Monogamous Sex Life is Not For Me

In this tech world of today, there is a barrage of on line dating sites for dating, sexual encounters, and so called “friendship with benefits” seeking, can one be expected to be monogamous? Continue Reading…

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There is a part of me that wants to come to home to someone, share my day and my bed with this person, but for that to happen, many of the men I meet want me to be monogamous.

I tell myself I can do it, then I log on to Al Adult Dating or Erotic Adult Dating maybe Kinky Cupid or even Swingers Couple, and I see a man with a nice big dick and wonderful promises and monogamy goes out of the door.

Are others struggling with this, are open relationships and swinging the answers? What are your thoughts? Continue Reading…


Adult DatingMySweetBloom

I don’t like big dicks so that hasn’t been a problem for me. From what you wrote I would think that you need to look for an open relationship; You have someone to share your day to day (and night to night) but still get to go out and have sex with others.

Seems pretty obvious to me, actually… Continue Reading…


no string attached sexVickie_Jo

As to the crux of your question monogamy is a choice. Temptation is always close by.

Whether it’s on the computer, newspaper, magazine personals, the next door man, or in the office. If a person actually chooses to be monogamous their whole life, I expect they
will be. However I agree, that is easier to say then do… Continue Reading…


NSA sexCu_T_iePie

Myself I have no desire to be monogamous, especially with all the websites that make meeting people so much easier.

If I were to “settle down” into a relationship it would have to be an open one. I can share… Continue Reading…


erotic datingouttherelinda

Well I am single and dating guys… but if I met a guy who I really liked and we both decided to be monogamous then I would have no issue being faithful to him.

Cheating is a conscious choice one makes. I have been cheated on so I know what sort of pain the innocent party goes through and I could not consciously do that to someone I loved. Continue Reading…



I don’t like monogamous relationship. Instead my  husband & I want a threesome with another man

Single men in threesome in a swingers club. Swingers couples looking for extra guy

Why married women do not want married men for NSA sex?


casual sex4Tamiris

As already said, monogamy is a choice. It’s mine, yet here I am on an  Erotic ADULT social networking site. How does that work. It’s simple. I take complete advantage of the tech advances.

Men write to me. I screen them and if I decide to meet one, I do. If we decide to meet again after the first look-see meeting, it is no different than any two single people dating each other.

As long as I am seeing that guy, I am monogamous with him for as long as that relationship lasts. I expect the same from him and that is clear from the get go. I remain on the site and tell all other men, thank you but I am not interested.

If I should ever be so lucky and suddenly hear wedding bells, I will be out of here so fast it would make your head spin. I would send messages to all my online friends here to let them know and post one post here in the AL.

That is how you remain monogamous in the modern age. Continue Reading…

In the old days, women wore chastity belts when venturing out of the house. If you are going to get into a relationship with a man have that conversation with him before you commit to him and come to an understanding about the ground rules. Continue Reading…

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All boils down to making choices. Monogamy is a choice. I monogamy is not for me, that is why I am here. Promiscuity is also a choice. Open  relationship, NSA sex is yet another choice.

You live your life the way you choose to live it. Which choice will you make is entirely up to you, but I beleive, everyone should live their live to the fullest. Continue Reading…


NSA Sex1Canuck

I think everyone – monogamous or not, stay on this website because like it here… However I think monogamy can be boring…

Somebody told me at once… Monogamy is like when you love steak and you eat steak every day. Steak for 5, 10, 15 years or more and at one day you decide, you had more than enough steak, you need some variation…

Sex with the same person for 15 years might get boring too. And our today’s high tech gears make it easy to turn not to be monogamous… Just to get that variation… Continue Reading…

What do horny couples like doing the most with a single guys?

Remember,  NSA sex is, no committed or no string attached sex.  Basically it is like swinging, NSA sex,  swingers sex are recreational sex. There single men, women and couples who are into NSA, sex. Once again… NSA sex is like swinging

NSA sex dating ads

casual sexweRhere4NSA

Even though a lot of people, who are into NSA sex states it, NSA sex is not equal with swingers sex. They are right or don’t, either way both type of sexual activity is no commitment sex, just non-monogamy recreational  sex. Many couples go bowling for fun and recreation; People from this website and swingers have NSA sex for fun and recreation.

All of us know that, bi single women (unicorns) are very popular here. The second group of famous players are the couples to couples play… Both gender have their playmates. Than  the single people with friend with benefits, and or fuck buddies. At the end is the  couples and single guys.

It makes me wonder; what do horny couples like doing the most with a single guys? What a  single guy can do and a man from the other couple can’t? Continue reading


NSA Sex1Str8Man

Well… I can analyze it single men NSA sex and couples scenario a little further…. That single guy can be strait like I, or bi sexual like many others here.

If he is strait the couple can have MFM threesome and everyone will play, no one will watch. They can have a threesome with an other couple too, in fact they can have FMF threesome too, but 1 person will watch, and there are a lot of people who do not like to be watched. I guess this is one reason, why couples choose single guys to play with… but there are a lot of others… Continue reading


swingers sexnew-cpl

What do couples like doing the most with a single guy? In our case, my husband is bi, therefore we play with bi single guys only. This way he can have and I can have my share of fun too.

If we play with an other bi couple, there would be an other women and the guys would be “wear down” very fast.

Plus it is extremely erotic… when my husband penetrate me and he is getting penetrated in the same time whit a large cock… Continue reading



The taste of my pussy juices turns me on even more! I enjoy the taste of my lover’s cock after he has had it inside of me.

Our website  threesome page is just updated with threesome related information and with new detailed threesome sex position. Also few new threesome sex position photos added too.

For more threesome info, visit our erotic on-line  forum – magazine – erotic dating advice line.

Female – female – male threesomes. She can have dick and pussy too…

The female – female – male threesomes are more common in the today’s open sexuality world, because the large number of bi sexual women. In ffm threesome she can have what ever she prefer, woman or man, or both in the same time, which mean dick and pussy at the same time.

Swingers Sex


NSA SexIWantItGood999XX

Oh I’m sure that’s going to vary greatly for each
couple!  It depends on the participating single guy and the couples sexuality…

Some will want the guys fuck the female while her husband just watches.  Some will want both males playing and fucking the female either at the same time and/or separately or after each otehr.

Some want one or both males sucking one another and one male might fuck the other male!!!

I’m sure, there are  all sorts of various scenarios! Continue reading


NSA sexqtpnkpssy66

Hmmmm… Couple and single guy is a perfect scenario for double penetration! Yummy!!!

Take turns pounding the hell out me, than both penetrates me (anal, vaginal double) YES I ma in a big time! Male – male play, hell no! Just my take… Continue reading


double penetration badlilginger

For me the ultimate goal of a mfm threesome, hubby, and I with the single guy. It will turn into a double penetration… If only it was
as easy to perform for the guys  as porn movies portrays it to be. Continue reading

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NSA sexdoubledeeplover

I picture worth more than 1000 words. Check  our photos out and you will see what we like to do with a single guy…

However married couples usually have non-reproductive sexual activity  with single men with single individuals, to create monogamous lovers scenario, have multiple orgasm of any kind of  sex (bi or strait). This is why we are here.  Continue reading


adult datinglove4some

With all due respect to all single male… and for single females too…  If you
only bringing your own meat, please be willing to enjoy all meat that is there to enjoy.

Or if you only bring your own “beaver” then be willing to receive and enjoy all of our meat…   Just our opinion. Continue reading


swingers sexJohnboy236

I think you have asked a  big load of questions with that two questions… Before a single person plays with a couple, first have to find out the couple’s ground rules. We have a few very specific rules… one of them is no anal sex with the extra guy.

Then what part the husband or the male from the host couple will play, some watch and then join in, some are looking for joint action so it is different with each couple.

horny couples

The single guy must also realize that being a three some, even in MFM  it will be close to other guys junk, so there must likely will be some touching….

I am sure you know what MMF stand for, so if they looking for MMF, than be ready to give and receive too.

That is unless the husband or boyfriend is only going to watch and chock his chicken.

We find that in a threesome, single guys, if  they are are not bi, making the woman the focal point is best bet, pleasing her and doing as she requests will make things go easy.

So your answer is it could be anything and everything but in most cases you will have fun. Continue reading


Casual sexOralTagTeam

What do couples want from Single guys…?

Since we are married we play only together, but  I have a great expedience from before we got married.

I’ve been contacted about some of everything… The greatest moment I’ve had on Swingers Couple’s website is being contacted for a dick sucking bet… Matter of fact, this was my first meet off  from Swingers Couple’s website.

horny womenThe couple was looking for well hung guys. I needed to prove my cock size with a cock photo next  to a ruler…

The husband had bet his wife that she couldn’t deep throat me. I met the wife, she take me home and  walks me to the bedroom, where she proceeds to try to take down to her throat for about an hour, without him there…

Then he comes in naked and I see why I’m there… She did not really want a deepthroat… She wanted a large cock, but did not want to say it to the hubby… because the hubby was extra small. I am bigger than an average, but not extra large.. around 8 inches.   But I’m about 3 times the size of her hubby’s dick… So as she still tried to deepthroat me, he starts fucking her from behind…

It was my first threesome, his small dick or not, but it was so erotic I bust my load all over her… and from the stage fever I could not get it up again… so she did not have the big cock at that time…

My worst is where the couple lied to get me there, and when I got there, they wanted me to fuck her husband, because she wanted to watch. I left with light’s speed, before I had a chance to say no… Continue reading


Swinging or NSA Sex. What would be your choice…?

Why does NSA sex makes a large number of couples end singles join in this website? Why NSA sex and swinging is different?  Is it really different? Continue Reading…

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NSA Sexwelovexxx

Just because we sometimes have sex with other then our spouse…. I don’t think that make us different.

The only different is… I think we see life different way and think about sex, and  moral, and  value different way.

Also there might be some difference in our sex drive. Our sex drive push up to make our  sexual fantasies reality. Continue Reading…


casual sextwo2one

We are swingers… we have memberships  to three swingers club. So do you think we are oversexed?

Maybe, so what, since when is a crime?

Not too long ago in regular everyday life, sex used to be something between two people who were in love. (I wrote regular everyday life – prostitution does not count into the category regular). In our today’s modern society most of the people can tell the difference between sex and love. Love is something very personal – between two people. We do make love with our spouse or primary partner who we love with all our hearts.

Love making – with out love is sex only. Sex can be something leisure. Leisure – having a great time. To having a great time you do not need to love your partner. You just need to find something sexy in your partner, something that turn you on. Swingers says need to have chemistry. Continue Reading…

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adult datinglove4som

In our modern society females and males have the same right to enjoy life.

Women can join the army, women can be a policeman or firefighter.  Around years 1960 it was impossible.

Today men and women has the same rights in all aspect of the life. Before, nobody talked about women’s sex related fantasies. And if some lady tried to make her fantasy reality everyone called her a slut. If a man did something about his sexual fantasies it was okay….

So today, she can live like a man, she can work like a man, she can support her family like a man had to support before years 1960 or so. But if she wants to have sex like a man she is a slut.

Today most men and women are extremely busy. Work, family – kids, business, trainings. At the end of the day everyone tired. Couples marital sex lives are becoming weekend activity and sooner or later it will boring weekend activity. They are routinely banging each other, reaching orgasm, while thinking about one of their old boyfriend or girlfriend… who used to give them incredible orgasm. What is wrong with this? Continue Reading…


kinky sexdoublelovers

NSA Sex is no string attached sex. Swinging is not NSA sex.

Swinging is recreational sex that involving other then the primary partner and often more then one person or couple. Swinging is an erotic activity that make feel us like teenager again.

Swinging is spices up boring sex lives. The swinging lifestyle is about sharing sexual fantasies with your partner. NSA sex too, but NSA sex lovers don’t go at swingers party…

This lifestyle can only work for committed couples that are secure in their relationships and have open and direct communication with each other. And some people get into swinging, because fantasizing sex with multiply partners. There is no commitment involved, there is no explanation, why or why not. There are certain rules and take it or leave it…

I think this is the main reason why so many committed married couple search erotic swingers ads and even more get into the swingers lifestyle every day….

Are you a single man? How can you have a threesome? Continue Reading…


Why married men love other woman’s pussy?

Erotic Swingers Fun – Men & Swinging

What makes the swinging lifestyle so attractive and why married couples join in? What is about swinging that keep couples in the lifestyle?

swingers sex dating ads

Swinging is a lot of erotic fun. What you should expect if you start to swing?

When a couple start to swing they usually practice it for 2 – 3 years and then they take a break. In a lot of cases this break is the end of swinging, however if they get back into the lifestyle, then they will stay for many more years. As a male part of the couple I don’t know for sure why ladies stay in the lifestyle, so I can’t tell you that, you better ask my wife. But I know why I do, so if you want to know my point of view just keep reading. Before we get deeper into this erotic subject there is another question that I should talk about first.

Why married men do loves other woman’s pussy? Continue Reading…



I love pussy and love sex. What about you? You can find large selection of willing ladies at next! They are  looking for sex partners for no commitment sex only!


Bring your friend to, I am into threesome

I have an erotic fantasy. I want to see my wife fucked by another man

How to set up a swingers sex party

Imagine, four hot horny and sexy bodies wrapped together in a big foursome horizontal  mambo jambo.



It is simple, boring marital sex life, fun factor and safe sex. Many couples enter into swinging because the sparks are gone from their love life. They are in secure relationships, they are loved by their partner, but sex is not the same anymore. They give a try to swinging because they do it together and they believe, swinging is way better then looking for affair outside of their marriage (cheat).

There are several types of swingers, and there are several ways to swing…
If couples get deep into the lifestyle they making love with their own spouse and having  casual sex with swingers friends. If they can’t make difference between love and sex, they will quit with the lifestyle.

swingers sex


Don’t drink if you want to have a one night stand

Swingers non swingers, females or males, should stay a way from alcohol and drug if want to have casual sex. Experienced and smart swingers remain sober and drug free.

They like to enjoy their erotic moments with clean head, also under the influence of alcohol or drug you might do something that you might regret next day.

Swingers like to play safe, they don’t take risk including safe sex. If you drink and your hormone start busing around never know, what you might do. Also alcohol and drug can have negative effect on males’ sexual performance.

Condoms are required at most swingers’ clubs and swingers’ parties, to ensure their health. Just think about it. A swinger man much safer sex partner, then a guy from a bar. That guy looking for a one night stand, and probably he does week by week. Who know how many willing partner he found…

horny local members

Who know how many drinks he had…? He doesn’t really care about the lady. He just want to fuck someone, he just want to have orgasm. He maybe had few drinks, he was very horny and the heat of the moment, the condom is the last think that was in his mind.

So who is safer, who is better sex partner? Him or a swinger man who practice safe sex only, don’t drink when having sex and go for STD test… every know and then. Plus for extra, swinger man respects women, respect their body, thin or fat, or small or big, doesn’t mutter.

Swinger man care about his sex partners – young or old doesn’t matter – age is just a number for him. Only the chemistry count, if there is a chemistry he wants to give an orgasm for them, he tries to make his sex partners happy at all the time. Continue Reading…

What in about swinging that keep me – a married man – in this lifestyle.

To make this short, there are two things. The number one; I love pussy, for me nothing, absolutely nothing to compare with the sensations of playing with a woman and with her pussy. Actually I love to play with more then one pussy at the same time.  My wife can’t serve me two pussies, she just has one.

It is more then just play with pussies; it is also the excitement that it comes with it. It start with the preparation, first step is the shower. Taking a shower, washing my body, fix up my pubic hair…. I even massage my balls and pole with hot bath oil, just be sure everything is extremely clean, because I know that in a very short time a lady or two going to taste it…

This preparation to get ready for casual sex – makes me horny all the time
And then when I get down to the action, when I play with her, the feeling that my cock is hard and she wants to get my hard cock inside her wet pussy, the feeling that she wants to get badly… and then I give it to her… If I pick the right moment her body will be as sensitive as mine and she wants my cock as badly as I want to give it to her. Just to know this, always turn me on. Continue Reading…

Of course I don’t run into a house and take a door with me. I prepare her to receive my manhood. I might kiss her on the neck, behind her ear, and might take her ear-lobe into my mouth. And then kissing, some swinger women don’t like kiss on the mouth, so it depends on her preferences.  I try to get her as horny as possible. I try to make her feel loved. Actually I love her, for an hour or two, maybe all night long. Continue Reading…

Thought everyone on Swingers Couple wanted NSA sex. Penetrative sex outside of their permanent relationship

I thought everyone on Swingers Couple wanted either an erotic affair, a threesome, couple swap, group sex, or into some form of NSA sex or swinging.

horny couplesNSA Sex Personals Ads

As I’ve been here for a while, I’ve read on this magazine section that there are people that are on here who are in a monogamous relationship and are not interested in anything else.

Do or did you all think the same way?

Whether or not you interested in penetrative sex outside in your permanent relationship, away, including your partner, or not at all, this is a good site for information on what other people are doing or feeling. Continue Reading…


sex datingIamwman

I agree with you, but just somehow. Yes it is a good site to find all kind of sex related, include NSA sex or casual sex related information.

Also this is one of the best website, if not the best to find sex partner locally to have casual sex with.

The disagree part… No not everyone into affairs. Some people do it together with their own mates, and that does not count as an affair.

Some others into monogamous relationship,  and they entrain themselves here.  And some of them changes partners often, even though, they are monogamous… Their partnership does not last very long, so they try to find someone else… Sex just with their primary partner…   but they change their primer partner often.

This website have over 30 million members, so you can find all kind of people here. Real, horny, monogamous,  swingers, lesbians, gays, fakes… and weirdo too. You name it, you can find it here… Continue Reading…


sex adss_e_rath

Do or did you all think the same way?

It is only reasonable to assume that people are on here for a variety of reasons: including those looking for just monogamous relationships, those looking for erotic affairs, and those who wish to swing.

This site does have space for everyone and actively pursues people seeking other than monogamous as seen in the various sister sites.

To me it seems all people regardless of their sexual orientation or why they are on here should treat others with respect: exception those that come on here to cause harm to other
through insults etc. have no respect to begin with.

But those kind of people are everywhere…. However the support stuff kicks them out from here really fast. Continue Reading…


sex personalsatokacouple69

This site is good for all sex oriented people. How good? It depends on what your looking for.

Some are looking for erotic encounters with others, some love erotic chat or the erotic IM and some just read kinky stuff… enjoy all. Continue Reading…

Swingers Sex AdsNSA Sex Personals Ads

sex personal adswants2_licku

In my experience, you have to watch what you do here… You need to know many of the “women” on here are very interested in harvesting credit card numbers for pay naked chat via webcam in privet chat rooms, etc..

And it is a business, so you need to understand a business need to make money as well.

But there are some good people here too. I’ve met a few nice couples, and a few nice women over many years on here. And I had a lot of fan with them, and I sure I will have a more fan… with them or with some new sex friends

I have seen couples looking for friends for “same room sex” without swapping. And others who just want to chat or fantasize or read the fantasy stories, blogs, magazine entries and advice line stuff.

There are all kinds of sex related stuff on here. Continue Reading…


adult dating brooklynborn52

I came here because I am married and this website is non-judgmental. All I was ever looking for was just one.

I am perfectly happy in a monogamous relationship. Due to a huge age gap, me and hubby are just room mates. Having one nice guy as lover and friend is plenty for me. Continue Reading…


older ladiesnever2old4luvnu

I came here looking for a younger lover and made some friends in the process. Now I come here to keep in touch with them and to put my 2 cents in here on the advise line.

It’s entertaining most of the time and I have learned some things along the way.

Even if somebody do not looking for anyone, that person still can enjoy the site
and the craziness that goes along with it.

You try not to assume anything because you just don’t know what goes on in
the minds of others. Continue Reading…


adult datingUnduplicated1

With a group this large, it’s impossible to generalize as to why some of us are members of Swingers Couple.

I am on here looking for a single man to whom I am attracted who is really into me. I’m not looking for exclusivity, but I am not looking to date a swinger who is into lots of women week by weeks.

I am also bi-curious and looking for a woman for a threesome and they are very hard to find at my age!

I agree with you that some people are on here to have fun and to swing, have orgy and sex parties, whereas others are on here looking for different things – even monogamy. Continue Reading…

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