These ladies will say yes for no string attached sex

Lately we are getting more than few emails. Those emails main subject is: How can I talk into my wife, my girlfriend and sometimes my husband into three way sex

Well if you want it, it is already 50%. You just have work on the other 50%.

Plus as a help… you can check out our members threesome  related posts. Posts that posted in an earlier dates. By the way, our members usually getting their own tips and ideas from there own experience… Check them out here…


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Go for double penetration. Have your threesome, one dick in your ass and the other in your pussy.


One of our members wrote it:

Jeff and I had been married for a little over 12 years. In the first 5 years the sex was great. We spent catching up on all the sex we thought we had missed out on while we were both single.

After I gave birth to our only child, the lovemaking had become pretty much unexciting and routine. Sure, we tried to spice things up with a lot of various positions and toys. We were very happy with our marriage but felt we were missing out on something and wouldn’t  and did not talk about what it was.

However as the time past by we had changed. In bed in the evening we had often small talk about people we would  like to have sex with. Just fantasy games, nothing serious, just some erotic brain storming… nothing that we ever expect to really try.

We had a good, solid marriage, no jealousy or apprehension between us. We, Jeff and I both are healthy with strong sex drives but neither of us ever pursued an extramarital affair.

One evening, we were watching an x-rated movie on the movie channel, something about swinging couples. X-rated movies always turned me on especially if two guys banged one woman. In this movie three guys screwed an BB lady. We got to talking about how the woman in the movie seemed to have lots of fun. And the guys had multiply orgasms also.

I kidded Jeff about: “Why you did not bang me yet with one of your big dick buddy?” Jeff knows that I have a fetish for large cocks. Porn movies with well endowed men and men with lot of sperm, turn me on big time. Jeff penis is around average in size, I guess, not that I had to much penises to compare it to, from experience. Continue Reading…

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Anyways, you do not need to get into threesome, if you do not want to have one. You can meet girls and women, who are real. Some of them are even from your neighborhood.

And they are real, and they want to have sex too.  They are not going to turn you down… Of curse some chemistry is needed… But they wont say; “I’ve got a headache.” “I’m tired.” “Not tonight, “I got my period”, etc.

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