What age is too young for you ladies? How young is a man, when he is to young for casual, no commitment sex?

Do you look for the youth on this site or are you more geared toward the older more refined gentleman? Of course there is only no string attached casual sex is in my mind. I mean I am not talking about romance and romantic relationship. NSA sex only…

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NSA sexknahlidgethekid

And what about the youth makes you tick? It there anything in a young man that turn you on? Continue Reading…


naughty womanNaughtyLilBrat69

Everyone’s got a different preference when it cums to sexual partners and casual sex.

Personally I prefer older, experienced men. Continue Reading…


casual sexcheyennerhayn2

It is a matter of the personal preference. I have always preferred older men and never even dated anyone my age and younger.

However, there are plenty of women here, that do prefer younger men. Most will say so in their profile. Continue Reading…



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NSA sexfoxeyatfifty

Brother another age old question!! PREFERENCE and read, read, read profiles.

You have your preferences don’t you? Or would you fuck some as old as your mum or maybe she might be your mum’s friend or grandmother.

What is this obsession guys have with asking every one age preference….? Some of us like older men, some others younger men… What ever turns one one…

Just read the profiles and you will see, all the women here, wrote their age preferences there… Continue Reading…


threesome sexdnafun11

Ah, so you are cougar hunting. So here’s the first clue to cougar hunting.

Just because a woman is older than you, it does not mean she is a cougar. She has to be interested in and looking pretty exclusively for much younger men.

And in all honesty there’s not really that large a number of women who are willing to entertain a younger guy.

You are in my age range, but just barely. I don’t want the high school, college age drama that comes with younger males who are still insecure with themselves.

One thing you need to consider when trying to date, hook-up with an older woman, is that most likely she has a good sense of self and knows what turns her on and what doesn’t.
You cannot fault her or all due to one for not being all into you. Yeah I see you got a big cock (but it looks like you photo-shopped it), while that’s nice, if you cannot engage me, or all us old ladies really, mentally you will lose me quickly.

Intelligence is sexy, the ability to hold a conversation and form a complete sentence without using text-speak. Yeah that’s what makes a woman tick. Got to get to her brain, not just her pussy. Continue Reading…


NSA sexslutrandi

To be honest, I have no age limits, I do how ever enjoy legal age. I do not do single men, only my husband enjoys that pleasure.

We play with several different groups, men who eagerly enjoy gang banging me. Over the years, we have meet different groups, in many different cities, they all must be clean, and be able to produce massive amounts of creamy cum.

Other than the aboves, we do not care… Age is just a number anyway. It does not mean anything, you can be grew up man and act like a teen, or some of the teens are really mature in their younger age… Continue Reading…


erotic datinglgbash

To me, youth means under 18, so I hope there aren’t any
youth on this site.

If he is 18 years old, he is old enough to join the army, if he is old enough for the army, well, do I need to spell it out.

Anyways, if he is old enough for the army, then he is old enough to have sex with me…

But as others have said, it is personal preference. You will get a variety of answers. Continue Reading…

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casual sexbabylisa11

I’ve always been the girl for older men but lately I have dipped my foot in the pond of my own age, but only a few times…

I prefer the guys 25 and older but, I will date men… more likely in their 30’s. Continue Reading…


adult dating13hammertyme69

I am only interested in someone I have something in common with. I like to share at least some intellect with them.

Someone my children’s age would not have anything to talk about with me. Continue Reading…


adult datingbustybettyboop

Depends on their maturity level…. Is there any chemistry? Are
they mature? Are they my son’s age or younger?

<-(That would mean a no for those!)

I find men my age and older immature and crappy lovers. Also found young guys that way too…but on the other hand met young guys who were mature and sexy and “talented” lovers, as with older men too!

Each guy is different soooo much… I don’t judge on age, except if they are my sons age
or younger. Then its a  big nope!!!!! Continue Reading…