You are a man, do you want to get laid on your first date?

You are a man and wondering how can you get lucky on your first date? Laid on your first date. Penetrative sex on your  first meeting with her. Is it possible?

Most of the  ladies dating for two  reason. Looking for romance,  friendship, long relationship and or married. If your date fits into this category you wont get lucky on your first date and probability not even on your second.  Lady in this category usually dress a bit conservative on her first date.

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She will spend a considerable time and effort to find out as much as possible about you and your family. You should not even try to go into her bed on the first date. But if she dressed very sexy and she openly flirting with you, maybe systematically touching you on your shoulder or arm, then probably she is looking for friendship, romance, and fun. The marriage for her  is not at the top spot in her dreams, so you might get lucky with her on the first date. Of course she might have “No sex on the first date” rule, well then you will get it on the next date.

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Or on the other side she maybe just waiting for you to make that critical first move.  So how far you should go? If you are not a married minded, then you can try to go that far that you dare. Three thinks can happen. The worst, she’ll walk out on you. In this case she is not that kind of person that you are looking for. The second possibility, she will go home, but before she does so, she give you her phone number. Then you will get her on the second date. And if you are the winner you gonna have a lot of fun on your first date.

What takes the women to go into the bed on the first date?

Nobody ever will know it! We had ran a survey for a few months in this subject. According to this survey 30% of single women might sleep with a men on the first date. 47% of divorced or widowed women might do the same on the first date. However 45% of single women might go into the bad with a man on the second date. And 51% of the divorced or widowed women go into the bad with on their second date. About 20% of the single women would wait a few months before they go all the way.  The remaining 5% of single women not considering about time. For them it will happen when ever is the circumstances are right. The remaining 2% of divorced/widowed  women don’t care about when it will happen.

According to this survey if you are looking for fun, you should concentrate on the divorced women’s category.

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How do women select who will get lucky on the first date? The polite, clean, average build guy with a sense of humor was on the first place. The second was the financial success and the education, and the third category was the muscle men category.  For all three category the sent of the person and the good clean breath was very important. Also most of the voters like a men who know how to dance. Non of the voters like pushy people.

So if you wanna get lucky on your first date, take a few dance lections,  before you check out our erotic picture personal ads. After that, should you try to find a  a divorced lady!

Good Luck.

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