Talk dirty during sex. I am so wet I want you to slide into me, fill me, oh god yes baby, you are so good…

In North America swear words and sex words often the same. We express our frustration with the word fuck. Many of us say fuck more times a day, than religious people say Amen.

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In countries where culture is more sex friendly, for example in Sweden, sexual slang not used to express anger or frustration. Continue Reading…

Talking dirty during sex

Talking dirty during sex is an art, that sex partners and lovers should master. Words are very powerful during intercourse, if you are using the dirtiest words. They are much more exciting the words from the dictionary. Just say what ever is in your mind, but should not say anything that offend you partner.

For example you can say, I going to go down on you and going to eat your sweet pussy. If you say I go down on you and going to eat your big fat lose pussy, it wont do any good…

You can tell your partner, what you going to do.  You can describe how exited is your partner making you. For example you made my pussy dripping wet... Continue Reading…


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So, I don’t think so far I have had any issues with men talking dirty during sex. As long as I don’t get called a slut or a whore, there’s pretty much nothing I’ve objected to hearing.

I find the best dirty talk is listening to a man describe what he wants to do with me, with what body part and how he’s going to do it.

But what I want to know, since I’m shy sometimes and not sure how to do it, is how to dirty talk a man. Sure I could Google it but I would like to get  first hand ideas…

So what do you say to your lover to dirty talk him? Guys, what do you want to hear your lover say to you? Continue Reading…


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I do not think that knowing what random strangers here want to hear is at all helpful.

One can tell a partner in advance they like dirty talk except certain phrases. One can ask the partner what they like. Then it is like whistling. Just put the lips together and blow. Continue Reading…

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I like to hear what she wants to do to me. It’s not always bout what he wants. Tell him what YOU want to do to him and how. Let’s face it. Most guys like to hear anything dirty… Continue Reading…


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Like most people, I like variety and it depends on the situation. I’m sure you find you like various words depending on mood, how much you’re turned on, etc.

My Lil Slut (pet name) had a problem being aural when we first dated.

Moaning was never a problem for her, but letting loose with shouts and screams was uncomfortable for her. With encouragement, not demands, she quickly escalated.

I had warn a neighbor, “We can get very noisy, ” in case he thought about calling the police. He grinned widely.

By the way, she’s not a slut but does enjoy being called that name when she has completely let go of inhibitions.

I like graphic dirty tawk (Teksun spelling). Throw yourself back on the bed, display, and say, “Look at my hot wet hole – pussy – cunt.”

Open your labia with, “Gimme that cock!” During sex, “Gimme that cock; fuck my nasty lil cunt!

As I’m approaching ejaculation, “Cum in me. Fill me up.” When I’m giving oral, “I’m gonna wash your face with my pussy honey, pussy juice.”

In general, say what you’re thinking or feeling, but don’t be insincere. You’ll get comfortable and your partner, at least most, will greatly enjoy it. Continue Reading…


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Id say just say what comes naturally. Imagine what you’d like to do to him and tell him. To me, using vulgar terminology is a huge turn-on… ESPECIALLY from someone thats shy!

You get bonus points in my book for enjoying this! I enjoy talking dirty to a woman, but get bummed when they don’t reciprocate. They’ll say “what else would you do”. One sided conversations can get old and boring. It can be a turn down… Continue Reading…


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OK… I’m with you on this. I am super shy when it comes to talking dirty. I feel awkward as hell and it just seems fake to me.

I just start laughing!!!!

I really hate the vulgar and derogatory words… it takes away from the experience for me. Maybe with the RIGHT man, my opinion will change. Will it? I guess I just need to find him. Continue Reading…

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I don’t always talk dirty, but enjoy it immensely sometimes. Usually he starts it and I join in. It varies depending on the person and the mood and the actions at the time.

There are really no off-limits or offensive words to me, as I would only enjoy dirty talk from someone who I knew cared for and respected me.

So if he calls me his dirty little whore, it’s exciting and makes me want to play that role even better for him.

So my advice is, tell him to talk dirty to you to get things started and test the waters with your responses.

A good place to start is indeed by describing what you want to do to each other – the more descriptive and naughty the better. Continue Reading…
-the wet one


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I understand where you are coming from. I had never talked dirty to anyone before I joined this site. I found it easier to talk dirty while on IM when chatting to someone I had found a connection to and had planned to meet.

I found it more comfortable that way because at first I felt silly but he couldn’t see me.

Just ease into it and describe the naughty thoughts running through your head. You might just throw in one dirty thought to start with and gradually increase the dirty talk as you
become comfortable, good luck with it. Continue Reading…


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Try just telling him what you want him to do to you. I want to feel your warm tongue on my wet pussy, your hands cupping my breasts, your tongue slowly circling my clit… mmmmm I’m so wet I want you to slide into me, fill me oh god yes baby, you’re so good…

Most guys love it and if you describe the way you like things done to you ie: slowly do this, gently do that, slam into me, then you end up having better sex.

The more vocal the better I say. You can start with phone sex or just on chat, to practice and to get more ideas.   Continue Reading…

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