Valentine’s Day Erotic Party

Are you thinking about having a sex party party at Valentines Day? Over the years it seems around Valentines Day’s some questions like a ghost –  keep coming back. One of them is “I’d like to organize an erotic party but I am not sure how should I start…?”

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Or I would like to organize a Valentine’s Day Sex party. How should I start…

How should you start? Continue Reading

Can be any sex party for any reasons,  the basics are the same. You need to have or need to find sexually compatible people to party with. To have a sex party, you need more than one person…

Before that you make a decision what kind of party you are going to organize. On-premises (which mean intercourse allowed on the premises) or Of-premises (which mean intercourse not allowed on the premises). In some countries illegal to organize and held on-premises parties and in some others illegal to organize in public place in restaurants or hotel room. Continue Reading

erotic datingTo have an erotic party, or a sex party you need to be “open minded” and need to know other open minded people. If you are open minded but “new bie” I suggest  to you, first visit a local sex club or a swingers club a few times, then someone might invite you to a party and if you have liked what happened there, you might to start to think about having your own party.

One more positive things to start in a sex club or swingers club… Those men, women and couple go there, because they open minded and into some form of NSA sex. If they invite you to their party, and you invite them back to your party, very likely… they wont change their mind. They have “sex party” experience, you can learn from, before you make your very own party…

To host a sex party, is pretty much the same as host any other party. Only the reason for a party and the guests are different.

At first,  to make the party happen you need to find or have a place to host it. Where would it be? In your home? Is it big enough? What about the neighbours? Are you going to invite them? Or should you co-organize your party with your friends? Maybe their home is a better choice.  Bigger house, better location, or they might have a hot tub…  As a alternative, you can organize your party in a hotel room, or hotel suite. Continue Reading


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You have your guest list, you have the place, now you have to thinking about how you will get your guests into the sex party mood. With inexperienced people, your Valentines Day sex party might turn to be a regular party. Just some candles and sexy music will not turn people on.

You might have to do more. And there are several things that you can do. The simplest one is to invite at least two experienced couples. They will get things started. If you don’t know anybody with lifestyle experience, and if you have money you should spice up your party with professionals.  I do not mean with prostitutes, but with erotic dancers or with an erotic massage etc.

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