Why married women do not want married men for NSA sex?

I see a lot of married or attached women’s profiles that say “No married or attached men”. Why is it okay for a married woman to seek out a man for play yet it’s wrong for a married man to do the same?

Could it be that women have more of a conscience, and are concerned about breaking up another relationship while the man really is in it only for the sex?

Or could it be that men are more confident in their relationship and women are more fearful that a married, attached man just might break up theirs?

Realistically, a married, attached man already has a relationship and is less likely to get emotionally involved with the married, attached woman, while an unattached man just
might get emotionally involved, putting the married, attached woman’s relationship at risk. Continue reading...

Hook ups for NSA sex only

NSA sexSex Dating Personal Ads

sex datingI think they just don’t want to deal with any more drama than what they already have. Continue reading...


Married women get flamed a lot less than married men that come through here with questions for sure.

I don’t believe our chat here, will change this either. Continue reading...


adult datingIt is personal preference, stop trying to think like a woman with a man’s brain… Your reason and rationale have nothing to do with anyone elses’ way of thinking or seeing things.

Individual experiences mold what and who we are, how we think, etc, individually!

You can play with married women who are ok with it, they are plenty here, but not the ones who aren’t. Get it?

It isn’t a point of debate,  it is her choice! She doesn’t post that as an opening for you to argue with her over. It is her rule. You as a man, just have to except her rule…

Build a bridge and get over it, or just jump off of it, but don’t muddy up my waters doing it. Continue reading...


erotic video chatI personally hate the emails from the wives that catch those husbands.

I can’t tell you how many times I have been told “I am careful, or I she knows I am looking for NSA outside of  my marriage” then I get an email and some  “not “so nice from their wives.

I am not here for drama, I am not here to hurt other women. That is the last thing I want.

There are other reasons being good and bad but that was my first  thought.

Really I have just as much to lose if not more  than a man. Continue reading...

adult dating adsErotic Adult Dating

local sex adsI think that it’s more of a schedule issue.

It’s hard  for one married or attacher man to get away on a short note or phone call.

When both people are married/attached trying to find time for both of them to get away can be almost impossible. Continue reading...


I think you are looking at it all wrong, in my opinion. They don`t want married or attached because they can`t always get away when they are needed.

Unattached people have no baggage and can sit there, by the phone, awaiting instructions.

That`s my take on things anyway. Continue reading...


Married women are more comfortable around single men,
in social situations, because she knows she is “Taken”.

Married women, if she is out hunting for sex, will then seek the single male, because she is more considerate of the “Other woman’s” feelings.

Whereas men, we just like having sex, the sex doesn’t need to be an emotionally bonding experience, it just needs to pop his nut. Continue reading...


women for funI’m a married swinger woman.

I’d be fine with a married man as long as he’s no problem with having his wife contact me to talk first.

I do have a problem with cheaters. Continue reading...

NSA sex adsOlder Women – For Younger Men

adult datingI like the above  lady. I will have sex with a married guy after I talk to his wife and she says they are in an open relationship. Continue reading...


Yep, I been trying to figure this out for years.

It would be quite a coincidence if ALL those girls were looking for a second live in husband. Continue reading...


adult dating1. Cheating married women claim they cheat because they aren’t getting satisfied sexually by the man they married.

2. Cheating married men claim they cheat because the wife at home won’t… or rarely has any sex with them.

3. Women both married and single already know the number one reason we get turned off by sex… is because the man is a selfish lover, doesn’t listen to our needs… which equals out to be not worth our time and energy. This apply to married and single guys too.

4. Cheating married men who claim their wives at home don’t mind if they go out and play around may be telling the truth.

She very well be at home snickering to herself that some other gal has to be dissatisfied with the 6 pump wonder she’s married to. After all… if he was such a great lover… do you really think she would be not be wearing him OUT getting all that for herself???

5. Cheating married women already have a man that can’t sexually satisfy them. Why pick from a group of cheating married men that can’t satisfy their own wives at home?

6. Yes, yes, I know. This logic is skewed, every bit as yours, because at the end of it all, it all boils down to just one answer, personal preferences. Continue reading...

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