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According to my husband talk about marital sex with friends is taboo. Than at the other day, I told him I don’t want role-play at our upcoming Valentines Day party. Than he made a comment, and he said his buddy’s wife into role play at any time. How does he know, if they don’t talk about sex? Continue reading..

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So I asked him,  do you talk about sex or don’t? I told him, I think they don’t talk about love making, like spousal love making, but they talk about sex, sex that  turns a Valentines Day party into a Valentines Day sex party

He said, it is true… his buddy’s wife into role playing at anytime. When they party with their friends and his wife, men do what ever they want to do with her.

She is into everything, her favorite role is a porn actress and she enjoys it a lot… Lucky her.

I think my husband was trying to convince me, role playing normal at Valentines Day, but now I can’t stop imagining what he’s and his friends will try to do with me  to turn our Valentines Day party, into a Valentines Day Sex party.

He said they will spice up our sex life. How? Continue reading..


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I doubt you can find that out with out participate in that Valentines Day party.

What can happen? You said you partied together before, so it wont be your first time…

I don’t think he planned anything with his friends, I think his Valentines Day erotic fantasy, turned into overdrive..

Men not really talking about sex, if their wife involved—at least, or when it comes to women they’re serious about.

Why not go along with your husband’s request? I think it will be fun… You just have to have some rules… Tell him my Valentines Day party rules are… and if anyone wont respect my rules… the party is over. Continue Reading…

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A weeks ago, my wife and I attended to a get together at our friend’s home. It just supposed to be an informal get together, with some drinks and snacks. We supposed to talk about their upcoming Valentines Day Party.

About 6 couples was there, all of us married and in our late twenties, early thirties. It was weekend and everyone bought over some drinks, more than we could drink all night, so we were drinking quite a bit. The host had made arrangements so those who lived beyond walking distance could sleep over.

This made the drinking a little heavier than normal.

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My wife was a little tipsy. I could tell because she was flirting with all the men and she was laughing quite often. She was wearing a short skirt, exposing about two thirds of her sexy thighs.

Her top was with thin straps. Since she wasn’t wearing a bra, her firm tits bobbed and jiggled every time she moved. This little show cat most of the men attention… not just my.

As the time passed on my wife was flashing and flirting more with the other men. She was having a great time. Sometime later in the evening, all of the women seemed to have disappeared into another room, than the hostess showed up and she said; What do you think, if instead to talk about Valentines Day Party we just partying tonight… but first have to play a Valentines Day game with us.

All of us looked each other… with the question in our eyes, what games? Moments later the ladies entered the room and my wife came right over to me.

She said, “You’re going to like this one honey.” Continue reading…

Anyways, to make a long story short… If your Valentines Day party will be like our “Just talk about Valentines Day get together” was, well than you are going to have a really good party, so do not hesitate just do it.

Frankly I am not sure about role playing, but if you can be an angel and have sex with your husband and with his friend, that would be a nice Valentines Day role playingContinue reading..

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I think you just try to pull our legs…

I checked your profile and your photo album out, and those photos clearly shows, you know what will happen…

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