My wife wants to get banged on a pool table by several men

I red the previous post, it was about a woman, she fantasize to get gang banged by several well hung men… I am not sure what is so great about gangbangs, it is  good to watch it but participate in… not for me.  My wife’s fantasy is different…

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gang bang fantasy angelachurch6970

I told to her do it, she is free to get it done, the only rule is; I want to be there, I wanna see it, plus I will be the “empire”. But there is a detail,  she wants to get her gang bang perfect…

She would love to find a swingers club or a sex club, or a privet house party, that has a pool table in, were the guys play billiard.  When the play is over she will lay on it and have all the guys stand around it and take turns and fucking her missionary style and doggy style.

Who ever won the game, will go first, and who ever was the looser will be the last one. On a normal threesome, with well know playmates, she loves this bareback, but this will be with strangers and for vaginal penetration condom is most.

She love  all races and loves all three holes filled up at the same time. She will  swallow…  Anyone have any idea where can we find that  pool table? Continue Reading…


swingers sexkellsbaby321

To bad we are not living in the same city, not even in the same country… Otherwise, my brother would fuck her for you.

He have pool table in his basement and he can get some willing friends… He is pretty big, his cock is about 8 inches but very fat and he cums loads. I know he fucks me almost every day. Continue Reading…



I have fantasies about sex with multiply men quite often (without pool table) but would never indulge because of how the men would view me after that… Continue Reading…

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As many people embark upon an old yet new era they are turning
more and more to swinging and no string attached casual sex.

Having been a member of this “society” for quite sometime myself
I must say its a wonderful experience to have embarked on. Whether you’re just curious or wanting to fully expand I highly recommend that if you’re open enough with yourself and your relationship that you try it at least once.

You never know what you gonna get, if you never try… Just be careful, you might like it to much… Continue Reading…


swingers sexiam24

Ask yourself today…. Had you have had amazing and kinky
sex with your loved one?

Did you try threesomes? If you did not you should try and really just let go and been completely blown away with the no strings attached sex…

After that if you want to get nastier… go for that pool table. Continue Reading…

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I had a friend, a girl (not girlfriend just friend), who was the center of a consensual gang bang while we were on a weekend cruise during our university study.

At the last night she just invited 5 guys to her cabin, closed the door, and told them what she wanted.

She wasn’t the “school slut” or the most popular girl, she was just an average girl, on the pretty side. Her boyfriend wasn’t on the cruise, it happened 7 years ago and he is her husband now. It just made me wonder… Did she or someone else  told him? Continue Reading…


swingers sexretiredandoral

You asked “Did she or someone else  told him?”

I am sure if someone told him, he like it a  lot and probably they keep doing it. I know this from experience…

Once a woman go for two or more cocks, she wont be satisfied for long turn with one cock… Two does much better job. Continue Reading…

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