Vaginal penetration always happened after I gave them oral orgasm…

men love big butts Why do alot of women lie  about sex and their sex drive?

A lot of women, lets say this way, saying how much of a sex drive they have and how much they like to fuck, but still haven’t found a woman with as high as a sex drive as mine.

Why do women say this if it is not true?

I mean I like to cum alot go a couple rounds and its as if after the 1st time I nut and my partner don’t want go no more?

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hot local members

Dude… do yourself a favor and get some Her Solution Gel.

This product designed especially for women by doctors who specialize in creating products that focus on female sexual satisfaction. This gel has been creating from only the most simplest and natural product such as shea butter, aloe, botanical essences, and vitamins. However it does not matter what it made from, the important thing is, it works almost instantaneously.

When the gel is placed onto the vaginal tissues, there is an instant reaction. The blood flow is increased to the tissues and sexual pleasure and sensations are heightened. There is a tingling sensation that helps to increase her desires and libido. As the blood flow is increased, the tissues swell making every touch much more enjoyable.

The good part, this natural product increases libido by also reducing vaginal dryness which is also a deterrent to a good sexual experience – every time. It is mean, you can use it as KY gel… You can use on her…

It can be fun to apply.  At next time when you down there, to perform oral on her, when you finished her… apply some of this magic gel, and she will be all over on you. She will want you to touch her and pleasure her again and again. This gel will take you to new erotic heights you’ve only imagined before.

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hot hottiesThere must be something wrong with you, I suppose. I don’t think that above personal lubricate will help you. Just you can help yourself!

Maybe your thing is too big or too small, maybe it doesn’t get hard enough.

Maybe, and that was the problem with men when I didn’t like to repeat the experience, maybe he just didn’t look into my eyes and just did his thing forgetting all about me…


local adul personalsHA! Loaded question here! Maybe… just maybe, you suck and they don’t require a second time to confirm it.

A little self absorbed of you to think that there isn’t a Woman out there that can keep up with you. You keep going to the left when you hit the fork in the road, perhaps you need to try going right…

Improve your attitude,  and quit the blame game! And in your free time improve your technique too. Continue Reading>>>


Instead of keep being disappointed with your  sex life, search the Internet and educate yourself, to be a perfect sex partner. If you are perfect in sex, women will mark you as, “This guy is a keeper”.  Continue Reading>>>

horny womenHorny Oversexed Women Looking Men for Sex

well hung menI do not know where you are looking. I have dated a few women
in their mid to late 40’s.

I love oral and vaginal penetration always happened  after I gave them oral orgasm… And they kept cuming and cuming.  4 rounds they were still ready to go, and I was beat.

Chalk that up to a womans high sex drive… so probably those ladies right at the above post. Something wrong with you, not with your sex partners. Continue Reading>>>


I am amazed that any man would state after only 1 round that a woman is played out. Something doesn’t add up here. Dude you need to find a cougar, or willing teacher who has
the patience to teacher you. Or go and try to, learn on that sex education website.

Women are not all the same, but the ones your picking and accepting you seem to be.

Hmmm… same in put, same results, how does that happen. I know there are enough different ladies in this site to spin your world inside out. Ive met a few, and know enough
to know I am always learning about them and myself.

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