What kind of sex plays take place in a swingers club?

women looking for threesome Me and hubby have never went to either a sex club or a swingers club.

We have always wanted to try it out and see how it goes. I was
wondering what they are like?

The atmosphere..? I wanted to hear from people who go to these places and get some info. Are they crowded..? What all kind of things takes place..? Recommend or not..? How can I find a good one? Continue reading...

horny members

Horny Members

What kind of sex plays take place in a swingers club? It is simple, and I think you should figure tis out. Just have to think about, why people go to the swingers club?

Well not because they are bad to the bone… in fact they don’t want to cheat on their spouse, so what ever they do there they do it together…  Some couples go there to have a threesome, some other just like to watch or being watched during erotic plays.

Swingerscouple.net‘s website  have swingers clubs and adult sex club list, maintained by the members, in the local section. You can find all kind of adult clubs, swingers club, even sex party listings there, organized by location, cities, etc.

Or this site have a swingers club on Yahoo with almost 5 thousands members, Check out and contact them.

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swingers womenI have been to a few swingers clubs and I go infrequently
to locals only. The atmosphere really depends on where you go. But in general people go to have sex with others, so the emphasis is on that.

Pretty much people look at each other, then approach and if there is some attraction, they go have sex in a room or in the public areas, or the nearby hotel. This is usually how it goes.

Attendance really depends on when you go and wildly varies, 50-200 or more. But the ones I am thinking of are not “private”, meaning at private homes.

I’d recommend as something to check out. Maybe you’ll find an exhibitionist side you never knew. Or meet up with people and have great sex. Or like me, do a lot of watching. I find it titillating.

But I have to confess, I sometimes see someone (or a couple) and go partake myself…

For example  last night I went to one of the local club and ended up talking
to two couples while I was there. No sex just socializing.

The clubs can also be a cool atmosphere just to relax and talk amongst like minded people.

One of those couples were really hot and curious, but newbies to the lifestyle. I’ll be hitting them up if I see them again. Continue reading...


BBW womanI can not write our club’s name here, because it would consider as Spam, but I listed it in the local section.

Anyways the owners and managers are great folks, they give a
tour for new person and make anyone feel at home.

Downstairs is just like any other bar a bar area, music, large dance floor. Upstairs
they have theme rooms for more private playtime.

I had checked your profile out, look up  the local listings, based in your city and you will find that club. Continue reading...

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erotic dating adsI have no interest or desire to visit a swingers club but if I did I would probably use the Local icon on the Red bar at the top of your screen.

You could also chat with other couples from your area that are members of this site. Continue reading...


swingers adsHey 2dixinme: Swingers clubs/swingers bars vary from place to place. You  probably want to start with a meet and greet and actually meet some other people.

Depending on what you are looking for, there are usually clubs that cater to every style –  from soft swing to same room sex to hardcore sex.

There are clubs where they I don’t even want to know your name.

Clubs are a lot of fun and should always subscribe to the “no means no” rule which is international.

Try contacting clubs near you to find one that fits you and have some fun.

Remember,  you should never be “required” to do anything at any club and you can always leave if things get beyond your comfort level. Continue reading...


local horny BBWSwingers clubs are like regular nightclubs. Some are swanky and well run, some a dingy and well run. Some are swanky but not so well run. Some are dingy, dreary, and not well run at all.

I personally prefer swingers club on nights when single men are allowed. But I go to clubs where they are very strict on rules, and will eject any man who even considers harassing a women.

Most have a lobby area where people can hang out and meet others. Then they have playrooms where people can go to have their fun.

The ones I’ve been to are alcohol free, so no drunks attempting to pressurize anyone into anything. Continue reading...

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