Women erotic fantasy. Fucked by a Stranger, otherwise known as a one night stand. I have often thought of this…

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Is it crazy or what? Is there others out there who have thought
the same thing? And is there anyone here who has actually experienced sex with a stranger? Continue Reading…

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Mmm… Isn’t that effectively what happens when you have sex with someone from here on a first meeting? Continue Reading…


sex datingI did  a lot of that… (thank God I wore condoms).

Fucking a stranger was fun, but after the initial thrill wears off, ultimately meaningless and empty. The buzz didn’t last too long. I needed something deeper.

I began to crave making love with a steady partner, not fucking some “here today, gone tomorrow” stranger. Continue Reading…


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Sure the thought might be sexy or hot but the reality could be a totally different thing. For me it is not something I would ever follow through with, not my cup of tea as I like to know who it is I am having sex with.

If it is something you really want to do and you are sure about it then go for it, just stay safe. Continue Reading…


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Depends what you actually mean by a stranger, meet a guy from here in a bar or coffee shop, take him home and shag him….(otherwise known as a one night stand) yep done that, I fact love that.

I think whats turning you on the most about the “stranger” part is the the first glance, the
first kiss, the first touch, all very exciting. Continue Reading…

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I’ve been fucked by a stranger, not even once. And, I loved it every time. Mostly, at a house party and they were known by the host.

It is very sexy and big turn on to think about even now and I look forward to doing it again soon. One of the most erotic times was where few guys took turns one after the other….

Mmmm… My husband was there and he fucked me last…. It was very very hot and extremely erotic… I could not stop to cumming.

Of course, sex with a stranger is very hot because the sex is driven by pure physical attraction with no other knowledge about the person you are with. Just gotta be safe when doing it. Continue Reading…


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Dear Sexy In Temple:

Many people fantasize about “Stranger Sex“. I worked in a bar for several years.  We saw this scenario played out many times.

The most common scenarios, after a few drinks were:

  1. Group sex.
  2. MFM threesome Sex. (number 1 fantasy for women is more than one man.)
  3.  Experimentation in all its forms.
  4. First Bi experience.
  5. Stranger sex.
  6. Rape fantasy.
  7. Public sex. Sex in a corner of the bar. Broke up most we saw. Let the beautiful women continue. Or in the parking. Couple scenarios in a public space. Couple teasing too.

Yours is one of the common desires. Just do it in a safe area and have a friend close by as a safeguard. Play safe too. Continue Reading…


Sasual sex1sassymother

Goes hand in hand with my gang bang fantasy. Never have,
hope to get up the nerve before they throw dirt on me. Continue Reading…

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The whole thing about a fantasy is your imagination, controlled by your thoughts, wants, needs, desires, likes.

In your fantasy the stranger does all the things to you and with you, that you like. The thought of sex with a stranger is exciting, but still and all, you are in control of what occurs in the fantasy.

The reality is, sex with a complete stranger, may not and probably won’t turn out anything resembling your fantasy. Because he’s a complete stranger and there is no link between the two of you.

He’ll most likely do what he likes, which is pump you fast, unload his load and walk away.
Hey, you’re just a stranger to him. Continue Reading…


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Done it more then once,  and will do it again. Something about the thrill, the dangerous part that drives me wild…

Sometimes fantasies are better played out. Continue Reading…

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