Asian woman wonders when a big is to big

Just to make it clean, I am talking about cock… I love big cocks, and love sex, but my question is; How big is possible for an Asian women, what is to big for a tight Asian pussy like my pussy.

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I am Just over 40kg and 5ft. I never had a child. My partner is a white guy with a 8 inches cock. It seems to be the perfect size,he is sometimes a little too big. Well, he is to big only, when he want to finish himself fast and he pushes in hard and deep (not that I am complaining). By the way I like deep penetration, but can it be deeper…?

I am just wondering, what will happen if I take a guy with a bigger cock?

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You wrote it, you do not complaining. You should not… you should fill lucky, because you got a guy with 8 inches cock. 8 inches cock is a nice cock, that more bigger then an average sized cock.

I think you will have a hard time to find a man with bigger then that. Don’t believe those big dick’s guys photos. Many of them are fake or they stole it from a porn star…

You can go to the sex shop and buy the biggest dildo that you find and if you can take that monster dildo, then there is no human cock on the entire world that would be to big for you.



Obviously you’ve never had a baby. Think about how a baby’s relatively large head (compare to man’s cock) fits through the woman’s vagina. Okay there are stretches and broken tissues, and the women cervix will dilate, but the baby still arrives true on the vagina.

If you ever find a dick bigger then 8 inches, with a body like yours (if it is you on that photo) then don’t go near it. Bigger is better, but bigger dick then that will be painful to take in all the way.


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It sure seems to me, that you have already answered your own question about how much bigger you can take. You already stated that eight inches is sometimes a little too big. So why you asking it, when you already know the answer…


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The reference to a baby’s head made me think of the story of the lady in hospital trying to push out a baby and squealing in pain at the effort.

She notices her husband smiling and asks him why, when she is going through all this agony, he is smiling?

He tells her that he was just remembering the night the baby was conceived and how he had wanted to have anal sex with her at that time, but she had said no, it would be too painful!

Who’s sorry now, he says? If you said yes for anal sex, thane you did not get pregnant and you even might enjoy anal sex…

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Your question is sounds like an advertisement, Asian or not, you prefer well hung men. So big dick guys, it is a polite offer for you. Why don’t you apply? Don’t you guys want to have sex with a petite, and tight Asian hottie.

I just looked her photo…. You are like a teen and you want to take a bigger then 8 inches cook. It sound like a screaming fun….

If somebody will fuck you with a 10 inches cock, you will not sit on your tinny ass for a few days… Try it and you will see what I am talking about.


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How big is to big for a petite Asian women, who never had a child? You are the only one who can tell us, but I’m sure everyone has a limit, however by all means, keep it trying to find it, and if you found your monster cock, let us know how it worked out…


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My playmates dick is bigger then 8 inches and we are living in the same city.  Small world….? Isn’t it? Take us home baby and he will pound your little Asian pussy.  He and I will make you cum multiply times.

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