What makes casual sex so attractive for married couples?

Married couples try casual sex and they might end up in a swingers club. Why? What is about swinging that keep married couples share their marital sex life with others?

playfull wifeMy playful wife always horny. I need help.

No string attached sex can be fun and pleasure, with other words casual sex a  lot of erotic fun, if done properly.

Oh, you are not married, you are single, but you are here to find a man woman couple for nsa sex.  It might happen, but it takes time, however before you get into this “lifestyle”, you should  know few things.  The most important is; What you should expect if you find that couple?  Keep reading and you will find it out based on our experience.

When a man – woman couple get into casual sex, usually they try to find an other couple or a extra partner. The gender of that partner depends on their preferences and on their erotic fantasy.  If their first  nsa sex experience turn to be a positive, then they might try few more times. If they want more,  they might end up visit swingers clubs.  People go to swingers club for the same reason, which is, to have sex…

New couples usually into no string attached sex plays  2 – 3 years and then they take a break. In a lot of cases this break is the end of their shared or nsa sex play, however if they get back into the lifestyle, then they will stay for many more years.

I, as a male part of the couple don’t know for sure why women love to have sex with different men,  so I can’t tell you that, you better ask my wife. But I know why I love it, but its bring up  another question that I should talk about first.

The question is; Why does married men loves other women’s pussy?

It is simple, boring marital sex life, fun factor, more experienced woman, safe sex and 80% of sexually active men always want new pussy. The rest of them, that 20% want it too, but they lie about it, even for themselves.   New toys, new pussy… I guess its men’s things.

horny married womanMarried but horny looking for sex friends

We as a couple got into casual sex because the sparks disappeared from our  marital love life.  Our relationship was and is in secure and we love each other more then ever, but sex was not the same anymore.  Love making became dirty work. We knew, we need to make some changes, to bring those sparks back into our bedroom. So we tried nsa, we loved it, in fact ever since we are loving it.

The basic idea originate from my wife. Once upon a time,  one night we talked about everything at the front of the TV, include our neighbor.  She was a divorced lady and she had a lover, half of her age. Than my wife said something like, she was wondering how sex would be with a man who is young enough to be our son.  We have no child, our business was more important then children, so there is no ethical question if and what will happen if our children finds it out…

Anyways, I told to her, you never gonna find it out, if you never try… She agreed, she said you are right, I never going to find out. But no one can predict the future… The subject like a ghost kept come back again and again, usually when the neighbor’s lover’s car parked on her driveway. Than one day I told to her she should find a  willing young man. She said she doesn’t think I can handle it, well I wasn’t sure how will I handle it, but I told to her we will find out if time comes…  However there was one condition, I want to be there in the same room, I want to see all.

Than she agreed she will try, so we registered to this adult dating website and started our search.  Even though there are more men the women here, its not easy to find the right man. We had hours of video chat and more than few coffee dates, and months passed by and nothing happened, the guys did not show up for the second date.  Than we changed our tactic, video chat, coffee date and if there is some attraction,  we go to a hotel room. It started very promising,  but the first guy could not get it hard. The second blow his load before he got naked…

marreid woman

Married woman looking for playmates.

Than we found a man. A young guy, 15 years younger than my wife,  he hold university degree, he is very polite, easy going, we can talk about anything and everything with him and for bonus, he was and he is a good sex partner. Our casual sex journey began with him. We developed a sex friendship with him, in fact he introduced his girlfriend to us  and let me tell you, I thought his girlfriend have the sweetest pussy that I ever tasted…  Our friendship is still ongoing, we still get together every now and than, but we and they play with others too.

Than we ended up in a swingers club, and my wife had sex with two men in a hotel room after the club hours. That was very erotic, I love to see her while being pleased by two men at the same time. Of course I had my share of fun too, somehow always is the latest pussy is the best pussy.  When I see my beautiful wife, while other man’s hard cock dug deep into her love tunnel, and I play with that man’s wife or partner, it always makes me want more pussy.  It always makes me teenager again,  its something like you are teenager again and you can perform better and more and teenagers don’t need Viagra… Plus as time goes  quantity replaced by quality, because of experience, so nsa sex made me a better lover.

There is nothing better than watch my wife during sex. Its always turn me on. I love to see her erect nipple in other guy’s mouth, I love to see her moaning with pleasure as sliding up and down other man’s erected shaft. Between two intercourse a big turn on for me, just to see her entertain or being entertained by one or two men, its always give me a hard on.

But there are many other reason, for example, for a mfm threesome you need two men and a woman.  Continue reading…

male female maleMale female male three-way nsa sex ads.


My boyfriend want a fmf threesome

I had broken up with my long-term boyfriend when I catch him having sex with two of my best girlfriends at the same time. One of them had her pussy plopped onto his face, while the other was giving him a blowjob. Continue reading…

Women’s New Years Eve Casual Sex Fantasy

Almost all of us have erotic fantasy, or even erotic fantasies, even women. Single women fantasies a lot about kinky sex, special around the Holiday Season, including New Years Eve. Continue Reading

hot swingersErotic Adult Dating Ads

This is the reason why around Christmas and New Years Eve women register to website like this. I mean they register year around, but at this time of the year more of them than any other times.

This proves it, everybody need somebody to hug and  not just for hug, maybe for much more.

I am sure seat at home alone at the front of the computer and browse erotic adult dating personal, plus fantasize kinky sex at any given time, but special in the Holiday Season or before New Years Eve is not fun at all…

NSA sexstarlayer

So single women start to fantasies many erotic things. Like kinky sex, sex with multiply partner, even rape, group sex or gang bang.

Those fantasy might stay fantasy forever, they might never do anything about it, but some of them really try to maker it happen. Continue Reading



Anal sex on first date?

If you are a man and your hot and horny partner with wide open legs will tell you, no condom no sex, I bet you will roll one on in almost no time at all…. How to roll a condom onsafer sex info.

A lot of women fantasize about having sex with two guys

Swingers Sex


You can check out our member’s profiles and you can see yourself, how many women and couple looking for kinky sexual activity to celebrate New Years Eve with… They are looking competitive sex partners… to have NSA sex with.

You do not need to take my word for it, just browse the ads… and I am sure you can have the most erotic new years eve party that you ever had. Continue Reading

casaul sex

Are you into sex partying?  I had sex with four different guys at a sex party

Women Erotic Fantasy Around Christmas Time

Studies prove it, more about four women from ten has a secret Santa Claus related erotic fantasy, and they are everyday women. Wife and girlfriends who are not into casual dating and or no string attached sex.

nsa sex datingNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

Anything goes when it comes to Holiday Season and women’s sex fantasy. Their fantasies to make sex more enjoyable. What it have to do with Christmas and Santa?

No one exactly know, maybe it is his beard, or the red suit, maybe his friendly father figure that makes him appealing as a sex partner for a lot of women. What ever it is, does not matter, but it gives a great opportunity for any men… Easy to her erotic Christmas fantasies come true or at least put a smile on her face and your too with a small effort…

So what about women fantasize at this time of the year?

Group Sex

The more people the better: Group sex can be exciting for a woman. I don’t mean every women on the entire world want to call all of her buddies over for a gang bang. Some women tend to like the idea of a bunch of nude people together having sex with multiply sex partners. That is why they are into NSA sex and or swinging.

Some other women find it gross… and don’t even fantasize about group sex.

To Be Spanked

Are you my daddy? Some women like to be controlled by their partner or they like to control their own partner.

Sometimes they want to be spanked and want from their partner to yell out slogans or phrases about what they should do and how they should do. The part of the game… they wont do it, so they will get punished. They want to get spanked.

Exhibitionism – Having Sex in Public

This really turns some women on. The idea of someone else watching them in the heat of the moment in public can be a real turn on. Find a place that you can feel secure and bang the night away. She will love it. However sex in public against the low in every countries and in some countries it punished by death…


While I don’t understand this one, a lot of people love it. Some women want to be told how and when to do things. She might like it when you tell her to lick your testicles and suck on your penis.

I have known women who really get off on this sort of thing. Try it out, she might like it and I am almost sure, you will like it too.

Pain – Sex – Pleasures

Some women like to be roughed up a bit. They love to mix the pleasure with pain. They want you to spank them hard and tell them, you will hurt them if they resist. I don’t understand, it sounds like rape. But if it gets her off, that is all that matters.

Lesbianism – Bi Sexuality

couples datinglesbo lover’s club

Having sex with another woman. This shouldn’t be no big surprise. Women can be better at pleasing another woman. Most men like it, some don’t. If your woman likes to do this and it turns you own, enjoy it. Lesbianism can be a beautiful thing. Have her invite friends over that will also allow you to participate. I have done this and it is great. After the first time you will be hooked. Hell, I can just sit and watch them go at it and I am in ecstasy.

Being a Hooker

It is the oldest profession in the world. Some people think it is dirty, some women find it to be a turn on. That is probably why there isn’t a shortage of whores in this world. People like receiving rewards for a job well done. If a woman fantasizes about being a hooker, chances are a big part of her fantasy is that the guy gives her a big tip for pleasuring him. This kind of erotic game usually turn the guy on too, because he can ask to perform on a hooker or from a hooker a lot of kinky things, that he might never ask from his spouse.

A Three Way Sexual Relationship – Threesomes maybe with Santa

This is common for both men and women. You just have to wear a Santa Clause costume… Two people can pleasure better than one, special if one of them is Santa…

The most common fantasy is where a man is doing her from behind, doggy style, while she perform oral sex on Santa.

However even with out Santa, having two partners in bed, doubles the pleasure. Makes the evening more enjoyable. This goes for women as well as it does for men. If she wants you to do this, do it only if you are comfortable with the idea.

If the idea of another man banging your partner is okay with you, do it until your hearts content. Also it can be a big male performance ex changer, because every guy would like to out perform the other.

If someone invited you to participate in a threesome, just go for it. You will have a lot of fun and she might as well have some fun too.

Being The Man Of The Hour

This sounds kinky for men, but this is one of the more popular fantasies women have. Most say that they want to use a strap on dildo and have sex with their male partner.

I don’t think it is as much about the sex as it is the power. The feeling of having a penis and using it. Feeling him squabble when she sticks the fake penis in his anus. It is about power. Some women want that power. Some men don’t mind it, some bi sexual men even enjoy it. Usually strait men…. does not get exited from this idea, most of them say, “No way!”

recreational sexCasual Sex Dating Ads

Being Raped

With all the news of violence and rape in the news towards women, this one took me by surprise. I’m not sure how to react to it and I am not sure how to write about it.

Some women want to be slapped and beat and forced to have sex. Just like you would expect to see if you were watching a woman get raped. They want you to put your hand up their skirts and feel their panties. They want you to kiss them hard so their lipstick runs across their face.

I think this comes from wanting to be powerless. They want to feel that someone else is in control of them and their fate. Please don’t engage in this sort of thing unless you are 100% sure that she is a willing participant. You could end up actually raping someone and going into jail for a long time, if you are not be careful.

Some Women Fantasize Sex About Penetrative Sex with Giant Penis

Does penis size make difference? Lot of women have erotic fantasy to have sex with guy who have a porn star like penis. Maybe they never had one, or maybe they did have and they loved it. Did you ever read NSA sex personal or one night stand, maybe a swingers ad: “Looking for sex partner with 8 plus dick?” Or “Well hung men need reply only”.

The average penis size is between 5 and 6 inches. Some men are bigger, some are smaller. Where you stand at? Are you bigger or smaller?

Most women seem to be very unclear as to what it is they seek in a larger penis. Many women complain only when a man becomes insecure about his smaller penis. Small or big better or worst, I guess it is part of their preferences. However you never lie about your penis size, no point, sooner or later she will find out anyway.

There are many many things, that can enhance your sex life, one of them is your fantasy. That is why people say, your brain is your biggest sexual organs. However in our open sexuality words, there are toys and pills and lotions that can help anyone’s kinky fantasy to get an unforgettable reality.

To fulfil your fantasy, even if it is a wild very kinky erotic fantasy, you need to have competitive, willing partner. (Okay you can do, some of it it alone via masturbation, but it would be much more better experience if you do it with somebody).

If you are looking for NSA casual sex partner, open minded women or men, or maybe a swingers couple, check out Swingers Couple.net erotic adult dating personal ads. More then 30 million members, and a lot of them are form your neighbourhood.

casual sex

Strap on dildo for Valentines Day celebration

Three Way Sexual RelationshipThreesome at Valentines Day

MFM threesome is common fantasy for both; men and women especial around Valentine’s Day. Two men can pleasure better one woman. Women’s most common Valentines Day’s erotic fantasy is where a man is doing her from behind, in doggy style, while she perform oral sex on another man, exactly how it  my photo shows.  Continue Reading

mfm threesomesNo String Attached Sex Dating Ads

Having two partners in bed, doubles the pleasure. Makes the evening much more erotic and more enjoyable. This goes for women as well as it does for men. If she wants you to do this, do it only, if you are comfortable.

If the idea of another man banging your partner is okay with you, do it until your hearts content. MFM threesome usually is a big male performance exchanger, because every guy would like to out perform the other.

If someone invited you to participate in a threesome, Valentines Day or not… go for it. You will have a lot of fun and she might as well have some fun too. Continue Reading

Being The Man Of The Hour

casual sexTrimwife4black

This sounds kinky for men, but this is one of the more popular erotic Valentine’s Day fantasies for women. They want to be a man… Do you like anal sex… Yes? Then this day, you will be at the receiving end, and she is going to give it to you…

She will be the man of the hour… By the way a strap on dildo on her many erotic fantasy of a lot of man and not just bi men. Straight men fantasize about “How would it be, being at the receiving end…” However lets just leave men alone and get to women’s fantasy…

I don’t think I need to say, she fantasize to use a strap on dildo on her male partner “back door…” She is dreaming about performing anal penetration on him at Valentines Day…  That would be a really erotic Valentines Day present.

It is not much about anal sex, it as all about power. The feeling of having a penis and using it. Feeling him squabble when she sticks the fake penis in his anus. It is about power. Some women want that power. Some men don’t mind it, but most of them say, “No way!”, believe me, I ben there done that… and he loved it. Continue Reading

swingers sexNo String Attached Adult Dating Ads

A married couple’s fantasy threesome with another guy

adult dating freeAdult Dating – Free to Join in


We are a young married couple and I consider ourself open minded. I think my wife is a little exhibitionist, we never talked about this, but I know it from her “actions”.

How do I know? When we go out for dinner or a night club she shows a lot of skins, and if she realizes a guy watch her, she even shows more… And this turns me on, and this how “things” started.

I can see guys want her… and I told her my fantasy is she I and have a  threesome with another guy, I want to watch her while she have sex with another man.

She said, that would be fun… . A few weeks later, I tried to ask her to find a guy… so  brought it up again, but this time she said she couldn’t it. She said she scares I can handle to see her to get fucked by someone else.

My problem is, I know she done it before in her university age with several different men, and I am okay with that and now I want to experience the same and she does not want to do… and I am not okay with this.

It hurts… she did with others and does not want to do with me. My question is, what should I do about  to get her change her mind? Continue Reading…

swingers sexOlder Couples Looking for Young Bulls

horny couplehappilyhorny

From a woman’s perspective,   I would never do anything that I don’t want. And if someone try to talk me into, that even makes a No, I don’t want it stronger…

If your wife like her student’s year threesomes than it might will happen again, you just have to be ready.

For me, I was never really interested in casual sex or threeways, and  then all of a sudden at once we watched a part of a porn movie, two guys fucked a woman and it just got me…

I told my husband that woman looked like she really had several orgasm… and I told him that was a lot of fun. He agreed, and said that looked really real and a lot of fun. Anyway it was probably two years later before our first mfm threesome happened, and it was a wonderful sexual experience.  Continue Reading…

swingers sexWomen’s Erotic Spring Fever

sex datingwannabefuncpl

I had similar erotic fantasy during sex with my wife. Sometimes I had hard time to cum and I fantasized she and an other man have sex and I watch them. It always worked… it made me cum  and I told her this fantasy. She just laughed off and  said she is to old for this, she just have one pussy and that is my.  She is 44, so I don’t think she is old.

Than it happened, she got some kidney problem and she was very sick for months, and when she recovered said “let’s have that threesome now because if we don’t we might never have and we might regret it later on.

It took us a few months to find the right guy, but since that first, things rolling smooth and easier. It is fact, threesomes are not for everyone, but if you can handle to see a stranger’s dick in her, than you will have a lot of fun… Continue Reading…


nsa sexweRnewcpl

We love mfm threesomes too but not easy to find the right guys. I am the first to admit that I am (the wife) the picky one – whether we try to pick couples or singles up.

This has caused tension a few times as my husband doesn’t understand why I sometimes veto his choices.

I told him, we play together we choose together. I do not have any specific reason why I don’t like some people, they are nice and clean, etc. just an uneasy feeling. But there are others that I am okay with and there’s no unease in my part.

Anyone have similar experience? Just gut-feelings? Jealousy? Something else? Continue Reading…

older womanOlder Women for Younger Men

casual sex1canuck

It is chemistry, you do not have or can develop chemistry with those people. You do not find them sexually attractive, does not matter how clean and how nice they are. Threesome or not, casual sex or not, they not meant to be your sex partner.  Continue Reading…

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