Having sex while you or your partner is wearing nipple clamps

I posted a half naked Wednesday picture of me on my blog page. This week I choose a picture of me preparing my tits to look perky under a tee shirt today. It is too hot to be confined in a bra. It got me wondering as I was taking pictures. Continue Reading…

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How do you feel about having sex while you or your partner
is wearing nipple clamps?

I really love the feeling. Only one lover has ever been able to stimulate both nipples at the same time with equal pressure. Uneven stimulation is not as good. The clamps pinch evenly. Plus, a little tug and Wow zee, I’m in Heaven. A big tug and I’m squirting.

My husband is not a big fan of them. He wants my nipples all to himself. I truly think the man is jealous of my clamp collection. I will give him that it is hard to suck a nipple with a piece of hardware on it.

SO, your turn…. How do you feel about having sex while you or your partner is wearing nipple clamps? Continue Reading…


swingers sexIWantmore

If my partner want to wear hardware on his nipples, well that is his preferences, but I wont wear anything like that…

I have both lovely and very sensitive nipples. I love to have my nipples sucked gently, fondled and licked, preferable by two men.

I absolutely can’t stand when a man gets too rough with my nipples, even if he just squeezes them too hard. My nipples are a wonderful erogenous zone, and I can even get boob orgasms if someone handles my nipples with knowledge and passion… Continue Reading…


NSA sexOnlyJoye1

My husband is really into nipple clamps.  I have to be in a certain mood to enjoy them.

I usually enjoy them more when our boy toy “friend with benefits” join us… Continue Reading…


adult datingAntiquePearl

I know there’re many things to stimulate nipples, not only clamps. But I think all of them are not my kind of thing.

I think my nipples are still sensitive enough to be teased and pleased by more “manual”  method and labor. Continue Reading…


NSA sexdoithard

I am into all kind of clamps, not just nipples clamps. If a guy don’t like them… well that guy have to find some other NSA sex partner, because I wont  play with out clamps and other kinky toys… Continue Reading…


The Fifty Shade of Grey got my fantasy go about clamps on nipples & clamp on clitoris and clit ring too

Clothespins and titty fuck combination is the best nipples play. Titty fuck in MFM threesome


NSA sexLuvlyDenLadee

Nipple clamps are fun, but as someone stated above… You need to play with someone who knows how to deal with nipples.

I have one NSA sex partner who can bring me to orgasm just with kissing, and pinching my nipples just right. Continue Reading…


NSA sexcuckoldcpl

Some women, apparently, do love to have the nipples handled roughly, as well as “rough sex“. This seems to be a turn on for them.

Others, like myself prefer a much more gentle touch and can often come just from that stimulation. It all depends on the person and what triggers the erotic senses. Continue Reading…


casual sexfunabqbbw

I like to wear nipple clamps when I’m masturbating… I keep the chain between my teeth and give a little tug now and then.

I have pulled them off when I am cumming. Very nice orgasm… I have worn them when I web-cam as well. My friends with benefits love them… probably more than I do… Continue Reading…

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casual sexchanabag

Wowww! I like it… My nipples are very sensitive, but clamps are ok….
However, it is more pleasure when my playmate friend take inside in his
teeth & rub them… Ahhhhhhhhh!!! Continue Reading…


swingers sexfun4cpl

I have never used them myself, or on others. Some women are
just to sensitive for them, but we have had a few playmates that I’m
sure would enjoy playing with them because they do like their nipples played with rough.

I enjoy using my lips, tongue, and teeth on them to cause a woman the pleasure you

I have caused a few to orgasm that way… For sure that needs some skill and experience, but my wife is an excellent teacher… Continue Reading…


no string sexnautiintentions

I love them. There is pleasure to be found on the other side of a little pain.

A gentle tug on the chain can shoot a little bolt of lighting straight to my clit. And if my  partner is willing I will use them on him also. Continue Reading…


NSA sexwelikeall

I love nipple clamps, but tend to use them pree-sex as part
of foreplay.

But when I am in the right mood… and it takes me list two horny man to get me into that kind of mood, so when  I am in the mood, I do like tit and nipple torture.  I’m freaky like that… Continue Reading…


local sex adsillusionquest

Ummmm… Clamp me and make me cum, bite me hard enough to
leave a morning bruise and I a will soak you with pussy juice.

Put a Zip line on me and you will have no rest. Different strokes, for different folks… Continue Reading…

casual sexplumbersdaughter

It’s a bdsm thing… Like everything BDSM related usually revolves around emotionally deficient men with small penis complexes wanting to punish others for their own “short comings”…

Although some women presumably with self esteem issues are permissive to this, don’t ask me why. Continue Reading…


casual sexteddy_bear65065

I have a very high pain tolerance level, so what some may consider painful for them, is not even felt by me, or it is pleasure.

My nipples are not sensitive so it takes more than just gentle licking or sucking to get them aroused. Continue Reading…


casual sexsexseekercpl

I am woman from the couple who enjoys nipple torture, rough nipple play. I can have orgasms (or boobgasms) without painful play; but it is ever so much  more fun, and the orgasms stronger if there’s a bit of biting or pinching or use of nipple clamps.

It doesn’t have to happen for me to orgasm or for sex to be fun. And it is a rare playmate (otehr than my hubby) that I would allow this type of play. My kink is not everyone kink… Continue Reading…