What can you expect from a friendship with erotic benefits?

Is there a friendship with erotic benefits? I believe so. If you are not sure about it, there are two ways, both of them can change your mind. The first one is very simple, you just have to check out how many, women, men and couples looking for friends for sex partner. You will be surprised, how many of them are from your neighborhood.

The second explanation is a little complicated. To make it simple, I use an example.

For example you are a single man and your new friends a man – woman couple. You met on the Internet, exchanged photos, had a nice talk over the phone and set up the first date. In fact you are having that date now. You think she is hot and she think you are okay and her hubby think that you are a nice guy.

She might even get horny just thinking about sex and you and your dick… But if they have a no sex on the first date rule, most likely it wont happen today. They will go home, talk about it and if both of them still think you are a nice guy, you might get a invitation from your new friends. For the second date you should prepare, because your new friends have at this time sex in their mind.

What about if they do not have no sex on the first date rule. In this case my friend you might get lucky on your first date.

You met with them, the night was great, the sex was even better. What’s going to happen now? Can friends who sleep together remain friends? It might happen, you think or they think something just not right, or for some other reason; no more chemistry. What about the friendship? Is it over too? In this case the start of sex is the start of the end of your new friendship.

Sex creates a bond, no matter how discussed up front it, no matter how long have you been friend with your new sex partner. Someone might get hurt in the end of a simple traditionally relationship. Swingers are different, they use the words, no strings attached, and casual sex relationship. They have friends like grandma has for tea parties. Swingers have friends to spice up their sex life with. Orgasm is the sole purpose in their friendship. Who isn’t always appreciative of a mind blowing orgasm?

Swingers don’t want commitments, they don’t want complication in their life, they don’t want any strings attached with their swinging friends. However when great orgasms occurs regularly, how can they not start to feel something for the other? He and she will, and he or she is usually the new friend in this sexual relationship. One person will feel a stronger emotional bond than the other and the other just want to have great sex.

Experienced swingers know that, this is the time to move on. They might or might not introduce their sex-body to someone, either way for them – this chapter is over. Is this mean the friendship is over too? It depends on a lot of other things, but the sexual benefits on a regular basic is over. They might stay friends, they might run into each other at the party, they might even have sex, but no string attached.

Now I got back to where I started: Is there a friendship with erotic benefits? Is there no string attached sex relationship? Well, why don’t you try… Check out our partner erotic personal ads, orĀ  from Adult Friend Finder at next>>>

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