There are a few things to know when deciding that a one-night stand is what you want to have

one night standOne-night stand info for women

Have you ever felt like the only thing you needed was a really good fuck? For women, these are the nights you make the conscious decision that the only thing you want from a man is his penis.

These are the nights when you let your girlfriends know not to stop you after your fifth shot of tequila when you start making out with a hot guy at the bar. The nights it’s made clear from first eye contact that your intention is to take him back to your place and have your way with him. The nights that you actually go out looking for a one night stand.

When you decide this is all you want, you have to prep yourself from the very beginning. It’s a fact that women in general have a hard time dealing with the idea that it is OK for a successful, intelligent woman to only want sex from a man. In reality, this should have made its way into the minds of women a very long time ago.

The difficulty behind this situation is that some men will make women feel as if they’re promiscuous when they intentionally go out looking to get laid. However, let’s just face it guys, this has been the intention of young men around the world since the turn of the century. All women have done to this concept is perfect it!

Women need to get over the guilt that comes with the idea of contemplating whether or not it is OK to fuck on the first date. As women of the 21st century, we need to allow ourselves the experiences that many different men have to offer. I’m not suggesting that you sleep with every random guy that comes your way. All I am saying is that as women, we deserve the right to make the decision of whether or not we want to take a man home with us. Why shouldn’t we be allowed this luxury? Men make this same decision regarding us every day.

The most difficult aspect to this process is the preparation for a one-night stand can be just as intimidating as actually going through with it. When you go into the situation with the intention of taking a man in your bed, you have to either mentally prepare yourself or get really wasted!

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding that a one-night stand is what you want:

-You should make sure you’re having one of your “best nights.”

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NSA sex datingOlder Women Looking For Younger Men For One Night Stand

adult adsSo what happens if you decide that you’d like to repeat
your one night stand with this same man?

Or if he decides he’d like to repeat with you? I’ve got no problem with the no commitment sex, just the fact that perhaps one or both of you may like a repeat and then what do you do? Continue Reading…


I don’t understand why you need a five shots of tequila… to have one night stand. It should not be a drinking party. If you bang someone, bang him with clean head…

Anyway, you already had it (with tequila or with out) but If you want to repeat it, that is 50%.  The other 50% is in your partner hand. If both of you into one more time, then repeat. If you repeat, it wont make any catastrophe… but it  wont be a one night stand anymore. Continue Reading…


sex adsWho ever posted the above message is right… as long as both parties understand that it is what it is, then things should be cool.

I don’t see what’s the big deal.  Have sex one night or two nights, would not make any different for me… Continue Reading…

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NSA datingThis is a timeless quandary isn’t it! The confusion always happens when the one night stand stirs some desire for something more…

Block that thought from the mind and it will be what it should a one night stand.

End of story, never to happen again. (easier said than done sometimes I suppose!) Continue Reading…


NSA dating1 night stands can be great as long as you are prepared both before and for the next day.

By the way that article at the top is really a great article. I agree with everything in it, and if read it, you will find out a lot of useful things about one night stands. Continue Reading…


NSA sexThat above article  should be a must read for all women out there  thinking about to have one night stand.

I’ve always thought the double standard was a bunch of crap! Getting flack from men and women just because you’re a sexual person that just enjoys having sex.

As long as you’re honest; upfront and have SAFE SEX then there really shouldn’t be a discussion about it. Continue Reading…


NSA sexI have had quiet a few one night stands and trust me they are
anytime sweater than the normal casual sex with your everyday

Don’t think that its only the men who enjoy it, women like me
enjoy a great deal more than just that. Just keep it discrete and safe. No condom no sex, make it Cristal clean before the first move, so if your wanna be partner do not like the condom idea, you can call and should call all thing off. Continue Reading…

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