicious

But my hubby never done it before, and he is worry about stage fright. Its not that we would not get into the moment if coaxed by a or two horny couple, but its a pretty stressful moment, and booze ain’t
going to help.

However we made up our mind and we will do it… It is our fantasy for many years, so it will not go a way, so we need to try…

And we are not really new “players”.  Yeah, we’ve had some fun in the past with buddies as we took our “guests” into the hot tube, but that was spontaneous, unplanned fun.

This should be different. Everyone who will attend will have informed, this Valentines Day event will be a sex party.

So,  what should we do? What are some ways to ease into the moment? Continue Reading…


kinky sexdoubledeeplover

The most important factor is to participate in a sex party is the invited people willingness. Sex party is not for everyone, so if you are thinking about hosting a sex party you have to know the people who you will invite to participate in your party.

The next thing to decide is what sort of a party you want to have and let the invited people to know it.

Some parties are for couples only, some are mixed, some like orgies, and some have playrooms for fun, some use the whole house and some are organized in a hotel room. As you can see, there are a lot of things that you have to deal with.

Most people really want to go to a sex party, but more or less conscious mental barriers stop them from going for what they want. Help them. Make it clear they can leave at any time. Or you can invite experienced people, the people who you had that hot tub fun before.

Swingers Sex AdsIf you would like to have a really good Valentines Day sex party you should invite people with “related” experience and people who are curious first timers (new bie).

If the new bie couple like your party, then they might organize their won party in the feature and they will invite you back… This is a good way to meet new people.

From this point you have to concentrate a little more on the first timers. They have to know that, you are inviting them to an erotic party. Probably they will have a lot of things in their mind…. More then in yours for sure.

You have to explain to them there is nothing to be scared, and NO means NO. Ask them what do they get to lose? If they are really serious they will accept your invitation because they don’t want to wonder about what could have happened if they had the courage to go. Continue Reading…



If you have 8 pussies and two hard cocks that is not a sex party at all.

Erotic house party story.

Valentines Day Sex Party

Horny redhead decided to have a MFM threesome.


Usually first timers will not leave your sex party. They have never participated in one and they want to know what it is like. They are there for a reason, most likely they have an erotic fantasy and they will probably give it a try. For this reason you should let invite first timers to the event even if they beforehand declare that they are not going to do too much.

I know that, it takes a bit of courage to invite first timers to your sex party, but do it anyway. Invite list one couple, because if they like it, they might organize the next party and they will invite you back.

real people for real sexYou could send out written invitations (email) if you prefer not to speak with them. Ask them to confirm the attendance.

To help people overcome their own mental barriers, you should make sure that the action is slow. Everybody want to go further some time before they actually do. Everybody should be horny and everybody should turned on.

If someone gets into right to the action, for example goes directly from hand shake to penetration, others may start to think “I don’t want to do that!”

Participants who rush destroy everybody else’s mood. Encourage the slowest. Hold back the quickest. Even if everybody is ready to go straight to the action, you should hold back. The longer you hold back the sexual energy, the stronger it will be when you let it loose.

At some point, unexpected things will start to happen. Let them happen. Do not disturb your guest unless something or someone is threatening the entire party.

If you invite list one experienced couple… that would be a big help. Experienced couple  know the ropes and they know how to show those ropes to others. Continue Reading…


Swingers Sex AdsIamwman

Even if you invited open minded people only, the hardest part of a sex party is to start with the sex… special if your guests are inexperienced….

The easiest way to start is with playing games. Laughing together makes people ease up and creates a friendly atmosphere. Use games that for example include  being blindfolded and holding hands. Dancing while being blindfolded and find out who is your dance partner etc. Or strip poker. The losers have to take off a piece of their clothe. Do not use games in which the losers must leave the room. That would only make them passive.

People usually want what they cannot have. Therefore, if you play a game nobody should partnering with her/his permanent partner. This will make them start to talk with each other and hopefully from there things will get a little kinkier… Continue Reading…


anal sexlilsprite

Your best bet is to make your Valentines Day erotic party  successful is to get to know the couple you’re thinking about invite before you ivnvite them.

Meet both of them for dinner or at least a drink – doesn’t have to be alcohol. Ask them questions. Watch as they interact with you and each other. Do you see signs of jealousy, possessiveness? That is a warning sign. If they jealous in just a meet and greet meeting, what will they do and how will they act in naked setting…? Continue Reading…


NSA sexwild1s1984

We hosted more then some sex parties and we always  meet first and chat some. Get a feel for everyone’s comfort level. It helps ease the tension. Continue Reading…


Swingers Sex Adsindiapuss4white

I have been seeing 3 MF couples, I guess it is a sex party…
How I did it the first time;  We all meet at a public place and
have a meal and drink together and have a nice chat together,
and see how the chemistry is all round.

If a MF couple is not ready for some kinky play you can immediately notice some hostility
in one of the partners present. So best for you would be not to invite those type of couples to your party.  Make a polite excuse and leave. Continue Reading…


Swingers Sex Ads

Keep on your eyes people alcohol intake… To sex parties like this people usually bring their own drink. Many people feel more self confident if they drink little alcohol. Little alcoholic beverage is okay, however you do not need drunk people on your party.

Of course, it works very well to let the participants drink alcohol. Alcohol is easy to blame, and in addition, critical thoughts are silenced while the sex drive is amplified.

Too much alcohol can destroy your party. Drunken people often behave badly, and that may make other people leave, so the best way to go, make it alcohol free… Valentines Day Sex party. Continue Reading…

If you have 8 pussies that want action and only 2 of the cocks are up and running it is not a good sex party at all

So, I’ve been invited to a swingers’ club sex party this coming weekend. The club is ran by the owner in their own home. They live in a large, luxury home. I never been in a swingers club and I never participated in any sex party before.

swingers partySaranghae2

I had few MFM threesomes and I liked them a lot (smile).

But this privet swingers club make me wonder… I am willing to check it out for curiosity sake…. The whole sex party concepts just seems so tantalizing and alluring to me.

I’ve heard that while there, your clothes tend not to stay on too long, but I’ve also heard, even if you go and just watch others, thats okay too…

Anyways, for those who’ve attended one before, that would be great if you have any first time experience stories, tips, and advice to share… Continue Reading…


sex datingIamwman

All swingers clubs have their own rules and sometimes dress codes. Usually those rules set up by the club owner, special in your case… because the clubs ran in a privet home.

You should ask those rules before you attend, if you have doubt or you do not like those rules, then don’t go. You do not want  to get into anything, that you might regret later on.   not like them…

If you go follow the rules, and have a good time. Some clubs and some sex parties are a little more riskier than others so, try to set up an easy “escape” way….

Also prepare yourself to have the best sex you ever had… I mean be very clean, smell nice, maybe get some condoms… wet wipes, etc. Continue Reading…


naughty womanNaughtyLilBrat69

I went to one once and it was FUCKING AWESOME!

I though it’s not a lifestyle that I would get into on a regular basics… but every know and then… it can be a lot of fun.

The only advice I can give… Let you hair down, shave your beaver and have fun! Continue Reading…


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erotic datingWordsmith2004

Dress nice, maybe a hint of sexy, but casual. Make sure you smell great and don’t have any just like you would were you going to any other club or any other party.

Be casual, pay close attention to the club rules, and observe others to see what the “norms” in that particular club are. Come prepared if you think you might seriously be getting naked, though the first time in, I’d take it slow and not worry so much about “participating”.

But you had threesome before, so you are kind of close to this kind of partying…

The most important thing I was told the first time, but is especially true for women… Don’t let anybody talk you into doing anything you don’t want to do.

Oh and of course, have fun! Continue Reading…


swingers sexgoinridinsoon

Be firm about what you want to do, and how far you want to go. No mean no even at a sex party. Accept that others have the same rights. Other than that, enjoy it. Continue Reading…


erotic dating personal adsbemybabynkc

The rules are often posted for everyone to read.

Usually condom must be worn… No touching without first asking permission… No sex on the promise, but if this is a privet sex party, this does not apply… Some of the other rules usually, no drugs, no cell phones,  and no cameras…

But every club is different. Some believe it or not do not allow nudity for fear of MRSA… So go with the flow, and have a good time. Continue Reading…

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Swingers NSA Sex Personal Ads

NSA sex1honeydipped

It has the feel of a nightclub! In some, there’s a point where you can’t be “clothed” but in lingerie or naked for the ladies.

There is a  A club  in Atalanta, here, you don’t have those rules. Each club has it’s own set. Some of them have have open and private rooms.

Usually, a dance floor, jacuzzi and pool,depending on how upscale it is.

They are byob’s. They usually all have showers with soap, towels, mouthwash, etc…

I carry my own amenities at all times anyway! Most have security in and out with cameras and some have valet, again depending…

The key is to have fun, go with no expectations, just take it in and relax and enjoy.

My first time and as a solo female was to a club! I was scared but at the same time, I’m a little brave too! I had a good time. I didn’t play but just took everything in.

My membership was so expensive, I went the next night too! I was visiting some relatives that weekend and they talked me into to go to that club,  I got hocked…  and love it ever since. Continue Reading…


NSA sexnymphbrits

All swing clubs are different, my advice to you would be to go with an open mind.

People who go are very respectful of each other if you want to go to have fun then it may or may not happen if you want to go and watch then that is fine too.

However if you like threesomes and sex with multiply partners… than a swingers club is the best place to go… Just take it easy, do no rush into anything and most importantly have fun. Continue Reading…


NSA sexfoxeyatfifty

As like some people said at above, there are rules, in swingers club

At once I went to a sex party, it was not the rules there. That bothered me the most,  it was the overabundance of men that could not perform.

They did not or could not participate, or chickened out… they just watched. Yes it was an even number of men to woman but if you have 8 pussies that want action and only 2 of the cocks are up and running it is not a good sex party at all.

To have a good sex party, you need to have more hard dicks then eager pussies.. Continue Reading…


casual sexbabylisa11

I’m always nervous when I go to swingers party, weather its local or  a house party somewhere, theres always someone new.

Usually they have alcohol to relax you if you feel like you need it. The people  are always warming and single females get all the attention.

I guarantee you, you will warm up fast. From my experience nothings bad has happened and the main rule always is the No rule.

No means no, so the moment you say no they have to stop and in a respectable club or party they stop, or the security will take care of them. Continue Reading…

I really want to have a m-f-m threesome, but men always chickens out

I really want to have a threesome, but men always chickens out or looks like I am always at the wrong place at the wrong time… My first threesome just don’t want to assemble… Something always  come up and one guy from the two wont show…

sex datingNeednitbad

I am so hot at the idea of a m-f-m  threesome but have no idea how to start it, or where to meet people. On this site, people seem kinda pushy than don’t show. I can not get it…

When I think I finally found the right guys… one did not show…

So what can I do, to make it happen? Continue Reading…



I don’t know why you are having a problem meeting anyone.. It’s my first day and I’ve got 6 messages and I have no pic in my profile yet… gee I wonder what I wrote,  better go get a glimpse. Continue Reading…

Neednitbad; I don’t have shorties of messages… I got a lot of them, but I select a few (local men, or who live close by) I met them, and they not show…. as soon they find out I need them, want them for threesome..


sex datingIamwman

You stated in your profile you are bi. Try to find a couple who are looking for bi women… If it’s couples you seek, you should have no problems really.

Most couples are looking for a single women. Than when you get some experience with that couple, you can ask them to introduce you to an other couple… one of their play mate.

So that would be two couples… with two experienced men. I am sure, they will make your threesome happen. Continue Reading…



Threesome sex tips for women

Threesome sex tips for men


adult datingntnwillis98

It seems highly unlikely that you would fail to find just what you are looking for here on this site.

Actually, if you are willing to play with a couple, than you are quite the prize here. That doesn’t mean you can sit back and not get actively involved in finding your goal.

Don’t stand for pushy people. Just tell them they blew their chance with you because they are pushy jerks.

In no time, you will find a nice couple to have your threesome experience with and you can decide after that if its for you or not. Continue Reading…

sex dating ads

bi coupleif_bi_wife

I checked your profile. We can help you with your desires just gas up your car and drive 50 miles hours north from your city…

We will be the smiling couple out front of the house by the road with a mail box out front. If you do not like us, we will take you to our a local sex club, go to meet and greets and make some new friends. I am sure you will get what ever you are into in… Continue Reading…


adult datingUnduplicated1

It’s not a good idea to generalize. Not all members of this site are
pushy. There are people here from all walks of life.

However, it’s about you.  A couple is your best change to try it first with. You have to be comfortable with a couple you choose to have a threesome with. This means first meeting
the people in a neutral setting and seeing if there’s any chemistry between all of you. In terms of finding people, you could search for groups in your area.

I am sure you will succeed here to make your dream to reality. Continue Reading…


erotic datingouttherelinda

You can search through the different groups in your area for like minded people. Also do a search for type of person/s you are interested in and read the profiles that come up.

As a woman you shouldn’t be shy about making the first contact with anyone. Continue Reading…


adult datingKillarneygirl

My suggestion is to search the local section of this site and find a reputable swingers club in your area. It’s a good place to meet people who might be up for what you want to do, they are usually safe places, and generally the people at them know that no means no.

I’m sure there are couples on this site who may well be interested in you, so many seem to be looking for women, but it’s a bit tougher and not as easy as a swingers club would be for a woman who are like you, into threesome. Continue Reading…


bi sex adsdarkcocco4u

I know what you are talking about. I am exactly in the same situation. A lot of looser men here… big mouth and no action. Looks  like sex parties are a good choice…

I’m at that stage where sexually I’m curious. I would like to try a threesome with men too.

However, I don’t want an intimate attachment. Meaning I only want them as NSA sex partners. I’ve been told by a good friend that I should try going to some private parties where I can loosen up and become comfortable with my desires and at the same time feel safe.

So I just might search to the local adult establishment on this site… as suggested at above for you… and I will go for it too. Continue Reading…


Have any of you tried to put together a group of guys for a gang bang? It is harder then find a Unicorn woman too have threesome with.

Earlier today a couple asked about why it was so hard to find
a woman to join them…

This whole “Unicorn” business got me thinking.

naughty sexNaughty Swingers Sex Dating Ads

unicorn womansci335

If there are so MANY Bi-sexual Married Women…Why are there so FEW Unicorns?  Well, I am one of them…

Women check off ‘straight’ on their profiles. However, if you chat with them, most have told me they have been with a Couple or a Woman.

Same goes for women looking for women… Many have already had three-some with their
spouses, and are looking for one on one with a woman only now.

I just don’t think they are that hard to come by… I just think the Unicorn knows she can be selective because she is so rare! I am Unicorn and I know, and I am actually we are, my hubby and I are very selective…

So are you a Unicorn? Are you selective too? Continue Reading…



Everyone knows that the bi single female is a unicorn and really hard to find Unicorn woman here…

But have any of you tried to put together a group of guys for a gang bang? Dang it’s harder…. Much more harder to find a few willing men, who will bang a willing woman at a gang bang party at the front of other men, than to find a unicorn woman.

Just believe me… I tried both, and I had no problem to find Unicorn ladies, but I can not set up a good gang bangContinue Reading…


couple for sexcumman69

It is a lot easier to find a unicorn than few good men.

My wife and I have almost given up from here we have found several just from chance encounters with people that we all had chemistry together.

Chance encounters like meeting a girl via IM and she recommends someone. So they are out there and come at you when you don’t expect it.

Even thought it seems next to impossible to find you perfect play mates…. Does not matter if you are looking for a unicorn woman or few good men for a gang-bang,  but you will find your play mates… sooner or later, if you do not give it up… Continue Reading…


sex datingIamwman

At first I have to disagree with centkycpl4fun. I have to  say no… not every bi sexual woman is Unicorn

A unicorn woman plays with a couple… She is willing to have sex with her and with him too… However a bi sexual woman can play with a man, or men, with no other woman involved, or with a lesbian woman.  So I don’t think every bi women consider herself as a Unicorn.

For sci335 Remember, these site have more then thirty million members. Even if half of them are looser… it still give you more then 15 millions to chose from… So if you are into any form of Sex… this site is your best change to find willing partner…

I know it sounds kind of cheese… but this is a fact. Continue Reading…


swingers adsL8b1oomer

I can play solo or as a couple, I get approached mainly by couples and I get a lot of email but much like the males lament on here. Nobody seems serious or willing to follow through!

I have to believe those complaining most are the very same ones not following through on their contacts!!!

So I am understand when you say hard to find willing partners… Continue Reading…


swingers sexTerradactyl

Probably you gotta hit a swingers party. That seems to be the place to find willing partners to your gang bang

For us… was hard enough to find one guy for a double penetration and as a couple, it
took effort meet other couples and single men with screening correspondence and scheduling.

You can throw the word out on this site, sure you will get a lot of takers… But there is no way to guarantee what quality of men you might find… but don’t give it up.

Yet isn’t that one of the reasons why you are on this site in the first place?

Go for it… Continue Reading…


threesome sexdnafun11

We are having the same issue. We don’t want some totally random guys. Not into the stranger thing… so we want to know the guy a little better before we invite them to our gang bang party.

And the best way to know the guy is a male female male threesome. If he can perform in a threesome, probably he would be able to play in a gang bang too…

And not only do you have your flakes but there are a lot of guys that are ‘cock-shy’, they cannot get it up or preform when another man is in the room. Just trying to find a reasonable guy for a mfm threesome can been and usually it is a bitch.

Getting one together if you absolutely do not care about the who can be easy, but if you have any care at all about quality of the guys it becomes very difficult. Continue Reading…


horny coupleksk72

As Terradactyl said it, we too…

We have a hard enough time getting two guys for a double penetration. Typically we would get 10 guys to commit to a double penetration and only 1 guy would show up… Continue Reading…

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Go for double penetration. Have your threesome, one dick in your ass and the other in your pussy

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