Why Would Anyone Take a Third Person Into Their Marital Relationship

Would you?

At first, it is your marriage, your permanent partnership. Is it worth to take a risk and risk everything? Yes you red it right. If you participate in a threesome, there are humongous amount of risk being taken. Risks that can destroy your marriage, risk that can make you sick, or even can kill you (STD’s, HIV).  So is it worth to have a threesome?

Well I can not give you answer for this. You and your spouse or permanent have to talk about it and make up your mind after that. Continue reading...

swingers datingWe are going to have our 2nd threesome. How often do you (married couples) have threesomes? Continue reading...


horny married coupleWe are a married couple, we do have MFM 3somes. To your question
that is your choice on how often the two of you want to invite
someone to join you.

There are times we go without having a 3some for a few months and then there are times we will have one every weekend or every other weekend.  Completely up to you guy’s. We wish you the best and have fun with having
them. Continue reading...


Well… I would have thought a single person’s view would have been appropriate here since you’re a couple and a single person would make the 3rd…  Oh well… Have fun. Continue reading...


sex adsHow to find a mature couple who like younger guys for threesome?

What is the best way to seek? Thanks. Continue reading...


erotic datingThe best way to seek would be to put your desires in your profile.
Then pay for a membership, if you don’t already so you can do sophisticated searches for a mature couple who is looking for guys like you. Continue reading...


Click on Search and search for couples within a certain
age group who live in your area.

You probably will find a number of couples who are looking for younger guys for a threesome. I wish you luck with this.

I have been looking for an older woman for a threesome with a current lover for quite some time now, and, although I searched for bi-curious mature women and wrote to about 10 of them, I didn’t receive any takers.

I suppose it could be my age. Since you are younger, you will probably have better luck than I did! Continue reading...

sex personal ads

On our personal website I just published an article, which is talking about those threesome risk and give some ideas want can you do about them…

Remember how your sex was when you first hooked up with your partner? It was intense and satisfying every time. This time is a wonderful time in every couples life. Many couples experience it as the years goes by, their spousal sex life become routine. So what about if you meet a guy or girl that you both really like? What if that person looking for a couple to play with? Would be that person a new thrill to your spousal sex?

Definitely that person could spice up things in the bedroom. The trick is to know how to search and how to find the right person. Because this is your relationship, a strategy has to be agreed on between you and your spouse before you even start. There are many reasons why a couple will invite an another person in to their relationship, you should know what yours is. An average person’s reason is the excitement, the feeling of freedom in the relationships and the extra intensity of the sex.

However there are some facts that you have to deal with and there are some an answered questions, that you have to answer them with your spouse or partner, before you start to make something stupid.

Full Article of Threesome Facts

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