What really makes a woman cum?

If you are a male, your look and income maybe excellent, but if you can not get your lady partner to her orgasm, she might leave you and your money sooner then you can imagine.Some women are multi orgasmic. They cum when you whisper in their ear or when they ride on their bike. Most women however are not so lucky. Most of them need a bit of coaxing before they can reach the climax and if they’re not totally frigid, they have the capacity for a deeply satisfying climax. It is your responsibility to find out what it is that sends your partner to the deepest orgasm.

Lots has been said about the physical aspects of a woman’s orgasm. It is a fact, if you would like to be a successful man and good lover in this erotic lifestyle, you have to arouse her mind more than her pussy. And if we are talking about pussy pleasing remember that the little  joy button is located outside of the love tunnel for a very good reason. If it is inside it will get too much stimulation, that will bring discomfort not pleasure. It is outside because it is a cry for gentle, indirect pleasure. If you decided to perform oral sex on her you should not push your face into her pussy as far and as hard as possible and you should not press your tongue to hard against her clit.

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Also you have to find out what kind of orgasm is the best for your partner. Clitoral or vaginal? Or G-spot? If clitoral you better learn how to use your tongue. However lots of women can climax with straight love making, but the psychical stimulation only small percents of a good orgasm. The bigger percents is your attitude! First your partner most feel comfortable with you. When you both are comfortable with each other you should find out what kind of women she is, what makes her exited and what is her wildest dream, what she likes and what she dislikes.

Maybe she want to have G Spot orgasm… It is fact every women who ever had G-spot orgasm, states it, there is no better orgasm, then G Spot orgasm.  Well, if you want to give her G – spot orgasm, first you have to find her G -spot. One of our sponsor website published an excellent _spot related information’s page. You  should visit that page, if you would like to know how to give your sex partner, mind blowing G-spot orgasm.

So when you find out her “orgasm preferences”, you just have to serve her needs with those things and action what she needs. You do not have to be married and you do not need to be a long time partner of hers to make her cum. It is fact some ladies climax more easier when they making love with someone other then their regular partner.

Our today’s open sexuality world the communications are very important. Talk with your partner. Read her personality. Ask her secret fantasies and understand her. Never laugh or get stressed out. She may have  some very wild and strange fantasies, but if you want to make her day, fulfill her fantasy and she’ll reward you with her body (and herself with a orgasm).

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