Your Fantasy Valentines Day

At the coming weekend we will celebrate Valentines Day… I mean I will and I am sure more than few others will celebrate it, the question is how. What will you do? Anything extraordinary erotic, kinky…? Continue Reading

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Your Fantasy Valentines Day… Your Valentine’s Day erotic fantasy… If you could have the Valentines Day of your dreams, what would it be and why? Continue Reading


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Slow dancing and swaying to the music, just me and my guy… That would be a really nice Valentines day. Continue Reading


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It is not just an erotic fantasy. It happened before and will happen this weekend too… We will be a party animal at Valentine’s Day…. Continue Reading


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I don’t care about gift…. Honestly? Would just love to celebrate it period. Home cook meal. Candlelight. Flowers. Music playing.  And two well hung very horny men… That would be my dream Valentines DayContinue Reading

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Dinner out in a far off romantic place. Soft candlelight. Guy playing love songs on a piano. Touching, staring into each others eyes.

Then checking into nearest hotel and making rough, wild sex all night long… Continue Reading


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No erotic Valentines Day fantasy, in fact no more Valentines Day for us at all. Valentines Day is a rip off, everything is priced  higher, all of the restaurants are full, and I hear people comparing who gave what to who.

Why does someone have to tell me what day to give flowers, take someone out, etc.?

I  don’t think it to be genuine and I have had women tell me the same thing as you are being forced to do something out of peer pressure.

The good thing is the candies that are not sold do come down in price significantly afterwards. Hope you all enjoy your Valentines day… Continue Reading


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I am (we are) not fantasize anymore. We do not live in a fantasy world… we do it.

What will we do on Valentines Day? The same thing that you can see on our profile pictures and in our photo albumContinue Reading



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We have been married for 13 years and love threesomes with other couples, or with single guys

We as a married couple actually quite enjoy having an extra man in our bed

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