Valentines Day Sex Play

lickme2nite06. I love my nipples sucked on. When they are sucked right, I can feel down in my pussy… If an other guy plays with my pussy, that is a bonus… Thank the inventor of the nipples pump, because it works wonderfully. It makes my nipples very suckable… it makes me horny as a hell and my man loves it.

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It is a best with two men… One play downstairs, the other upstairs…Unfortunately we do not have to much opportunities to play in a setting with two men, but every now  and than it happens.   Hopefully this years Valentines Day it will happen (again).


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I knew a woman once she could have several orgasms, one after the other from having her nipples played with. She said she could more easier to obtain it if she been watched, like foor example sex play at a sex party. I never met anyone else or heard of anyone that could do this. Continue Reading…


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Only a tiny percentage of women women can achieve orgasm from breast – nipple stimulation.

According to my experience… if and when I combined vagina stimulation with nipples play…, (suck her nipples, play with her boobies, circling on her breast very lightly with the top of your finger, or with your tongue), she almost certainly find the breast stimulation more exiting. It can take her very close to the no return point… Continue Reading…


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Yes, I can have orgasm from titties play. Not a lot of men have the ability to do that for me, though.

FYI, if they are that good “upstairs”, they are going to be AMAZING “downstairs”! Continue Reading…

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I am one of those women. Also, a hickie on the right side of my neck, in that very sweet spot, will make me cum.

This is so funny you ask this now. I just playfully told him last night…”It is sad to think you can control me with one finger & a flick of your tongue.” Sad, but true. Touch my nipples or that sweet spot & I am begging for more. Continue Reading…


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I am that lucky but I met one man who I could make cum just sucking on his nipples alternatively

It was awesome to watch him in so much pleasure…. Continue Reading…


adult datingAnewWoman

I’ve never reached orgasm alone with my nipples being sucked, but they have to be the most sensitive part of my body.

I should add that sex just seems to heighten their sensitivity so who knows, one day I might just be able to get all the way to a big orgasm. The more ways the merrier…. Continue Reading…

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Yep it happens to me but I’m overall fairly sensitive all over and happily multi orgasmic. I’m lucky in that way but the flip side is that, say badly performed oral for example or even some guys try to tweak my nipples like a radio..

Yeah that type of stuff is either awful or flat out painful. Continue Reading…


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I can cum from just stimulation to my nipples, my neck, and sometimes even just from thinking about it, special if I think about Valentines Day sex parties and what can happen there. Continue Reading…


sex adscoconuts322

Not an actual orgasm for me from titties play, but little play with my nipples sure feels amazing!

That’s why I would never get any voluntary breast surgery of any kind, simply because it might mess up the nerves there. Even if my boobies were dragging on the ground…. Continue Reading…


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I love getting my nipples sucked on and nibbled while I’m on top riding someone… n any day, not just on Valentines Day. Really gets me off! Continue Reading…


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Not an actual orgasm for me, but nipple play sure feels amazing! That’s why I would never get any voluntary breast surgery of any kind, simply because it MIGHT mess up the nerves there. Even if the my boobies were dragging on the ground.

Oh, yeah. I’ve heard about this with some arguments. And they act like it’s no big deal that they don’t have as much sensitivity. I keep thinking “Are you crazy lady?!?!”

To answer the original question. No, I can’t. Or perhaps I haven’t had anyone play with them long enough. Sounds like a future project for research. Continue Reading…


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Being a horny woman with healthy sex drive is rocks! Continue Reading…

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